Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Language is the cause of maid abuse?

I open mSTAR and saw this news clip

Bahasa antara punca penderaan amah

Then, i wonder how language differences cause this problem to Indonesian maid. Is government stupid or thinking the Malaysian not smart enough to think of the reasons? I really wonder what is playing in the author mind when he/she writing this article. It look like author is giving an impression that Indonesian maid are so stupid enough, and they deserved to be abuse. Maybe I was wrong. So, how about the domestic abuse in family and animal? What is the cause then? Hello, if the maid can read the dictionary, I don't think that they would like to be a maid. They’re better off getting a desk job. How I wonder if this is their achievement after 50 years of independent? A news author who write nonsense news and the editor who not smart enough to filter it out and play along in it.

Even thou the maid not fluent or understand in local language, he/she not deserve to be abuse. Abusive employers who abuse any maid should be subjected to punishment whatever reasons he/she give. Even when he/she said the maid is so stupid enough and need to be scold, hit and abuse him/her to make them smart. That is a nonsense excuse. Indonesian maid is easily to be a subject of abuse because they can be easily manipulated. Employers are too cheap to give them a good pay and always demand them to do over extra work. Government and authorities despites them as a social problem and praise them as a low rate labor for national development. Illegal immigrants live likes a rat in the hole not dare to squeak even the tail being stepped. That is sad.

Masyarakat Penyayang publicized and hold high by the government is only merely a half true. We look down on people who lower than us and praise who higher up there. God is high so we praise them. Satan is down there so, we despite him. We praise the rich and look down to the poor. Respect the educated and disrespect the uneducated. Only few good Samaritans out there have wide open heart. This is the two different worlds that we created long time ago. People that different than us is ignored because it is not our problem. That why the Indonesian hates us so much not just in badminton competition but they hate us down to their guts for our ignorance.

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