Saturday, December 31, 2005

Another New Year meant another year pass by.

I always remembered the significant of each passing of a new year. Each year means that you have gone through an exciting past experience and become one year wiser or i might say older. Many often assume that a New Year celebration is an excuse for having a great party, go out as it is a holiday and having a good meal to eat with all your friends. New Year is not mean to celebrating it alone and one should one have many friends to be with during the night as it happen to me every year which I more prefer. And yet, some do believe New Year as an opportunity to wash away the bad luck with having a dip in the sea exactly on the time transition of old to New Year until the time tsunami happened, no one want to touch the sea water. This superstitious are blending in on our modern society and no way its going to go away soon.

Nothing really significant happens to me on 2005. Life on this 12 month turns to be as calm as it can be. What I never forget is the time that we have to attend two mourning death in a period of 2 month. It’s sure meant nothing but surely it gives me lots of thinking to do. Both of them are my friend’s relatives. I can gladly say both left this world in orderly peace and not as the last death event I witnessed where it’s quite disturbing for me. Looking at people’s lost, I think of my personal lost. Sooner or later I have to experience the lost of my close one. Am I prepared for it? My mind keep telling me that no one can preparing or predict of having a lost of someone close. One might have to face and overcome it because it is the part of growing up and living life as many do.

I have a great chance to recall at my past experience during pervious years. Many mistakes was done, come along lesson was learned. I manage to look at myself as an outsider, and indeed there are many weakness points that I should aware. Having making many bad decision are one of the weaknesses. Impatient is a liability in life and it have to be fixed. Impatient do always follows by a bad decision afterwards. It’s happen to me many times and I wonders when it going to end. With all this weaknesses, I do have some strong point to be happy with. Life looks brighter and wonderful this year. It’s really feel good as there are some financial difficulties arise, in which I quite happy with it.

So, what is going to happen after this? I don’t dare to forecast or even to plan it. I have made some prediction and pray hard that it going to be true, so what if it’s not I have no objection about it. Life is a journey that full with adventures and surprises that will creates your individuality and selfness.

Happy New Year 2006!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Hey! Women where are your rights?

Statistic shows us that now the numbers of women are greater than man in the world. I don’t know where the proof is but with a click of a button of mouse, I can find it via internet. That is not the point. The real issue now is that women are having their rights politicized by bunch of political man that thought they can change the world to a better place. Those political men really know how to get in the women nerves by setting up a bill that claim to protect women but the reality is that men get more benefits in it. Is that what we say FAIR?

What I realized that the Islamic Family Law (FT) (Amendment) Bill 2005 was started by an incident. It is to believe that an army suggested to his wife that he want to get married again. With out her further notice, his wife splashes him with a bottle of acid on his face. Never have I known what happen to his wife but I can safely bet that she in jail as she done something bad. The husband having a thought of divorce his wife and married his second lover, but it is not as he expected when he get rejected by his second lovers. Stupid things started to happen as the newspaper especially the Malay Daily presenting a good PR for the army and blaming all his misfortune and despair to the wife and second lover rejection. Never did he know that he is the one who cause himself to all suffering that he bears today. First his first wife of pouring acid on to his face and second, then the second lover who have a second thought of get married to a facial disfigured man. I cannot blame the second lover as no one want to get married with an ugly guy and sorry to say that this is the fact of life.

Indeed that pouring acid on to a person face is a severe crime and punishable according to law, but in another sense, I’m not surprise this thing happen. As to his wife, I do believe that she will not regret of doing it to her husband. As for me speculate that she was hit on her high point on anger management means that she lost her temper. So, what I can say is that, this is a crime of passion and was invoke by anger feeling. I read that the media and news paper tend to divert the blame to the women and surprisingly from women itself. It seems to pointing that we’re going back to the old mentality in where now we have a term called “women rights” when the man thought they can do anything they want as it happened hundred years ago. In a point that I quote this absurd comment on Berita Harian Online of an article titled, “Nasib wanita lebih terbela”.

Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Dr Abdullah Md Zin, ketika mempertahankan rang undang-undang yang diluluskan Parlimen Khamis lalu itu berkata, akta berkenaan sudah lengkap, malah tiada mana-mana negara yang menyediakan undang-undang seumpama itu.

“Kebanyakan pindaan dalam rang undang berkenaan memberi banyak kelebihan kepada wanita,” katanya kepada Berita Harian semalam.

Women today have little say about anything of their life. As in religion, man does in charge and women are the side kick or the unimportant. I am a man who believes in God; but have a different thought of knowing that women have no rights of being some one important in society. As I know, it is impossible for women to become a leader in a religious base community. Somehow, women sometime did slip away for the norm of society and really become a leader, which is President of Philippine, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Margaret Thatcher the past Britain Prime Minister, Queen Elizabeth II and many more. Never I see that a women to hold a high position in a main religion in the world. It’s really impossible to happen as man has the head start on everything for thousand of years and the fight of women right just happen not more than 50 years ago. So, there are still long way for women to go.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Tun Mahathir, YB Lim, YB Teresa and Mr Jeff Ooi

It has been a while our YB Lim blog is out for us to read. He is not a novice in writing blog as he has been written articles about politics before I was born (if that is true). To cut short this babbling, I just want to say that he is a grand master blog writer and should have exceed far more than Mr Jeff Ooi, the top bloglitical activist at the moment. I wish that he will get some special awards on the next PPS Anniversary Celebration. In that case, I leave it for Aizuddin and his panels (if it even exits) to think about.

So far, YB Lim has written so many articles on his blog site and most of the topic he touches is about the things happen in parliament. He can be consider as a journalist that have an executive tag on his name to enter, talk, argue and covers what happen in the parliament beside YB Teresa Kok, and others YB DAP members who did not really doing it much (correct me if I’m wrong on this). No one has covers any parliament issue in details for us (that have the luxury of internet access) to read. He also point out many scandals and educational issues for us to think about. Is he great or what?

I cannot decide who is the most controversial blogger are. It is YB Lim or YB Teresa? I rule out Jeff Ooi because he only made his impact limited to our Malaysia cyber community and not generally. If he wants to make a change, I would like to suggest to Mr. Jeff Ooi to consider contesting in a general election and see if he really has the impact or not. Then, he has to find some places that know to him pretty well most likely the majority residents have an access to internet. Some area in KL would sound good to start with. It that a gig or what?

3 more days left until Christmas. There must be lots of wishes from anyone even thou he/she not a Christian. Lots of wishes (in material form) came true and a lot is not. I personally wish to see our ex Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir has its own blog. We indeed can contribute comment and have a small discussion in it. I do not think this is a big problem for him because he is also a good writer. Many will benefits with reading his point of views on politics, social and economics issues. This might sound too idealistic to be true, as he will not doing so because he already thinking to earn more (even thou he is already rich) money on his book. Is that politically correct?

Can blog writers make changes on the real political area and make bloglitical as a word politically and get its wide acceptance from general community in Malaysia? Jeff Ooi seems to be a major favorite for me, and might be we can see some others as well. So what do you think?

Political Heavyweight YB Lim Kit Siang goes in Bloglitical Platform

Friday, December 16, 2005

Air Asia: How cheap it can to be safe?

Air Asia is certainly providing us a cheap way to travel via air especially for people who want to go from or to city on Borneo Island and peninsular Malaysia. After reading the tire burst incident in daily newspaper, I remembered back the one thing that I spot while taking a flight via Air Asia back to Kuala Lumpur.

Let me give you the scenario first. My knowledge in computer never limited to the software but also the hardware. If my computer operating software fails or crash, or infected by a nasty viruses I can easily fix it. It is the same with the hardware. I can do some diagnostic and test to determine why a computer wouldn’t start or why the monitor displays no picture. This is easy, as hardware fail, we tend to change to a new parts and then everything run as good as the new. I find out that tighten back all the screw back was not an enjoying thing to do. So I leave the casing cover on back to the computer casing without the screw in tighten the cover to its casing frame, and when my computer have some problem, I just open the cover and do the necessary repair. That is easy.

What I just describe look like a small thing. Leaving a computer cover without the screw is not as dangerous as you can imagine. Just think what will happen if you leave a couple of screw holes without a screw of an airplane casing and let the plane fly. What you all are going to think about that? Would you sit on a plane that you know that there are few screw hole are empty without a screw to cover it. As I saw this empty screw hole on the plane while it flies few thousand feet above the ground really make me worried. Luckily I have a digital camera on my side and able to took some of the photo as you can see below. I made an email complaint and they acknowledge it and I never heard from their respond again. That complaint was made 2 years ago.

