Sunday, July 24, 2005

Four years old philanthropist and a boy beaten to death

This might be an old story. It about a four years old philanthropist named Su-Sze who has contributed a massive RM33, 195.36 to the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) by selling postcards. Wow! Even I didn’t contribute so many amounts in my entire 27 years old life. I wonder whether she aware how much money did she gave out and if she will regret it or not in future. I hope she will not because it an act of good will. Thank God!

"Su-Sze is also the youngest record holder in the Malaysia Book of Records for “The Longest Distance Swimming by a Toddler” and has received a Special Award from the Prime Minister as a Young Achiever."

I myself never even know how to swim and she already has a record in Malaysia Books of Records. Su-Sze is a most inspirational story for me. On this young tender age, she has done lots of things and contribution so many things to society especially to children. It is not a story that we heard and read every day. I do believe, as an adult we can learn much more about doing a welfare jobs from young children than seeing reach businessman, superstar or politician.

Any yet, all this things happen due to the encouragement of her parent too. I cannot ignore this actual fact. Kids never know what to do unless his or her parents teach and told them to do. Sometime, parent is the main influences factor to a child development weather he or she going to be a person who can give a large contribution to society or become a terrorist tend to bombing and killing people all over the places.

Again, there is a report about 14 years old boys was beaten death by classmate. A Form Two student has died after a punch-up with a classmate in their class at SM St Anthony here. Goh Zi How, 14, was rushed to the Labuan Nucleus Hospital at around 11am yesterday but died at about 1.50pm.
“It is believed that the fight was triggered off by a misunderstanding between Goh, who was sitting in the second row of the classroom, and the other student, who was seated behind him. The two traded blows for several minutes following a brief argument, and their classmates attempting in vain to pull them apart. The fight stopped when Goh collapsed.”

School has turn to be violent places for our youngster. Fighting that cause death or injured, and then to shooting incident that resulted kills peers and teacher. How are we going to send our kids to school anymore if this thing keep coming and haunted our kids. I wonder what these kids learn at home a school today others than basic education. Do they get to learn an adequate knowledge about respecting others life, morality that not to conclude violence as a first option solution.

This might be trigger alarm for us to rethink about the definition of education in school. Although we heard a lots of government policies about improving the level and standard of public education, it is useless if the teacher fail it’s responsible to communicating and presenting it into the mind of our youngsters. I’m not saying all the teacher fail to do their job, but there are many incidents happened in schools. We cannot blame the parent that put their children on private schools over public schools over the consideration of their well being.

As time goes on, living the life become harder and harder to adult and the children. Morality issue is important things that need to be brought to attention so the violence and evil brought by the waves of information technology can be countered. We need to see more kids like Su-Sze who was brought up in such good environment and exposed in welfare work by her parent. Why it so hard to do this in primary public schools or maybe child day centers. One might say it’s hard to teach children to be good and tolerance as they too young in mind and they’re not aware about anything. We need to see less case of death students in schools killed by guns or beating to death, and yet we still can see kids below age 10 kill his or her young friends in the act of jealousy or imitating from television.


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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Kenny and Sarong Party Girl: A Bad Bloglitical Decision

I able to read briefly what Kenny wrote before he censored his infamous encounter with Sarong Party Girl. First it look like "Yeah, You da man! Kanny ...!" every one especially all the guy give the first class honors to this fellow. I look at my monitor screen in disbelieve when Sarong Party Girl offer flashed her breast with Kenny in the beginning hesitated in disbelieve she will do that. So without any fast logic mind as a Vulcan, Sarong Party Girl flash her breast while photo was taken with Kenny enjoying the moment of pride and glory in his most scandal bloglitical career. So he go back to somewhere he staying at the moment and post it as fast as possible hopping that his fame and hits rises as high as Mount Everest. The dream still goes on.

Still on his ecstasy moment with the great encounter Sarong Party Girl that he able to look at her breast at the public and Sarong Party Girl able to look at the furry body of Kenny, the speculation run down as fast as it run up. Minishorts writes a hate blog to protest to all what Kenny thought is the greatest moment on his bloglitical career. All things run on the opposite direction and Xiaxue, Kenny?s ideal match partner blog curse annoyance of her discomfort with her extraordinary font setting and bold type in her pink background blog. The dream come tumbling down. Kenny ended up cutting his most pride and ego post he ever made in his bloglitical moment or even his life by apologizing to all people and miniskirts post her transcript in her blog. Minishorts saves the day!

It is interesting able to catch the rise and fall moment of our most famous (especially to all guys) brother Kenny. Personally, I conclude that in blogging atmosphere, there are some rules that you need to follow. You need to think twice before going to do anything brave such as posting a flashing breast of a girl next to you. Similarly in politics, they do have the same rules applies. When you are the famous person in a community in this case Malaysia Blog Community, there are some rules that you need to follow. One might think that there are no borders in cyber internet world but I bet to you all after Kenny and Sarong Party Girl incident there might be lots of rules have to follow in blogging especially when you are the dam famous kids on the blogging blocks.

