Monday, July 18, 2005

Extremist vs. Extremist

Today theStar reported on Sky Kingdom structure torched as I quote

rampage, torching structures and smashing vehicles and house windows within Ayah Pin's Sky Kingdom commune

It is a surprise thing to happen as it was stood there for many years and nothing happen and why people choose to do it that day. I agree that the Sky Kingdom is not the most favorite new kids on the block but by mob this community they did not aware that they broke some fews law, and I will be surprise if the police did not acting on to prosecute them.

Ironically, this not happen while the al-Arqam is on the block. No one dare to crush and burn them. They left it to the police to do the dirty laundry. Where are they when knowing that the teaching of al-Arqam is diverting the teaching of Islam. No one dare to say anything. While I'm arguing my point, let me said that I'm not the member of their teaching and will not be one. I just think that they are Malaysian citizen too, whether they doing is wrong or what, they have the rights to get protection from the law or let me be specific the protection of law enforcement.

Let me list out what charges will this 30 mobs have to face.

1. Harassing innocent people. I say innocent because there is not verdict or law said that they teaching are wrong.

2. Destroying private property. Torching structure and smashing the vehicle can be or will be fine will a whole big sum or maybe jail sentences.

3. Illegally bring weapon on purpose of hurting other people. Parang or sword is a weapon intended to hurt or kill other living or not living things. Living thing is people or animal but when they intended to do it on people they will be charge of attempting murder. Don't tell me that they bring the parang because they was attacked by Ayah Pin's followers with false teaching?

4. Illegal gathering on some act that I not really recall because I read it some where during my class. If they intend to protest they need to apply for permit. Why only arrest the supporter of Anwar and not them while they destroying private property.

So, more laws were broken by these mobs if compare with the leader of false teaching. Which one likely goes to jail first? Again, I will be surprise that the mobs will run free and the leader of false teaching that will going to jail or being prosecuted faster than the people that act violently to yhem. So what is the meaning of Human Rights? Where are these evangelistic of our Human Right Activist? Where is SUHAKAM? Are RIGHTS will only available to politician prisoner or some people that can make you looking good in news? So, look more closely and you know who have rights and who have nothing.

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