Tuesday, September 18, 2007

News Captions and My Thoughts

While surfing at nstonline for an update news, i saw a caption written

"Our sons died in m-cycle crash because cop chased them"

It is to be known that two form three students died in accident caused by a police chase. Never the less, I doubt why these two boys ran away from the police? Common sense tells me that they had something to hide from the police and tried to get away. I understand the pain and grief of both families of their son's death but blaming the police instantly is not going to get back their sons. I never denied that sometime and somewhere police act so unprofessionally while proceeds criminals such as murderer and robbers. In this incident, i believe the parents should reflect upon what their son being doing before the police chase incident. Attacking the police force credibility is not wise because it would leave a bad impression from the society towards the police force.

While we are so busy critics the police force and how corrupted they are, never do we know if something bad happen to us, we tend to go to the police station and make a report. I don't think one will go to the gangster or mafia to ask for protection? Today parents are so naive and unaware of what their children doing lately because busy at work or something else. This is not a good thing happen for a family even thou children should have some privacy over their life. Parent should be more respect and wise observing their children without abuse the rights of interfering over their daily life. So, distraught parents will not believe the truth but lean on a false premises maybe to protect their sons’ reputation or just merely being naive of what really happen.

I don't really know the truth of this news incident. I just want to give some of my insight and respond over the matter and not judging the parents or the police force. So, please forgive me over the misunderstanding.

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