Maybe it not looks as dangerous as I thought last time. It could turn to a dangerous because there are many reason a plane need that screw hole. I’m not an airplane engineer but I bet everyone know why plane need a lots of screw hole to tight all the screw to its frame. The empty screw hole also shows the inexperience and neglect of out plane service engineer. Safety of the passenger is not on their top priority and this can lead to a major problem as I saw in daily news recently. As again I watched on the Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel, an airplane disaster or any other big accident disaster was cause by a small neglect by either of their engineer or the company management who run it. I watch a documentary about a plane that almost crash because of the engineer chooses a wrong screw to the cockpit window.

Skidding over the runway and a tire burst during taxing seems to be a small problem that can easily solves and repair, but how many of this incident that we need to face until the main incident occurs. This might be an indication to something worst to happen and no one want it to happen. We might say that this is an unexpected faulty of the airplane but never we know that most of the major crashes of an airplane around the world can be avoided if the service engineers are doing the job more seriously. It might sound silly but it will not sound like it if something bad really happens later.

December 14, 2005 19:40 PM
Bernama: AirAsia Jet Makes Successful Landing Though Two Tyres Blow Out

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Police: Can we trust them?

Reading news about a girl that was video cam nude and squatting is a backslash to the credibility of our law enforcer. I was shocked by the amount of bad posting or story about the police in the PPS, and written articles on the news paper daily. Never I known how we came about saying that the nude girl in the video was Chinese citizen, but it was not shocking and strange for people making a rush assumption because many of us have a wide range of imagination. It makes me wonder that how we’re going to trust the police if the condemnations are allows.

What I know that police institution is important for us, the civilian people. When things going rough in your neighborhoods, the first thing in your mind is take the phone and call the police. We’re not calling our friends or family or someone that know how to fight or do we want to call gangster who terrorizing the neighborhood. Yes, the police will be the first one in our mind who can solve the problem and keep the peace. Nevertheless I’m not denying that there are some unsatisfactions among us on how the police doing the jobs. Indeed, we need to keep an eye on that if not who is going to watch them. We’re living in a country that has laws. Laws are above all even higher than our Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi or some 5 star ranks of army general. We have law to follow so that the power and the authorities will always back to its citizens.

When the police credibility tarnished on some issue especially the proper treatment of foreign immigrant, we tend to lose trust to the police. Still, I believe we have not yet lost all our trust as police force is still the most important aspect in our society. Having an Astro at home is really a information well for me. Discovery Channel run documentary about the everyday police life that I agree it’s never too easy. They have to outsmart all the criminals so that they can put them behind the bars. I saw Malaysia version of cops story but it not really a complete insight. If the police really want to gain back the confidentiality from the people, I think that we need to be educated about the real meaning of the police work transparently without any cover up.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

PPS Pings: Not (really) Pocket PC friendly.

I remembered the last time i blog about the petaling streets layout design, in which i feel so exited about it because the design is simple and nice, and most important is i can read all the pings it using my pocket pc. :D yeaah..!!

Now, i have difficulties strolling on the pings because the layout background and the font have the same color. I only can see the blog name and the date, and not the pings title. This is not a problem when opening it on the computer as the layout is right.

The only way to see the ping title is to highlighting the ping text, and it not so convinience to do it in the small LCD touch screen.

FYI, i'm not asking for Aizuddin to change the present blog layout as this is his portal. I'm just suggesting that PPS Ping can be reached not only by computer but on the mobile devices too such as Pocket PC and mobile phone. Imagine if, you waiting for your girl friend (you know.. gurls) somewhere nowhere for a long time, wouldn't it be nice if you able to read some new pings on PPS to kill some time using your mobile 3G phone (which you just bought with your whole month salary) with a wireless internet connection. Haha... just an imagination. ^__^!

PPS Ping: Pocket PC Friendly

Friday, October 07, 2005

Google Earth: The place I stay in KL

I have been telling to all that I know, friends or not friends about my life experience living as student in UM. There is some photo I shot and some of my friends manage to see it. Well today I’m going to let you all see the places I stayed before. Don’t bother to go to that place and stalk at me because I’m gone for long time ago. Well this is the satellite photo of places I stay in KL. To be exactly, I move to three places. I get this photo by going to Google Earth. Don’t have the link but you can search it in Google by yourself. No need for me to spoon feed all of you all?

The first photo I want to show is the first place I stay after arriving to KL. Yes, every student needs to stay in campus for its first year. While, I can stay for the second year but being kick out on the third year of my study. What a waste. So, that is not the point. Well staying in campus is the most memorable moment in my life. After seeing the sky perspective of my college, I almost broke down and cry, but I didn’t because it already passed.

Then this is the second place I stay. It’s an apartment place. I like this place because only it’s near to UM. I like to stay near to a lots of study information. I have a thought before of buying an apartment in there, but the thing that set back my plan and make me to cancel it obliviously because of money matter. Right.

Well what you can get here is nothing. Just only think you might want to be in here is the food. There are many low class and infested with cockroach and rats food stall. I wonder why haven’t they demolish it and build a new road to ease the traffic jam to vista. Might be my sarcastic or what, it because good food should not suppose to be in a bad and dirty location. Some one should do something about it. Maybe we can make the same scene like in Bal*. You all know lar.. I don’t want to create unknown and unnecessary problem to myself and who ever.

The third photo is located in Ampang Cahaya. For all my life I don’t like to stay in flats because I believe flats is dirty and got a lots of bad guys, drug addicts and many prostitution. Still, I like this certain flats. Maybe because of its still new when we move in it. Maybe, its because OAG the famous singer band stay and singing on the top floor where I stay, or maybe nothing bad actually happen yet. Well, there is bad thing happening around this flat and some is scary too. I don’t want to mention it on here as its serves no purpose of this blog.

As you can read, there is not much explanation on the where about the place in this photo. I want to say more about it, but I think satellite photo will do most of the talking and drawing. Who know right, maybe you know this place and maybe can sign some signature on the building?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Graduation Day: University Malaysia Sabah.

Having to experiencing life as a student in university was really a fullest time for me. I always remember the time as a freshie on the first year in Malaya University is the most memorial moment in my life. That was a long time ago. Last Saturday is the day for my sister. She just finished her studies in Master in Business Administration. Having able to attend her convocation graduation was such a tremendous flashback to my life in campus.

My families attended the first convocation session where the two pro chancellors were inaugurated by the chancellor of the university. Almost half of our time in the hall was filled by long speeches by one of the two pro chancellors that is Chief Minister of Sabah, Musa Aman and two honorary degree recipients and two presentation speeches. What I want to say is that the speech is too long. I realized most of the guest cannot hold on to the long speech and some of them fallen to sleep.

After have been waiting for 2 hours (luckily the hall not freezing cold), its time for the graduates to receives their scroll. In the nick of time, there is my sister walking on the stage and receives her scroll. I only managed to take some blurry photo of her with a regret of not having to bring my video camera that have a strong zoom. Even my aunt's latest digital camera cannot zoom in to that distance without having my hand shacking, and ended up having a blurry shaken photo to memories.

The ceremonies ended at 12.30 in the afternoon with everyone getting out and not able to find my sister and even my mother, father and both of my aunts. This after event crowd not really affected me as much as I been in more crowded when in UM. So, the problem is that I need to search my family in crowded place as I'm not doing it for long time about 2 years. The poor hand phone signal was really frustrating me as I'm not manages to keep in touch with them as I was holding both of the cameras. If I'm not manages to find them, its means that there is no photo for that day.

At last, a call made through my brother's and my phone, and I manage to locate them in an instant. Photo was taken rapidly and only able to take about 50 plus photos although my camera able to take more than 600 takes. Most of the photo was taken with my aunt's digital camera as hers one can take more quality photos. Luckily, I manage to change the resolution to high as my aunt has change the camera setting to low. If that happens, the entire photo taken will be wasted.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Campus Election: Its not the matter of fair election, but rather the fairness treatment to the students itself.

This is problem is not new for UM student. As an ex-UM who I aware and notice of the political behaviors of the student, lecture and administration, I fully agree what has been posted and written in Lim Kit Siang’s blog (see the link below).

The real matter with the election in UM is not fairness in election, but to the fair treatment to its own students. It is because the student representatives itself wheatear they are pro government or not, they can’t do anything to make the study environment in the campus improving. During my studies in UM, I realized that who ever elected as faculty representative are only interested to boast his images as a political images and neglected its jobs to fights for student's welfare and the facilities benefits.

First, there is no improvement of the facilities in the campus and the student dormitory where they stay. Many have been elected and many have failed to do their promises and some of them really said to me that “You have to know that I’m a student and have no time to care about this thing”. So, how the student want to elect a person that only want to be a representative so that he can talk loud about political matter that not even our problem at all.

