Sunday, June 05, 2005

Computer and Future.

Learning is a process of abtaining some understanding and ability of certain knowledge. I like to learning anything especially in computer knowledge. The computer is not an easy knowledge to learn. Beside need the ability to learn, you should have the ablility to learn fast to. Computer technology revolved so fast and fail to catch up with the mainstream technology means that you are left behind.

I just bought a new books for myself to learn. Java Programming and C Programming. I find out this is the basic programming language for all the advance level programming language. The knowledge i obtain since form 5 that is Basic was not relevant anymore. So, the challenge is that i have to read and understand this books pretty fast and at the same time doing tuition to my student. I really doubt that i'm able to do it, but it will not cause harm to try right?

Knowledge of computer technology is an advantage to anyone and might be helping to your work or life. By knowing the programming language, one will be on the mainstream of a high level society where the dependence to the computers are very real within this century. So, even if i cannot catch up the computer technology, i hope that i would be able to be in the mainstream of the society. Just need to have faith and pray for god blessing.

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