Sunday, September 23, 2007

Photo: Sutera Habour Landscape Panorama 2nd attempt and Night Shot

Panorama above was merged using the photoshop merge function.

I did few panorama photos on the Sutera Habour because of the wide open space and the sea horizontal line. This 2 panorama was taken using a tripod, 18-70mm lens and D70s camera. The image photo is in RAW and i merge it manually using photoshop. I surprised that it was very easy merge it manually using photoshop and not the merge function. The merge function in photoshop is a preset setting and not intelligent enough to find the fault line and image distortion on the photos. I spent less than one hour to merge the photo and do a color touch up.

Image above was taken with aperture f22 and 30 second exposure. There was a ship passing by during the exposure and you can see a white light line and lighted water surface that ended suddenly. This not really a perfect shot because of the over burn highlight exposure from the spot light.

Image above is merely having the same problem as the spot light and the neon lighting make the over burn highlight to the images. I masked out and filtered the over burn by lower the bright of the light. Taking RAW 16bit color really indeed saved a bad image and turning it out into a good or better photo. The new dSLR with RAW 32bit color sure a great help plus it’s eliminate the need to change to JPEG when taking multiple shot. This photo was taken with aperture f10 and 30 second exposure.


Zi said...

cantik !!!

the second pic ..!!

kuai said...

hehehe... u must really excited with ur new lenses... :D

Jefferi said...

zi: thanks..

kuai: excited.. ^_^ but now have to budget lor.. lol

AngelWolf said...

i love the photo you took. will you snap some pictures of "Cloud or Sea waves"?

Jefferi said...

anglewolf: i got lots of cloud photo last time. Never post it in my blog but you can find it on PhotoMalaysia web album gallery. I will link the address later on. I got a sea waves shot too but was taken using 18-70mm lens. i will try to shot it with 70-300mm lens later on. I will post the photo when i finished touching it up. thanks for your compliment.

AngelWolf said...

thanks a lot. i will check it now on your PhotoMalaysia web album. Can't wait to see the new sea waves picture u too with your new lens :D


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