So, most of the problem in UM election is not the unfairness, but rather than the result of the unsatisfying student who choose not to vote. Most of us not even know that the elected member of the student council not even a majority as the people who votes is less that half of the student who not votes during my campus years.

Why, because most of them who run for the election not really near fighting for the students itself but for self alter ego so that their resume look nicer during interview. Second, the reason for them to run for election is to satisfying their political taste and mostly become the instrument for political party such as UMNO, PAS and might be DAP itself. Election in campus is not really represent the real welfare of the student itself, and was polluted by the political propaganda that they even not involve to and their job on there is just study.

So what is the point of having the Persatuan Mahasiswa Universiti Malaya if the student itself still suffer of the bad facilities in the campus where I still believe now the student have to bear malfunction of the library internet system, bad condition of the lecture hall, intolerance condition of student’s dormitory and unorganized transportation system within and outside the campus.

The problem is not the fairness in the election but rather the fairness to its student itself. If the student not treated as fair as the money they paid to the universities, how can we fight for fairness on the election within campus. Majority of the student in UM I believe choose not to involve to this political war among the real political party in Malaysia. I believe campus student should be give a chance to have clean election with out the interference of the political party such as BN, PAS or DAP.

Still, I personally support DAP especially YB Lim Kit Siang that raise this matter to public, but I really against that DAP any attempt to involve to campus election for the welfare of the party itself. Campus election is not intended to be a political platform as what Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim done on his days in UM. So what if he is a leader in student council, so what he has many supporters in the campus during last time, still I think he failed his purpose when he become too political and neglected to address the welfare of the student itself especially in UM.

If the elections in the campus become an extended political platform for any political party in Malaysia, I rather AUKU stay on. I rather not seeing UM become an extended ground for any political struggle among the great party. I rather not seeing those students who enroll to universities to study, but become an instrument to political fight that may be disturbing the studies environment and purpose for many of them who want only just to get their degree. I rather not seeing any election in campus so that no political party even the government can interfere with the education system or the student itself.

I’m not really against the involvement of student in political platform, but if the one who elected to be a representative is too obsess with his or her out campus political ideology and neglected to address the welfare of the students itself. What for us to have a representative or a student council who always talk about the involvement of pro-government, and pro-Islam or others racial party when most of the students experience no water to bath and clean, food provided neglected without any recommended nutrients (not tasty), intolerant condition of study environment and less facilities to the disable and so on.

Lim Kit Siang: Free, fair and clean varsity student elections (2)

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Daily Express: 42 years as Malaysia did not exist in 57

Daily Express today highlighted an important issue of the years that we should know about the age of Malaysia. Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan the President of Parti Bersatu Sabah and the Deputy Chief Minister of Sabah was quoted in Daily Express saying.

“I think (National Day) should be the emphasis without saying anything else, it’s National Day for unity,” he said “because Sabah and Sarawak also attained self-governance in 1963, which is on 31 August.”

“You must tell the truth, you must base it on historical fact, and then you’ll feel proud. You can’t confuse (the people),” he said.

Daily Express : 3rd September 2005

So, the formation of Malaysia as he said and to all the Sabahan is only 42 years. Anyone should know it. The politician and academician should know it too. Mentioning about the history of Sabah and Sarawak, few of the peninsular resident know about it although it was stated clearly in school’s text books last time while I was studying SPM. Today, I aware some cut out a portion of the Sabah and Sarawak history in Sejarah SPM syllabus to make way more to Islamic History. No wonder no one realized that and gets all the fact wrongly.

Still, there was one person that aware. A Chinese daily press quotes the Information Minister Datuk Seri Paduka Abdul Khadir Sheik Fadzir that 31 August is the official date for the independence of Malaysia while 16 September is academic. As I quote again on Pairin on his respond on the statement said.

“Come on, when was the constitution signed? Was it not on September 16 1963? Is that academic? That’s the constitution creation of Malaysia. In the newspaper, the editors must look at this and rectify it,” he added

Daily Express : 3rd September 2005

It seems, Pairin felt surprised on the false remarks made by the Information Minister. It seems that Datuk Abdul Kadir unaware that there is a printed document stated as a proof of the date of establishment of Malaysia Federation and the editors of the Chinese press should do a research and confirm on the validity of the date. Due to the lack of information and the misunderstanding purposely or not, the government have to make a statement to clarify the matter. As a Sabahan, there is some doubts over my mind the intention of this mislead information.

It’s quite frustrated to know the mislead information by the government to their civilian. Malaysia is not the only country was misleading by their government. As previously, the American government misleading information on Vietnam War and the famous Iraq war lead to anti government sentiment by his people. Malaysia also plays some part of hiding some of most valuable historical information over some issue especially during the Malaya Communist Party confrontation.

Pairin as I quote again

“We don’t mind celebrating together the Semenanjung’s celebration. But the greatest feeling that we are Malaysian is from the moment we created Malaysia. Otherwise, you are creating confusion in your mind, your heart and the younger generation cannot accept that Malaysia is 48 years old because it is not the fact,” said Pairin.

“The Prime minister said ‘tell me the truth’ and, this is the truth. We are proud as a nation of Malaysia being formed in 1963,” he said, adding that is not the view of PPS alone, but all Sabahans.

Daily Express : 3rd September 2005

Certainly, as a Sabahan, I agree with his statement. Many issue can be mention as why Sabahan not happy with the confusion made on behalf Sabah history. The truth, Sabah chooses to join Malaysia Federation as it’s an invitation by the Malaya Federation by Tunku Abdul Rahman. That’s why, 25 agreements that once raised by Datuk Pairin itself that cost him Sabah Chief Minister seat exist. Still, Datuk Pairin are still relevant to Sabah’s political platform and he manages to climb up back again and grab a seat on the Cabinet Minister. This is the highest point that he can stand as there will be no more of chances for him to be Chief Minister of Sabah again.

“Everybody, the leadership, must be wise in this. What is so difficult about putting everything in practice it's not difficult, because you say you want to build a Malaysian nation by 2020," he said, adding that he had been saying this even when he was Chief Minister.

"It's now a matter of everybody looking at this, realizing it and doing the right thing for the people. You want to have a good strong foundation of being Malaysia. Thus you start where it is historically correct, to give confidence, value and perspective.”

Daily Express : 3rd September 2005

What Datuk Pairn asking is only the honesty form the federal government of the correction of the fact, and cannot be interpreted as an act to against the BN party. The sincerity that many requested by the people of Malaysia, and it seem is the hardest thing to do. Nevertheless, should the politicians and leaderships aware that in reality, Malaysian not an easy to deceive people anymore as many years ago. Many of us have to vast knowledge and information of what is our rights. It seems like a practical joke that most of today politician still using the same technique that was used during the post independent era to gain support from its people.

Link Source:
Daily Express: 3rd September 2005

Friday, September 02, 2005

Political Heavyweight YB Lim Kit Siang goes in Bloglitical Platform

I’m not sure if YB Lim Kit Siang is the first Malaysian politician who joins the blogsphere in Malaysia. Still let’s assume he is and that would be great. If not, that would be great too as YB is one of the heavyweight politician in Malaysia political platform. Before YB Lim, Jeff Ooi considered as a most controversial bloggers in the blogsphere, and the coming of YB Lim as in Malaysia blogsphere add up more political controversial issue in Malaysia Blogsphere.

There is no doubt that the person who writes in LimKitSiang For Malaysia definitely is YB Lim itself. Jeff Ooi on his reply in a comment verified that he personally know YB Lim and had received an e-mail stating the authenticity of his blogspot blog.


I read a comment on Kit's blog asking how can we be sure of the blogger's claimed as Lim Kit Siang himself.

That makes me realise, yeah, true. It could be someone else. But, judging from the quality of write up there. I guess it is the man himself.

However, I have emailed DAP main email to asked for verification of the blog to be YB Lim Kit Siang's own blog. Have also requested them to make public verification on DAP website. Hope this comes soon.

Jeff, if you already have obtained verification, do let us know. Thanks.

JEFF OOI says:You see, many who wrote comments in this blog used to shoot on their feet for speculating without checking facts. It could be the same case in other blogs. You did the right thing by askingthe right question to the right people. YES, I know Kit well enough to confirm he writes him own blogs. We exchanged emails yesterday, in which I told him he is now one of us.

Posted by: dyslexia.mc2 at August 31, 2005 01:27 PM

Screenshots: Kit is now one of us

The verification of YB Lim’s blog certainly came to the end as DAP Malaysia website published his link and the issue over the authenticity of the blog came to the end.

