Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Photo: Animal with 70-300mm zoom lens

I just bought a new 70-300mm lens. It’s not an expensive one but kind a cheaper version one. Thou, this is a good lens too. One just needs to know how to handle the lens with a steady hand. A risk that one wedding photographer need to watch out. One never wants to give a blur photo to the wedded couple.

This bird, never know what it called is kind of difficult to shot. So, to be able to snap the photo of this bird upside down is kind of unique thou not really interesting. I never yet figure out what is the best setting for taking a distance shot. I have to figure whether to set it on automatic setting or the manual setting. I just learn that using a manual setting on wedding not really help if one not read the photo display accurately.

One might saw some saturation on the photo. It was purposely like that to fix the noise in the photo. I did some color enhancement on the photo due to the low light setting on evening.

This is the lizard on the wall. I always want to take a close up photo of this fella for a long time. The problem i don't have an adequate zoom to really capture the texture of the skins. Now with an adequate zoom and with a help of good sb800 flash, it kind a good experience and satisfaction with almost a macro lens effect. I don't think it is a good idea to use macro lens when trying to shot wall lizard because i will scared of your big size lens.

70-300mm lens is important when want to close up on an object at the long distance. Some wedding ceremonies in church don’t like distraction of a photographer standing so close to snap a shot. I will try to test more on this lens to get use to it. Maybe a single stand will be nice to hold on to the camera. But now, I’m low on budget now. Imagine when I spend on those expensive thousand ringgit lens.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Photo: Sutera Habour Landscape Panorama 2nd attempt and Night Shot

Panorama above was merged using the photoshop merge function.

I did few panorama photos on the Sutera Habour because of the wide open space and the sea horizontal line. This 2 panorama was taken using a tripod, 18-70mm lens and D70s camera. The image photo is in RAW and i merge it manually using photoshop. I surprised that it was very easy merge it manually using photoshop and not the merge function. The merge function in photoshop is a preset setting and not intelligent enough to find the fault line and image distortion on the photos. I spent less than one hour to merge the photo and do a color touch up.

Image above was taken with aperture f22 and 30 second exposure. There was a ship passing by during the exposure and you can see a white light line and lighted water surface that ended suddenly. This not really a perfect shot because of the over burn highlight exposure from the spot light.

Image above is merely having the same problem as the spot light and the neon lighting make the over burn highlight to the images. I masked out and filtered the over burn by lower the bright of the light. Taking RAW 16bit color really indeed saved a bad image and turning it out into a good or better photo. The new dSLR with RAW 32bit color sure a great help plus it’s eliminate the need to change to JPEG when taking multiple shot. This photo was taken with aperture f10 and 30 second exposure.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Photo: Warisan Square Kota Kinabalu at night 2nd Take

I go back to Warisan Square and took some more photos. Now with the white balance setting in mind, i believe the photo look better. The second thing in my mind is to take RAW or JPEG format. I found out that RAW format can save most of the photos compared in JPEG format. Still, even you take a very bad over and underexposure, RAW cannot save the photo. A photographer have to keep in mind of the preset setting in his/her mind on any different location and light setting.

I did some photo shop touch up to remove the noise or grain effect on the photo. Now the photo look more better and i can expose the shadow more brighter without worrying about the noise. Thou, the problem comes when you need to fix a blur and out of focus photo. I think this kind of defect are more difficult to repair. So, before take any photo no matter for leisure, hobby or professional, one have to have a sharp mind on every setting in the camera and match it with the location and light setting.

RAW is wedding or spot photographer best friend. A burn out highlight and white balance can be fixed right away with some few clicks. The disadvantage is it took more space in the memory and some low budget manual digital camera cannot utilized its multiple shot per frame except one have the financial ability to buy a high end professional use digital camera that cost as much as a car not to including the lens that might cost as much as a house.

Not much photo taken on this session thou a friend lady of mind took about hundred or more photos. Next, i want to try the CLS and fix some weakness i discovered on this photo testing session.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

News Captions and My Thoughts

While surfing at nstonline for an update news, i saw a caption written

"Our sons died in m-cycle crash because cop chased them"

It is to be known that two form three students died in accident caused by a police chase. Never the less, I doubt why these two boys ran away from the police? Common sense tells me that they had something to hide from the police and tried to get away. I understand the pain and grief of both families of their son's death but blaming the police instantly is not going to get back their sons. I never denied that sometime and somewhere police act so unprofessionally while proceeds criminals such as murderer and robbers. In this incident, i believe the parents should reflect upon what their son being doing before the police chase incident. Attacking the police force credibility is not wise because it would leave a bad impression from the society towards the police force.

While we are so busy critics the police force and how corrupted they are, never do we know if something bad happen to us, we tend to go to the police station and make a report. I don't think one will go to the gangster or mafia to ask for protection? Today parents are so naive and unaware of what their children doing lately because busy at work or something else. This is not a good thing happen for a family even thou children should have some privacy over their life. Parent should be more respect and wise observing their children without abuse the rights of interfering over their daily life. So, distraught parents will not believe the truth but lean on a false premises maybe to protect their sons’ reputation or just merely being naive of what really happen.

I don't really know the truth of this news incident. I just want to give some of my insight and respond over the matter and not judging the parents or the police force. So, please forgive me over the misunderstanding.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Photo: Warisan Square Kota Kinabalu at Night

These are some of the photo i took at night around Warisan Square at the town.

Branded shop that i doubt the local can afford or not. Similar kind of shop was opened before at Center Point and close few years after.

Front main road that facing the sea. Finally i managed to took some decent photo at night. It's my fault because I'm not used with the camera after one and half years of using it.

