Friday, June 24, 2005

Important of language in blogging

Today, we are celebrating the golden ages of blog. Blog becomes a lifestyle not only for geeks in their personal cube but for well know people in politics, show business, journalism, religion and many more. Blog turn to be a powerful tool to express freedom of speech or a tool for your own purpose. Many countries realize the threat of blog and start to set a rules and regulation how people should blog.

The most important skills in blog are being able to have a wide understanding in certain language. If you want to blog in English, you need to know how to write good and proper English. If you want to write a Malay blog, you need to know how to a good and proper Malay. The skills and knowledge in certain language is needed to write in creating a good blog for others to read. A good and bad of the blog is differentiating on how the text is written for others to read.

The barrier for writing a good blog is the lack of linguistic skills such vocabulary, grammar and comprehension. Today, internet users need to learn English to know how to use the computer and surf the internet. The connection bridge for geting in touch with a vast knowledge of information in the internet today is being able to read in English. English is the main communication skills for internet users to use the computer as the tools to gather and send any information into internet.

So, language is important in today information age. Language is the communication tools for us to express idea, thoughts, feelings and news about something. A gossip is old art forms of spreading news by telling story form one person to another person. The disadvantage of gossip is the credibility of the story is uncountable and untrustworthy. Many of the stories we heard might be created and not really happen before.

To make it more reliable, we need to record it. Record of an event starts at the dawn of the human civilization. Ancient people start record by draw picture to represent the interpretation meaning of any happened event. The discovery of an ancient art cave drawing is the proof that documentation starts long time ago even before the invention of writing or basic language. The important of preserving an event well know by our ancestor.

Language skills are the main ingredient in expressing feelings, idea and information. Human is a social creature. We like to talk many things no matter is true or false or right or wrong. At least, we enjoy what we say and listen. This known as two way communication

To express feelings, idea and information to the other person that does not appear at the same time tend to be more difficult. We need to record our expression in writing it into a piece of paper and sent it to our recipient. This is how long distance communication possible long way before telephone is invented. This is known as one way communication.

Blog makes one way communication into two way communication. For example, when you write a letter to your friend, he can reply you on the same hour or even minutes. Blog at the beginning is one way communication where people read what others write in news or journal. When we read the writing of others people, we cannot tell what we feel to the writer.

The writer will not know if his writing is good or bad, true or false. Miscommunication is always happen at this point. The comment feature that was put in blog is way to eliminate miscommunication to the reader. Reader have chance to respond by writing back to the writer. Eventually, two way communications exist in a one way communication scenario.

Still, we need to have a good language skill to able us communicating through blog. Blog is a high level of communication where idea of thought and feelings express in a more comprehension way. People start to communicate in text and idea and not in passage or word. Idea composed in an article to let others read and know what we feel about something even thou it just a small matter. Still the idea has to be written in a proper way to avoid any miscommunication.

So, we need more people with a good skill in writing. Blog survival depends on how well we can write. Speaking limits the spreads of idea and information because of the space and time. Writing is infinite and doesn't have a time and space limitation. People can reach for the information and read it. Blog makes the spread of information unlimited to space and time, but speeds of the spreads. More people can read an article in a matter of time and it can be read at any places around the world or maybe universe.

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