DAP Malaysia
Kit’s Blog

Thursday, September 01, 2005

PPS Ping: Pocket PC Friendly

The PPS Ping new appearance not really attractive, but it is compatible to any devices. Many of us rather choose not to see the new PPS Ping layout design, but i find out that it look nice on my Ipaq pc pocket internet explorer any maybe to any mobile hand phone and PDA devices. I don't really know why PPS Ping turns to be simple layout, but I can guess it maybe because Aizuddin want it to look nice on the mobile devices. (I think)

The second good thing on the PPS Ping is the exclusion of the special column for certain blogger. (No need to mention who it is.) I'm not against this special column, but I think that its time for every bloggers to be equally treated in the portal where everyone has the same chances to be read in the ping.

The next great thing of PPS is the directory page. Now all the blog can be categorized according to their blog theme and the confusion to all reader can be eliminated. I can choose to read topic of my choices without having to swarm and click the entire ping in the PPS Ping. Every bloggers has its chances to be read by his target reader according to the topics categorized.

I haven't figure out what is the use of the PPS RSS. I think that it actually related to the special column that was taken away from the PPS Ping. Reader can go to the page or subscribe the special RSS services on their browser and read all the post written by their favorite bloggers without having to open a webpage. Great idea!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Tugu Negara and UMSC War Memorial: The reflection of Past War.

Malaysia was declared as an independent state on 31 August 1957 by our founding father Tunku Abdul Rahman. This is not a recurrence lecture about Malaysia history but awareness of the two statues that is Tugu Negara and UMSC War Memorial. Surfing on my routine internet reading, I saw a photo of The Battle of Iwo Jiwa in BBC News website that reminds me our Malaysia Tugu Negara.

BBC: WW2 in Pacific

After doing a deep research on the internet, I found out UMSC War Memorial statue look exactly as the photo at Arlington National Cemetery in Rosslyn, Virginia, USA.

The Marine Corps War Memorial is a military memorial statue located adjacent to Arlington National Cemetery in Rosslyn, Virginia, U.S.A. The memorial is dedicated to all personnel of the U.S. Marine Corps who have died in the defense of the United States since 1775.

Wikipedia: UMSC War Memorial

Therefore, there are similarity between UMSC War Memorial and our own Malaysia Tugu Negara. Tugu Negara was built on 1966 by Felix De Weldon on 1966 the same designer to this UMSC War Memorial. Both of these statues don’t identically look same but the overall is that it looks the same. It depicts soldiers with a flag fighting on war.

The Tugu Negara or the National Monument located in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia. The height of this monument is 15 meters high. It is made out of bronze. It is located near the Parliament building. It depicts a group of soldiers holding up a national flag, was constructed in 1966 and was designed by Austrian sculptor Felix de Weldon, who was also responsible for the famed Iwo Jima Memorial Monument in Washington. It commemorates those who died in Malaysia's struggles for freedom (principally against the Japanese occupation and during the Malayan Emergency of 1946-60). The national flag is held aloft by one of the figures. Each of the bronze figures symbolises a different quality, namely leadership, suffering, unity, vigilance, strength, courage, and sacrifice.

Wikipedia: Tugu Negara

The interesting part is, UMSC War Memorial design was taken from photo taken by Joe Rosenthal at the tip of the island of Iwo Jima on 23 Febuary 1945 during the Battle of Iwo Jima.

The bronze statue depicts the raising of the American flag atop Mount Suribachi at the southern tip of the island of Iwo Jima on February 23, 1945 during the Battle of Iwo Jima. It is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph "Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima" by war photographer Joe Rosenthal. Felix W. de Weldon, a sculptor who was serving with the U.S. Navy was inspired to reproduce the photograph as a model and later a life-sized statue. The statue itself was cast in 108 pieces at the Bedi-Rassy Art Foundry Brooklyn, New York, taking some three years to complete. The entire $850,000 cost of the memorial was donated. It is currently managed by the National Park Service.

Wikipedia: UMSC War Memorial
Wikipedia: Battle of Iwo Jima

As a Malaysian, we should know more about statues that stand firm all around places in Malaysia. It is a reminder for us and future generation about once event during peace and the hardship and suffering during war. It’s not meant to be a reminder about how good and brave our soldier during the war we called patriotism. Patriotism is not just about how much you love to your country to fight in a war and get killed during war period. It is about getting us to love our country by avoiding war from happening and leave the mess and destruction to our future generation to solve and live with it.

War memorial not mean to spark any intention about us trying to fight in a war. It remind us about specific event happened during the past that not pleasant and a hard reminder about the consequences and effect of war. One might think by serving in National Services and taking military exercise training, the spirits of patriotism and nationalism is in him. On certain perspective, yes is it. But does we indirectly promote and spreading the seed of war to our youngster by giving them the knowledge of killing and shooting.

Malaysia National Services is striving to Military Compulsory Training order same as in Singapore. I know the importance of having a great military capability due to the sovereignty of any country especially Malaysia. Still prefer the society not being in to the mandatory National Services that impart weapon training exercise that suggested by some party. We have a great and adequate amount of population that freely chooses to be a soldier and willing to defend their country. Singapore as usual doesn’t have to adequate population that willing chooses to be a soldier and therefore, mandatory military training is compulsory and needed and yet this is not stereotype assumption.

I have an ill feeling of giving our youngster the skills to kill and shoot. It will naively create a new generation that was brain washed to fighting in a war. Therefore again, open a door for someone to take an opportunity to justify wars against others for it self intention and motives. We’re creating an opportunity for mass war to be reborn. A dictator to rise and genocide to be happen in future. A war against a war will create a more war and conflict among the people. Bringing up your weapon and army capability or training up people to prepare them for war might as said an act or war and an opportunity for some irresponsible people to start a big war.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

New Invention: 100cc multipurpose engine. Too good to be true!

Should we feel amazed by someone who reinvented a 100cc engine? First, yes it should. Why, because not everyone can reinvent an engine. Wait a minutes? Really? Do we need reinvent an engine and then feel amazed that we have to let every one know. Funny, why do we need to reinvent a new local 100cc engine when there are so many cheaper engine and well developed imported engine? So what is the point they trying to make?

Reading theStar article titled “Part-time lecturer invents 100cc multipurpose engine” shocked me a little bit. I thought we don’t have any 100cc engine before and just maybe 200cc, 300cc, 500cc or more engines in the market. It takes a while for me to conclude that the part time lecture actually assemble a 100cc engine from reusable parts. It even not qualifies to know as reinvent or invention.

Mohd Zaini Daud, 42, from Penaga, Kepala Batas, took eight months to design and test the engine made mainly from recycled stuff. He tested the engine on a go-kart and found that it could match the speed of a 100cc Yami engine from Italy. He said the engine could also be used for marine boats, motorcycles, cars, gliders and lawn mowers.


The truth, the engine supposes to be multi purpose. You can use it in marine boats, motorcycle, cars, gliders and lawn mowers. Wait a minutes! Car? Are they trying to say that this 100cc engine can make a car moves? Or, might it be as good as 100cc Yami engine from Italy, the home of super sports car. Well, it might turn to be good news to Perodua and Kelisa, where the dependency of foreign engine going to be end. Thanks to our Malaysia Boleh part time lecture.

I believe it can run on a motorcycle, but don’t you all expect it to be in a nice chopper or Harley, just our old pal kapcai. Never think that it can move a car even a Kancil model car. This is a really far catch, and I think that the inventor not even put it in a drawing board yet. Gliders? A high reach, still no one will risk in a Malaysian made engine that unstable and unbalance on their gliders although gliders can be pretty save without the engine. The big problem is the engine weight and balance. You never want a unstable balance and a heavy engine being put on the gliders.

I’m not trying to condemning the person features in the article. It is a good think to know that someone can assemble an engine out of recycle items. So, where is the real invention? Neither the article mistakenly written or just serves the purpose to attracting readers same as us bloggers trying to fishing readers in PPS by putting some attractive sweet honey title on the ping. I always try thinking a good title for whatever I’m writing so that some of you will waste some of yours calories by moving your mouse, point to my title and read my amateur blog and pressing your index finger to load my blog.

So, my point is that some of the news in the newspaper was exaggerated without any understanding what they want to write. I think the use of invents word is a violation of its meanings and concepts. Suppose this is not written by theStar anyhow, I presume this was written by anonymous writer in Bernama who get his office life bored to death and flick some story and make it a big one.

TheStar: Part-time lecturer invents 100cc multipurpose engine

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Reality TV: Are we too stupid to know which one is good or bad?