Too much yellow balance on the photo. I should set the white balance before take the photo. Thou it still okay i guess.

Another white balance problem. This time i guess the street light cause the problem. Should set the camera white balance too.

At last, a decent night shot photo with a little bit photoshop and touch up. Lots of grain effect on the top of the photo because it too dark. I brighten up top portion, so it will look more better than a black pitch on the top.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

16 September 1963 - 44th Years of Malaysia Day

Malaysia Federation was created on this day 16 September 1963. Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah was invited and without hesitation agreed to join the plan of combination state federation that I believe to fail the spread and domino effect of communist ideology on South East Asia region. Now, there is greater confusion on what is the status of Malaysia. Is it federation state or a nation state? Lots of theory was written and spread through blog, we will never know which one to be the right one or not. The 50th celebration of Malaysia Independent was greatly debated throughout the blog space and mass media. Local television station and newspaper publisher don’t dare to feature this issue officially except print out the debate and argument through forum column. It means that the newspaper publisher will not be liable to what ever written by readers as this not the publisher stand point.

The issue is about the significant of the Malaya independent as Malaysia independent where Malaysia was not yet exist or established. The governments keep continuing on it as Malaysia independent compared to the historical fact is the Malaya independent. Sabah and Sarawak at the moment still under British control and only get it so called independent on 1963, 6 years later. One story I heard is that at that time, Sabahan was given impression that they only can be independent by joining the Malaysia federation. Then, they can revise whether to continuing in the federation or be self government after that. Some said the first revise years past by us 10 years ago and some said next year will be the 2nd revise year. I don’t know the real detail about it. For all these years, the agreement was kept secret by the politician leader all along at that time such as Tun Mustapa, Tun Fuad Stephen, Datuk Harris, and Pairin Kitingan. The agreement only being exposed during the time when Pairin Kitingan was challenged by the entering of UMNO to Sabah because he planed not to cooperate with the federal government about how Sabah should be governed. Money and administration corruption was the big distraction at that time and Sabahan once again was fooled by the theatrical performance by our selfish politician and party.

Sabah is a place that has lots of potential to be exploited on its natural resource and culture diversity. The failure of our previous Chief Minister to govern and develop this state by its rights is a guarantee to the open exploitation by non local people. Greed, corruption and pride lead to the fall of power of the held by native party to party that not significant to the state land of Sabah. Even thou the leadership on Sabahan still held by native Sabahan, the final decision are decided by the central committee mostly not Sabahan native. Any decision and policy on Sabah future will not based on the growth and the development of the state land but more on the political strategy on how to maintain power to only few top powerful families. The citizens are only the chess stand and can be easily distracted and directed as a flock of lamb to wherever they want. Unfortunately for them, we have the internet to saves the day. We get to know more about the conspiracy and plan of high power individual and families in which will lead to the suffering of the people. Never the less, the thing that saves us also can kill us. We need to be well inform and knowledge about the twist and turn of politics tactics that force upon the people. So, education and unlimited restriction of information and knowledge is essential and a life line of maintaining the check and balance, truth and false, clean and dirty tactics of the real society exploitation.

31 August 1957 and 16 September 1963 mean nothing to me if the government and the society don’t want or care to straighten out the historical fact and let the bunch of ignorance government people lead us like a flock of lamb into a slaughtering factory. They don’t care if the historical fact is right or wrong. The important things for them are to maximized and squeeze all they can have within the year period they have of the land wealth.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Language is the cause of maid abuse?

I open mSTAR and saw this news clip

Bahasa antara punca penderaan amah

Then, i wonder how language differences cause this problem to Indonesian maid. Is government stupid or thinking the Malaysian not smart enough to think of the reasons? I really wonder what is playing in the author mind when he/she writing this article. It look like author is giving an impression that Indonesian maid are so stupid enough, and they deserved to be abuse. Maybe I was wrong. So, how about the domestic abuse in family and animal? What is the cause then? Hello, if the maid can read the dictionary, I don't think that they would like to be a maid. They’re better off getting a desk job. How I wonder if this is their achievement after 50 years of independent? A news author who write nonsense news and the editor who not smart enough to filter it out and play along in it.

Even thou the maid not fluent or understand in local language, he/she not deserve to be abuse. Abusive employers who abuse any maid should be subjected to punishment whatever reasons he/she give. Even when he/she said the maid is so stupid enough and need to be scold, hit and abuse him/her to make them smart. That is a nonsense excuse. Indonesian maid is easily to be a subject of abuse because they can be easily manipulated. Employers are too cheap to give them a good pay and always demand them to do over extra work. Government and authorities despites them as a social problem and praise them as a low rate labor for national development. Illegal immigrants live likes a rat in the hole not dare to squeak even the tail being stepped. That is sad.

Masyarakat Penyayang publicized and hold high by the government is only merely a half true. We look down on people who lower than us and praise who higher up there. God is high so we praise them. Satan is down there so, we despite him. We praise the rich and look down to the poor. Respect the educated and disrespect the uneducated. Only few good Samaritans out there have wide open heart. This is the two different worlds that we created long time ago. People that different than us is ignored because it is not our problem. That why the Indonesian hates us so much not just in badminton competition but they hate us down to their guts for our ignorance.


I discovered that some one is using my name to write a comment at another people's blog. I don't know what is the intention to do it but i believe it is not a good one.

Please be notice:

1. I never write comment into chat box. I only gave comment at post comment.
2. Please check out with me via my contact email before accusing me making a bad mark on your site. If i find my comment was not true, i will apologize publicly.
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4. I will personally take court action against any person who ever trying to spread false impression about me or my business.