Friday, July 01, 2005

I don't want to blog!!!!

I have been talking about the advantages of blog to many of my friends. It seems few of the interested of me talking about it and most of them feel not to have a blog of their own although they're good in writing.

I wonder what the reason is for most people who don't want to blog.


iQing said...

hmm... not sure.
I do not want to write about my life because my life experience is too weird.
people will say I am gila after reading my blog

a blog reader
-Life Feel

Kervin said...

Some feel a bit too exposed by revealing their life for everyone to see thinking its like showing your diary to whoever wishes it and there are very odd people out there. Others are just too lazy to spend the time to update and write. Also many feel that it is just a waste of time to do so since they won't get anything substanstial out of it like cash.

Zi said...

cannot not to blog.. >.<

u teach me how to blog... now u dont want to blog...??
oppss... forgot to read the content

i blog... yeahh~~~ u knew that ahaha...:P

p.s - just disturbing around .. :P


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