Minishorts and Xiaxue get my full respect when expressing their stand in girl getting nude in their blog with strong point of view although at little short moment, I?m not really reading the post as I?m too distracted with the cursing selection word, special size setting and the bold type. As fast as the blog went in the internet, it went off, Miniskirts and Xiaxue manage to tumble down Kenny fame and ego crushing to earth with two powerful posts. That is the first and most interesting political attack or I might said bloglitical attack example that I ever seen. Minishorts and Xiaxue shown to us at a most feminist act in Malaysia feminism movement, and Marina Mahathir I think that you need hire them to be your senior advisor.

Where this going to take me to? I thinking of future potential political women activists and here you get to start from blog environment. No kidding if I going to said that Project Petaling Streets going to be one of the influences platform of Malaysia political drama with Minishorts and maybe Xiaxue (if she apply to be a Malaysian) being the first who met the criteria and we will be going to see our first Member of Parliament who is the blog geek after all in near future.

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Monday, July 18, 2005

Extremist vs. Extremist

Today theStar reported on Sky Kingdom structure torched as I quote

rampage, torching structures and smashing vehicles and house windows within Ayah Pin's Sky Kingdom commune

It is a surprise thing to happen as it was stood there for many years and nothing happen and why people choose to do it that day. I agree that the Sky Kingdom is not the most favorite new kids on the block but by mob this community they did not aware that they broke some fews law, and I will be surprise if the police did not acting on to prosecute them.

Ironically, this not happen while the al-Arqam is on the block. No one dare to crush and burn them. They left it to the police to do the dirty laundry. Where are they when knowing that the teaching of al-Arqam is diverting the teaching of Islam. No one dare to say anything. While I'm arguing my point, let me said that I'm not the member of their teaching and will not be one. I just think that they are Malaysian citizen too, whether they doing is wrong or what, they have the rights to get protection from the law or let me be specific the protection of law enforcement.

Let me list out what charges will this 30 mobs have to face.

1. Harassing innocent people. I say innocent because there is not verdict or law said that they teaching are wrong.

2. Destroying private property. Torching structure and smashing the vehicle can be or will be fine will a whole big sum or maybe jail sentences.

3. Illegally bring weapon on purpose of hurting other people. Parang or sword is a weapon intended to hurt or kill other living or not living things. Living thing is people or animal but when they intended to do it on people they will be charge of attempting murder. Don't tell me that they bring the parang because they was attacked by Ayah Pin's followers with false teaching?

4. Illegal gathering on some act that I not really recall because I read it some where during my class. If they intend to protest they need to apply for permit. Why only arrest the supporter of Anwar and not them while they destroying private property.

So, more laws were broken by these mobs if compare with the leader of false teaching. Which one likely goes to jail first? Again, I will be surprise that the mobs will run free and the leader of false teaching that will going to jail or being prosecuted faster than the people that act violently to yhem. So what is the meaning of Human Rights? Where are these evangelistic of our Human Right Activist? Where is SUHAKAM? Are RIGHTS will only available to politician prisoner or some people that can make you looking good in news? So, look more closely and you know who have rights and who have nothing.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Bombing in London

This is not really shock me compare to 911 and Christmas Eve tsunami. Yes, the blame to the al-Qaeda and there is no need to explain why they do it. Do they think that by mass bombing innocent public people, the Bush and others will listen to them? So what if the Bush really listens to them, they will ask more and more and nothing will satisfy them.

Die in the name of God. Who say? Bible says? It maybe yes, or maybe not. It depends on the interpretation of the people. Each people interpret it differently and some of them even out of context. I do not dare to say which one is true but i believe killing is not the solution. It might be something that pushes them to do such desperate act, but it is not the solution. War and terror act will hurt many people and our civilization can be destroying by it.

So, bombing public people is a cowardly act where reason is above their grabs.

Friday, July 08, 2005

No More Friendster Blog

I just deleted my friendster blog because i want to blogging through blogspot. I choose to blogging with blogspot because the friendster blog feature did not give you the freedom and the power to design your blog interface. Well, i'm not really a fussy when desiging my blog layout. The big problem for me is that friendster blog is too slow, maybe my line problem or what but blogger load more faster then friendster and i won't run out of idea waiting for it.

So long for friendster blog. i give it 1 from the scale 1-10 because i want to.. hehe.. there are no reasons for me to explain because it will make my life and your life become more complicated.

Friday, July 01, 2005

I don't want to blog!!!!

I have been talking about the advantages of blog to many of my friends. It seems few of the interested of me talking about it and most of them feel not to have a blog of their own although they're good in writing.

I wonder what the reason is for most people who don't want to blog.


I discovered that some one is using my name to write a comment at another people's blog. I don't know what is the intention to do it but i believe it is not a good one.

Please be notice:

1. I never write comment into chat box. I only gave comment at post comment.
2. Please check out with me via my contact email before accusing me making a bad mark on your site. If i find my comment was not true, i will apologize publicly.
3. Police report will be made and investigation will be done to find the culprit. The owner site will be able to track the IP address of the culprits.
4. I will personally take court action against any person who ever trying to spread false impression about me or my business.