While reading my daily news paper today, I saw an article titled “Rais: Fear Factor, Sex in the City not suitable for Malaysian”. Datuk Rais, Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister as I quote

Speaking at the launch of courtesy campaign by Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud here Friday, Rais cited the “Fear Factor” reality program which required the participants to eat worms to be able to get US50, 000. “We don’t have to eat worms here. There are other ways to earn a living in Malaysia,” he added. He also said programs like the “Sex in the City” and “Six Feet Under” were not suitable for Malaysian viewing as they contains the negative elements.

Daily Express: 13 August 2005

Certainly, most of Malaysians know eating worms in public television show and earn money prize is not a way to earn a living. It just like joining a contest and win money prizes. It hard to understand why he make any assumption that Malaysian is stupid enough to think eating worms can make you richer by hundred thousands. This is an insulting statement made by his narrow minded perspective and understands of the entertainment value and world culture perspective in generally.

Many Minister and Intellectual person such as Prof. Diraja Ungku Aziz said in recent interview express his worries about the effect and impact of reality show such as Akademi Fantasia and Malaysia Idol that could bring negative value and wrong expression to the young society. Yes, in some certain part if we look if from the Asian value perspective. Many does not accept the reality part of the show which shows the unfairness of the judgment to the participant when popularity is greater than quality when the votes of successes given to the viewers. Still, we have to know that this is a competition and some is not really judges according to the fairness but rather according to another specification and the rules discussed and agreed at the beginning.

Again, I might agree in certain point that there is negative element form this reality shows. What I’m not agree that most of the disagreement reason is all of this come form western culture because not all of them were positive and suitable to practiced in the country as I quote

Abdul Taib said Malaysians should not emulate blindly the western culture because not all of them were positive and suitable to be practiced in the country.

Daily Express

Abdul Taib trying to portraying the Malaysians as low mentality in person and didn’t have achievement to strive independently, and ability to judging by itself to know which one is good or bad or maybe as many like to said retarded. So, do we need government or other hypocrite Minister to be told and teach about which life that we should follow and not to? The comment by some people in public media such in news papers and television really sound more like an insult rather is awareness to the society.

In the real scenario, there were many of negative influences exist inside the country rather than outside itself. Rude Malaysian, Lazy Malaysian, Bribery, Gamble and Corruption by Ministers and the mentality of special help from government to the Bumiputras are among the negative value that I presume not from the western culture but rather cause by the all time long pampers by the government. There are more negative values that exist in Asian Value rather then the western culture that exist long time ago such as the discrimination of women in workplace and society, the fanaticisms of religious value that resolves to killing and bombing civilian in masses and many more.

So, I believe the Malaysian know which is good and bad for themselves. And yet, I not against any comment or opinion about some issues that involves the importance of the community moral values without any biases or hypocrisies and insult to the Malaysian especially. If one has its mind opens wider, he will see more good values comes from western rather the eastern or might one say Asia Culture.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Street Kids: What are we going to do about it?

It might be many of you not aware of most recent social problem. Daily Express raise the problem about the street kids who wondering around the Kota Kinabalu town area. Most of them are without parents guardians because their parents is an illegal immigrant from Indonesia and Philippine. They were left to friends and relatives only being neglected and seen wondering around town polishing shoes and begging for money.

Its Secretary-General, Yahya Ahmad Shah, said it was regrettable that some Sabahans are opposed to the idea to the extent of going on a signature campaign at Gaya Street.

Daily Express

Yahya Ahmad Shah expressing his disappointed of the local’s mind set about the street kids. I am feeling disappointed too. As the problem is not intended to be serious, it already happened and some one has to do something about it. By ignoring the street kids, it probably might set a new social problem in the town.

The development in Sabah becomes rapidly faster now days. And yet, there is no progress or development to solve the social problem especially involves the illegal kids. While some groups as the Yayasan Islam Sabah trying to make a different to the street kids, it was opposed by the local.

I understand why most of the local don't want the government to help the street kids as they are the roots of the problem that was brought by the previous government who allows them to stay as a political immigrant and then slowly integrated as local legally and illegally. Many things happen in the period, and I don’t think of going explain it one by one.

If we still close our eyes in the problem, I bet it become more problem in future as the kids will grown up as uneducated and received no chances to change their life path. Some might resolves to be a robbers or thief to earn a living. Many will feel the social oppress and might intend to do harm ways (violence such as bombing or many things) to get attention from the government.

So, I would like to suggest that the government can organize a policy to educate the street kids. Give the street kids a new life path to improve their chances in living. Educate them in proper way as how we educate our own children. Let them know that there is someone cares for them and is no need to steal, cheats, and work to earn a living.

The benefits are, one day they might go back to their home land and starts a development and education. Malaysian governments always talk out loud about helping Asean neighbors. Now they have chances of helping to educating their kids about the goodness of peace and not war or conflict. By seeding the peace into their kid’s mind, political and religious conflict can be avoided. Is that sound too good to be true?


Daily Express: Few thousand street kids won't matter

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Four years old philanthropist and a boy beaten to death

This might be an old story. It about a four years old philanthropist named Su-Sze who has contributed a massive RM33, 195.36 to the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) by selling postcards. Wow! Even I didn’t contribute so many amounts in my entire 27 years old life. I wonder whether she aware how much money did she gave out and if she will regret it or not in future. I hope she will not because it an act of good will. Thank God!

"Su-Sze is also the youngest record holder in the Malaysia Book of Records for “The Longest Distance Swimming by a Toddler” and has received a Special Award from the Prime Minister as a Young Achiever."

I myself never even know how to swim and she already has a record in Malaysia Books of Records. Su-Sze is a most inspirational story for me. On this young tender age, she has done lots of things and contribution so many things to society especially to children. It is not a story that we heard and read every day. I do believe, as an adult we can learn much more about doing a welfare jobs from young children than seeing reach businessman, superstar or politician.

Any yet, all this things happen due to the encouragement of her parent too. I cannot ignore this actual fact. Kids never know what to do unless his or her parents teach and told them to do. Sometime, parent is the main influences factor to a child development weather he or she going to be a person who can give a large contribution to society or become a terrorist tend to bombing and killing people all over the places.

Again, there is a report about 14 years old boys was beaten death by classmate. A Form Two student has died after a punch-up with a classmate in their class at SM St Anthony here. Goh Zi How, 14, was rushed to the Labuan Nucleus Hospital at around 11am yesterday but died at about 1.50pm.
“It is believed that the fight was triggered off by a misunderstanding between Goh, who was sitting in the second row of the classroom, and the other student, who was seated behind him. The two traded blows for several minutes following a brief argument, and their classmates attempting in vain to pull them apart. The fight stopped when Goh collapsed.”

School has turn to be violent places for our youngster. Fighting that cause death or injured, and then to shooting incident that resulted kills peers and teacher. How are we going to send our kids to school anymore if this thing keep coming and haunted our kids. I wonder what these kids learn at home a school today others than basic education. Do they get to learn an adequate knowledge about respecting others life, morality that not to conclude violence as a first option solution.

This might be trigger alarm for us to rethink about the definition of education in school. Although we heard a lots of government policies about improving the level and standard of public education, it is useless if the teacher fail it’s responsible to communicating and presenting it into the mind of our youngsters. I’m not saying all the teacher fail to do their job, but there are many incidents happened in schools. We cannot blame the parent that put their children on private schools over public schools over the consideration of their well being.

As time goes on, living the life become harder and harder to adult and the children. Morality issue is important things that need to be brought to attention so the violence and evil brought by the waves of information technology can be countered. We need to see more kids like Su-Sze who was brought up in such good environment and exposed in welfare work by her parent. Why it so hard to do this in primary public schools or maybe child day centers. One might say it’s hard to teach children to be good and tolerance as they too young in mind and they’re not aware about anything. We need to see less case of death students in schools killed by guns or beating to death, and yet we still can see kids below age 10 kill his or her young friends in the act of jealousy or imitating from television.


The Star: A big philanthropist at just four years old

The Star: Boy dies after fight with classmate

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Kenny and Sarong Party Girl: A Bad Bloglitical Decision

I able to read briefly what Kenny wrote before he censored his infamous encounter with Sarong Party Girl. First it look like "Yeah, You da man! Kanny ...!" every one especially all the guy give the first class honors to this fellow. I look at my monitor screen in disbelieve when Sarong Party Girl offer flashed her breast with Kenny in the beginning hesitated in disbelieve she will do that. So without any fast logic mind as a Vulcan, Sarong Party Girl flash her breast while photo was taken with Kenny enjoying the moment of pride and glory in his most scandal bloglitical career. So he go back to somewhere he staying at the moment and post it as fast as possible hopping that his fame and hits rises as high as Mount Everest. The dream still goes on.

Still on his ecstasy moment with the great encounter Sarong Party Girl that he able to look at her breast at the public and Sarong Party Girl able to look at the furry body of Kenny, the speculation run down as fast as it run up. Minishorts writes a hate blog to protest to all what Kenny thought is the greatest moment on his bloglitical career. All things run on the opposite direction and Xiaxue, Kenny?s ideal match partner blog curse annoyance of her discomfort with her extraordinary font setting and bold type in her pink background blog. The dream come tumbling down. Kenny ended up cutting his most pride and ego post he ever made in his bloglitical moment or even his life by apologizing to all people and miniskirts post her transcript in her blog. Minishorts saves the day!

It is interesting able to catch the rise and fall moment of our most famous (especially to all guys) brother Kenny. Personally, I conclude that in blogging atmosphere, there are some rules that you need to follow. You need to think twice before going to do anything brave such as posting a flashing breast of a girl next to you. Similarly in politics, they do have the same rules applies. When you are the famous person in a community in this case Malaysia Blog Community, there are some rules that you need to follow. One might think that there are no borders in cyber internet world but I bet to you all after Kenny and Sarong Party Girl incident there might be lots of rules have to follow in blogging especially when you are the dam famous kids on the blogging blocks.

Minishorts and Xiaxue get my full respect when expressing their stand in girl getting nude in their blog with strong point of view although at little short moment, I?m not really reading the post as I?m too distracted with the cursing selection word, special size setting and the bold type. As fast as the blog went in the internet, it went off, Miniskirts and Xiaxue manage to tumble down Kenny fame and ego crushing to earth with two powerful posts. That is the first and most interesting political attack or I might said bloglitical attack example that I ever seen. Minishorts and Xiaxue shown to us at a most feminist act in Malaysia feminism movement, and Marina Mahathir I think that you need hire them to be your senior advisor.

Where this going to take me to? I thinking of future potential political women activists and here you get to start from blog environment. No kidding if I going to said that Project Petaling Streets going to be one of the influences platform of Malaysia political drama with Minishorts and maybe Xiaxue (if she apply to be a Malaysian) being the first who met the criteria and we will be going to see our first Member of Parliament who is the blog geek after all in near future.

Extra Link

Xiaxue: I do not think it is ok at all.

Minishorts: What a storm in a teacup!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Extremist vs. Extremist

Today theStar reported on Sky Kingdom structure torched as I quote

rampage, torching structures and smashing vehicles and house windows within Ayah Pin's Sky Kingdom commune

It is a surprise thing to happen as it was stood there for many years and nothing happen and why people choose to do it that day. I agree that the Sky Kingdom is not the most favorite new kids on the block but by mob this community they did not aware that they broke some fews law, and I will be surprise if the police did not acting on to prosecute them.

Ironically, this not happen while the al-Arqam is on the block. No one dare to crush and burn them. They left it to the police to do the dirty laundry. Where are they when knowing that the teaching of al-Arqam is diverting the teaching of Islam. No one dare to say anything. While I'm arguing my point, let me said that I'm not the member of their teaching and will not be one. I just think that they are Malaysian citizen too, whether they doing is wrong or what, they have the rights to get protection from the law or let me be specific the protection of law enforcement.

Let me list out what charges will this 30 mobs have to face.

1. Harassing innocent people. I say innocent because there is not verdict or law said that they teaching are wrong.

2. Destroying private property. Torching structure and smashing the vehicle can be or will be fine will a whole big sum or maybe jail sentences.

3. Illegally bring weapon on purpose of hurting other people. Parang or sword is a weapon intended to hurt or kill other living or not living things. Living thing is people or animal but when they intended to do it on people they will be charge of attempting murder. Don't tell me that they bring the parang because they was attacked by Ayah Pin's followers with false teaching?

4. Illegal gathering on some act that I not really recall because I read it some where during my class. If they intend to protest they need to apply for permit. Why only arrest the supporter of Anwar and not them while they destroying private property.

So, more laws were broken by these mobs if compare with the leader of false teaching. Which one likely goes to jail first? Again, I will be surprise that the mobs will run free and the leader of false teaching that will going to jail or being prosecuted faster than the people that act violently to yhem. So what is the meaning of Human Rights? Where are these evangelistic of our Human Right Activist? Where is SUHAKAM? Are RIGHTS will only available to politician prisoner or some people that can make you looking good in news? So, look more closely and you know who have rights and who have nothing.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Bombing in London

This is not really shock me compare to 911 and Christmas Eve tsunami. Yes, the blame to the al-Qaeda and there is no need to explain why they do it. Do they think that by mass bombing innocent public people, the Bush and others will listen to them? So what if the Bush really listens to them, they will ask more and more and nothing will satisfy them.

Die in the name of God. Who say? Bible says? It maybe yes, or maybe not. It depends on the interpretation of the people. Each people interpret it differently and some of them even out of context. I do not dare to say which one is true but i believe killing is not the solution. It might be something that pushes them to do such desperate act, but it is not the solution. War and terror act will hurt many people and our civilization can be destroying by it.

So, bombing public people is a cowardly act where reason is above their grabs.

Friday, July 08, 2005

No More Friendster Blog

I just deleted my friendster blog because i want to blogging through blogspot. I choose to blogging with blogspot because the friendster blog feature did not give you the freedom and the power to design your blog interface. Well, i'm not really a fussy when desiging my blog layout. The big problem for me is that friendster blog is too slow, maybe my line problem or what but blogger load more faster then friendster and i won't run out of idea waiting for it.

So long for friendster blog. i give it 1 from the scale 1-10 because i want to.. hehe.. there are no reasons for me to explain because it will make my life and your life become more complicated.

Friday, July 01, 2005

I don't want to blog!!!!

I have been talking about the advantages of blog to many of my friends. It seems few of the interested of me talking about it and most of them feel not to have a blog of their own although they're good in writing.

I wonder what the reason is for most people who don't want to blog.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Important of language in blogging

Today, we are celebrating the golden ages of blog. Blog becomes a lifestyle not only for geeks in their personal cube but for well know people in politics, show business, journalism, religion and many more. Blog turn to be a powerful tool to express freedom of speech or a tool for your own purpose. Many countries realize the threat of blog and start to set a rules and regulation how people should blog.

The most important skills in blog are being able to have a wide understanding in certain language. If you want to blog in English, you need to know how to write good and proper English. If you want to write a Malay blog, you need to know how to a good and proper Malay. The skills and knowledge in certain language is needed to write in creating a good blog for others to read. A good and bad of the blog is differentiating on how the text is written for others to read.

The barrier for writing a good blog is the lack of linguistic skills such vocabulary, grammar and comprehension. Today, internet users need to learn English to know how to use the computer and surf the internet. The connection bridge for geting in touch with a vast knowledge of information in the internet today is being able to read in English. English is the main communication skills for internet users to use the computer as the tools to gather and send any information into internet.

So, language is important in today information age. Language is the communication tools for us to express idea, thoughts, feelings and news about something. A gossip is old art forms of spreading news by telling story form one person to another person. The disadvantage of gossip is the credibility of the story is uncountable and untrustworthy. Many of the stories we heard might be created and not really happen before.

To make it more reliable, we need to record it. Record of an event starts at the dawn of the human civilization. Ancient people start record by draw picture to represent the interpretation meaning of any happened event. The discovery of an ancient art cave drawing is the proof that documentation starts long time ago even before the invention of writing or basic language. The important of preserving an event well know by our ancestor.

Language skills are the main ingredient in expressing feelings, idea and information. Human is a social creature. We like to talk many things no matter is true or false or right or wrong. At least, we enjoy what we say and listen. This known as two way communication

To express feelings, idea and information to the other person that does not appear at the same time tend to be more difficult. We need to record our expression in writing it into a piece of paper and sent it to our recipient. This is how long distance communication possible long way before telephone is invented. This is known as one way communication.

Blog makes one way communication into two way communication. For example, when you write a letter to your friend, he can reply you on the same hour or even minutes. Blog at the beginning is one way communication where people read what others write in news or journal. When we read the writing of others people, we cannot tell what we feel to the writer.

The writer will not know if his writing is good or bad, true or false. Miscommunication is always happen at this point. The comment feature that was put in blog is way to eliminate miscommunication to the reader. Reader have chance to respond by writing back to the writer. Eventually, two way communications exist in a one way communication scenario.

Still, we need to have a good language skill to able us communicating through blog. Blog is a high level of communication where idea of thought and feelings express in a more comprehension way. People start to communicate in text and idea and not in passage or word. Idea composed in an article to let others read and know what we feel about something even thou it just a small matter. Still the idea has to be written in a proper way to avoid any miscommunication.

So, we need more people with a good skill in writing. Blog survival depends on how well we can write. Speaking limits the spreads of idea and information because of the space and time. Writing is infinite and doesn't have a time and space limitation. People can reach for the information and read it. Blog makes the spread of information unlimited to space and time, but speeds of the spreads. More people can read an article in a matter of time and it can be read at any places around the world or maybe universe.

PPS Anniversary.... Waw!

It is so amazing to see the blog about the 2nd Anniversary of Project Petaling Streets gathering. It looks like a happening party where lot of celebrities come and celebrate the most grand gala of some kind of award show. The main character of the event is Jeff Ooi of Screenshots for Ping of the Years Awards, Kenny of Kennysia for the Blogs of the Years Awards and Simon of Wheregot winning the Neophyte Blog of the Year Awards. This blog is not a write-up for the gathering because I did not attend it. Reading through the ping in PPS, it seems that everyone has lots of fun till 2am and some of them still awake to write the gathering.

Blog is getting a wider attention around the world. People start to talk about the blogging after the CNN covers this medium on its 25 Anniversary Conference some time ago (I don't remember when is the actual time).Then The Star covers the most favorite blog on PPS on its article titled Bloggers r' us. Peter Tan of The Digital Awakening, Claire Khoo of Minishorts, Kenny Sia of Kennysia and last Tew Hui Suan of As Suanie Sees. Now blogger gets it piece of celebrity lifestyle a least among the geeks. It would not be a surprise if one of this blogger runs for election and become the MP in future, the population of geeks will rise and access to internet becomes easier.

So, what next big thing going to happen to Malaysian blogger? Think about it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

So, I have a computer...

Today, seems that almost everyone has use a computer and own one at their home. The information age is pushing to our life style without us realized it. So, its hard to believe that people that under the age of 30 don't know how to use the computer. You might wonder what he has been doing past of his life. Today I see that everyone says that computer is important. Even to my parent too as they did not agree it 10 years ago when the time I ask them to buy me a computer. “It’s too expensive dear...” said my mother and "Wait until I win a lottery" said my father. They then lectured back to me that computer is important as I told them already many years ago.

So, I able to touch a computer only my sister insisted to buy a computer during her universities years. That was not even my own personal computer as my sister's property and I only had the chance to use it when she back home for holiday and well after she graduate and officially handed me the notebook. I manage to crunch lots of skills of using a computer by testing all the installed software available. The first technical software I ever use is Photoshop. Photoshop is graphic editing software for people to draw picture and editing photos. I have learned few skills but not manage to masters it.

Able to use all kind of software especially the Microsoft office collection is a great computer experience for me. A lot of things that you can do especially anything involve creating documents and setting up web pages. Even in some situation that it can integrate to your life and helps us to arrange our life to be better. I always see the great potential of this software at the beginning as Microsoft develops the software and it becomes easier and easier to use.

Then we see the internet age. I still remember the first time I chat with other people using ICQ software. It's really scared me when I type in the chatting box and someone really replies. Still the opportunity of surfing then internet comes from my sisters as my parent think that internet is the way of kids learns all the bad things as pornography and sex video. Still, old habits die hard for them. I wonder why I have to be the first to ask then last to use. Well that is not the point.

Computer become an important storage where overwhelming size of information such as an encyclopedia can be fitted in a storage of the size of a plate we call disc. To access the information we need computer to read and sort out all the data once written inside the devices. Then the storages system was expanded to a larger and greater size in thousand times in few years. And the creation of internet comes to us.

Computer and internet changes lots of people's life style. All the time of using the computer and internet, I see the changes in the way people look and use the computer and internet. The most impressive to me is the creation of the cyber world and the growing of the community inside it. Cyber world is the world that exists and can be access with the computer that we call internet.

The creation of a community of cyber space is the big next evolution of the information age. People can store and search information in this space or internet. The link more than one computer and thousand and million of computers create a super storage of information. Books become an obsolete and old dated information storages and only used as a reference. News can be spreads so fast to real time and some says that it can be faster that the television news. It's so amazing that what internet can do for us.

So this is the time that we have to use computers whether we like it or not. Computers become the necessity in our life as we need pen to write and car to travel. Today, it's hard to imagine life with out these gadgets as we see it every day for example the radio and television. Internet age is pushing towards our every day life and it becomes more than a need than entertainment. The world is getting smaller with the fast and efficient way of communication with other friends that we known or don't know on another part of the world.

I become more aware of the changes that push inside my life and others people life. The influences becomes greater in here as people starts to use a faster internet connection knows as broadband. Other that sending a short message text or graphic, we can even send a large data as video recording to our friends or family faster and simpler. Games can be played at the same time in thousands or millions. Interaction not only limited by chatting box but by character we play in a virtual games through the internet such as Ragnarok Online Game and others that comes out recently.

It is very impressing to see the changes to life as it I see it today. The peak of the information age is not been reach yet as there will be more to see and I hope I can live longer to see and feel it. The expansion of this information age is unlimited and there is more room to fills and it starts only a box of electronics equipment calls computer.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Pete Teo Local Artist

Pete Teo is a very interesting musician in Malaysia. If I'm not mistaken, he is a singaporean who sing in Malaysia. A very contemporary style singer which he sing a very meaningful poetry with a slow rock song. I'm certainly give a good two thumb of his songs although it will not be able to break into international market. He need more than that to be dam so famous. Still, he is good for Malaysia and Singapore markets.

His song is more to soft rock with the blend of local instrument for example he like to use "er hu" (a Chinese version of violin) on one some of the song especially Jesselton Hotel. While I'm looking at the recording preview of his last concert in Green Room, I realize that one of the drummer is actually my friend. If I'm not mistaken whether is him or not. Just need to find out because my school mate of mine is quite good in music.

So if you all want to know more about Pete Teo, you can go in to his web site. You can also download or listen to his songs online in the internet. Just look for the link.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Computer and Future.

Learning is a process of abtaining some understanding and ability of certain knowledge. I like to learning anything especially in computer knowledge. The computer is not an easy knowledge to learn. Beside need the ability to learn, you should have the ablility to learn fast to. Computer technology revolved so fast and fail to catch up with the mainstream technology means that you are left behind.

I just bought a new books for myself to learn. Java Programming and C Programming. I find out this is the basic programming language for all the advance level programming language. The knowledge i obtain since form 5 that is Basic was not relevant anymore. So, the challenge is that i have to read and understand this books pretty fast and at the same time doing tuition to my student. I really doubt that i'm able to do it, but it will not cause harm to try right?

Knowledge of computer technology is an advantage to anyone and might be helping to your work or life. By knowing the programming language, one will be on the mainstream of a high level society where the dependence to the computers are very real within this century. So, even if i cannot catch up the computer technology, i hope that i would be able to be in the mainstream of the society. Just need to have faith and pray for god blessing.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Banner Ver 2.0

This is my second banner design. I redesign the banner because the first one is not really nice to look at. Some one really say it not interesting enough. So, this is my second edition of the banner.

Desperate Housewives

I'am actually looking foward to see this tv series. This series is about different life of four feature housewives who live in a suburban neighbourhoods. The actoress are quite charming and pretty too. Well i have not seen the whole of this series as i'm on the process of downloading it from the internet. Hah! i confess it. Hope i will not getting any trouble with the authorities. cross the finger

Here are the synopsis of this series for you all to read.
A primetime soap with a truly contemporary take on "happily ever after," this new hour- long drama takes a darkly comedic look at suburbia, where the secret lives of housewives aren't always what they seem.

Looking down on her friends and family isn't a way of life for Mary Alice Young (Brenda Strong) … it's a way of death. One day, in her perfect house, in the loveliest of suburbs, Mary Alice ended it all. Now she's taking us into the lives of her family, friends and neighbors, commenting from her elevated P.O.V.

Her small circle of girlfriends are wondering why one of their own would do something so rash… and so messy. There's Susan Mayer (Teri Hatcher), the divorcee and single mom who will go to extraordinary lengths for love; Lynette Scavo (Felicity Huffman), the ex-career woman who traded the boardroom for boredom, mixed with moments of sheer panic as the mother of four unmanageable kids; Bree Van De Kamp (Marcia Cross), the Martha Stewart on steroids, whose family is about to mutiny; and Gabrielle Solis, the ex-model with everything she's every wanted – a rich husband, a big house – so what is she doing with John, the 17-year-old gardener (Jesse Metcalfe)? And there are her neighbors, including serial divorcee Edie Britt (Nicollette Sheridan), whose romantic conquests have everyone buzzing.

Then there are the men: Hunky new neighbor Mike Delfino (James Denton), a supposedly widowed plumber who has Susan and Edie vying for his attention; Rex Van De Kamp (Steven Culp), who's just told Bree he wants a divorce; Gabrielle's better half, Carlos (Ricardo Antonio Chavira), who figures he bought his wife a $15,000 diamond necklace, so she should do whatever he tells her; as for Mary Alice's newly-widowed husband, Paul (Mark Moses), there must be a reason why he's acting so suspiciously – and why he's digging up the pool in the middle of the night!

From her unique vantage point, Mary Alice sees more now than she ever did alive, and she's planning to share all the delicious secrets that hide behind every neighbor's closed door in this seemingly perfect American suburb.

Marc Cherry is executive producer and writer. Michael Edelstein and Tom Spezialy are executive producers, and Charles Pratt Jr. is consulting producer of the series, from Touchstone Television.

Well if you want to get to see this series, can leave a message in the comment section and i happily tell you.. hehe ;)

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Stargate SG1

Stargate, one of my favourite tv show i like. It has 8 season and recently i think they going to show season 9. There are two stargate show, SG1 and Atlantis. SG1 talking about the stargate in earth and atlantis is about another world where a team was sent to an ancient ship called atlantis.

One thing that you can see in stargate is the gate.. obiviously. hehe.. just joking. Well you can see the journey of this four fellow journey to the gate and meet up with all the creature of another planet with out flying a single space ship. I actually too lazy to give a sypnosis about this show. Just see it and you will not regret. Drop a comment to know how to get this show.. hehe..

Friday, May 06, 2005

Avatar... I'm too sexy ...

Sexy avatar design by zi.. i'm not yet which one will i use to put as an avatar picture in dreamz forum. There will be no pool to decide that just i think i prefer the top one because it look kinda sexy.. or maybe you all think a bit horny. yeaaaah!! baby

I saw a wing at the back. I like that piegeon angel wing. It mean freedom, peace and holiness. Do all priest have wing today? Maybe they do, just a different wing.. i think.. a bat wing!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Star Trek The Next Generation

This is the photo of the Galaxy Class Starship Enterprise. As i mention before somewhere in my other blog, it was a starfleet federation ship. A powerfull class starship that can compete the Klingon, Romulan and the Cassadian. This is a ship that most feared by the enemy of the federation and always get a special attention from the unknown creature called Q "Quantinum" sort of of.

Star trek the next generation ran for 7 season. I manage to watch all of the episode and recently i downloading the another version of star trek called enterprise. It's a good tv drama and most totally different from the The Next Generation by comparison. The Next Generation is more to theaterical style of acting with a lots of william shakespearian dialouge. Patrick Steward act as the ship captain and he is a shakespearian actor. No wonder that he take The Next Generation so actively, because of the script content of the tv show. Enterprise present a more modern way or drama. There is no theaterical influences and well i like it a lots with all the compter graphic effect they do to the ship. No more modelling ship and that is the relief.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Whirlwinds Carrying Dust on Mars

This is an encrypt of an article i cut from Nasa Mars Rover Misson Web Site. I want to show it to this blog because it is an interesting thing to know that we as human living in earth have a robots doing research at planet Mars far away from earth. I see this robots as a small steps for mankind of going to explore to outer space one day and i hope that i can see it before my time ended.

This movie clip shows a dust devil scooting across a plain inside Gusev Crater on Mars as seen from the NASA rover Spirit's hillside vantage point during the rover's 459th martian day, or sol (April 18, 2005). The individual images were taken about 20 seconds apart by Spirit's navigation camera, and the contrast has been enhanced for anything in the images that changes from frame to frame, that is, for the dust devil.

The movie results from a new way of watching for dust devils, which are whirlwinds that hoist dust from the surface into the air. Spirit began seeing dust devils in isolated images in March 2005. At first, the rover team relied on luck. It might catch a dust devil in an image or it might miss by a few minutes. Using the new detection strategy, the rover takes a series of 21 images. Spirit sends a few of them to Earth, as well as little thumbnail images of all of them. Team members use the 3 big images and all the small images to decide whether the additional big images have dust devils. For this movie, they specifically told Spirit to send back frames that they knew had dust devils.

The images were processed in three steps. All images were calibrated to remove known camera artifacts. The images were then processed to remove stationary objects. The result is a gray scene showing only features that change with time. The final step combined the original image with the image that shows only moving features, showing the martian scene and the enhanced dust devils.

Scientists expected dust devils since before Spirit landed. The landing area inside Gusev Crater is filled with dark streaks left behind when dust devils pick dust up from an area. It is also filled with bright "hollows", which are dust-filled miniature craters. Dust covers most of the terrain. Winds flow into and out of Gusev crater every day. The Sun heats the surface so that the surface is warm to the touch even though the atmosphere at 2 meters (6 feet) above the surface would be chilly. That temperature contrast causes convection. Mixing the dust, winds, and convection should trigger dust devils.

Scientists will use the images to study several things. Tracking the dust devils tells which way the wind blows at different times of day. Statistics on the size of typical dust devils will help with estimates of how much dust they pump into the atmosphere every day. By watching individual dust devils change as they go over more-dusty and less-dusty terrain, researchers can learn about the turbulent motion near the surface. Ultimately, that motion of wind and dust near the surface relates these small dust devils with Mars' large dust storms.

Credit: NASA/JPL

Its is an amaizing thing to know that there are two Mars Rovers driving on the surface of mars and doing a lots of photographing and soil experimenting to find out the content of its soil, then send it back using a small antena that only can detected by deep space radio antena. How it could be happenning? Well all because of the great works of Nasa Engineer that work so hard to make it happen. Although i'm a Malaysian and not the American, i still feel proud and positive because this is not the achivement only for American itself but for all people and us humankind.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Battlestar Galactica

This is the remake of the old series Battlestar Galactica 1978 and 1980. I downloaded all the episode available. (Don't ask me where..). What it about? Its about last human colony among the 12 colony fighting for survival from the attack by the cylon, a robot created by human but become rebel once they have self awareness.

To who watched this series 26 years ago, you might be dissapointed with the changes. Still i don't mind about it cause the story is more better than the last time. There is some changes with the important cast where in the original series, starbuck is a male character, while the new series it is a female character. Still, there is no changes of the characteristic of the character as still there is more smoke in her/him mouth.

There are many impressive CG (Computer Graphic) you can see in this episode. Still this movie not started in first episode as i wrongly watch it. I skip directly to watch episode 1 and getting confused what really happen. So, you need to watch the pilot movie first the go to the first episode. My mistake... >.<;;

For you all who want to get a copy of this movie? I have it. Just find me or email me anytime and prepare many piece of dvd, or a hard disk will do. I can copy for you as i'm not selling. The file is large and there is no way you can play it in DVD player as it is a different codec, and if you insist to play it in player you can buy a dvix player that only cost around 6++ above. Just ask around.. who know rite..

Monday, April 25, 2005

My Blog Banner

This is my new blog banner. I don't know where to put it yet, and i still thinking of it. I also made one small logo, the same design with the big banner but this one is for small corner or left side of the blog or some one else blogs.

Today i having my exam. It kinda hard to answer and still i yet to do some of it and use up all the time without having to wait for the time to end. So bored.. I actualy thinking of moving my blog back to Friendster blog is so slow. I get bored of waiting for the update blog to upload. It kinda spoil my mood when i have something to write. Plus the photo upload is bad. It seems that i can't link outside photo to the blog. I don't know what really happen. Still i think blogger is the best site to put your blog.

So, i will be updating both of this blog and hope that there are people mind to open my blog to read if it not bored to death you all.. ^_^

Sunday, April 24, 2005


Tonight i go to cinema to see Sahara. The story line runs like Indiana Jones and National Treasure where the different is that it funnier that two previous movie. Natural Treasure is interesting movie but it’s a bit bored. Indiana Jones is an epic of all adventure treasure hunting movie full with action stunt.

Sahara is about a treasure gold coin that was taken and lost during the American Civil War by a ship and ended in the middle of Sahara desert. The ship was lost for hundreds of years. Two ex-navy armies have an ultimate adventure with a pretty WHO doctor have to solve the problem of a strange sickness outbreak in Africa.

I do enjoy this movie and there are some comedy scene where i laugh out loud but strangely others not. It must be me or them...


I discovered that some one is using my name to write a comment at another people's blog. I don't know what is the intention to do it but i believe it is not a good one.

Please be notice:

1. I never write comment into chat box. I only gave comment at post comment.
2. Please check out with me via my contact email before accusing me making a bad mark on your site. If i find my comment was not true, i will apologize publicly.
3. Police report will be made and investigation will be done to find the culprit. The owner site will be able to track the IP address of the culprits.
4. I will personally take court action against any person who ever trying to spread false impression about me or my business.