Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Kenny and Sarong Party Girl: A Bad Bloglitical Decision

I able to read briefly what Kenny wrote before he censored his infamous encounter with Sarong Party Girl. First it look like "Yeah, You da man! Kanny ...!" every one especially all the guy give the first class honors to this fellow. I look at my monitor screen in disbelieve when Sarong Party Girl offer flashed her breast with Kenny in the beginning hesitated in disbelieve she will do that. So without any fast logic mind as a Vulcan, Sarong Party Girl flash her breast while photo was taken with Kenny enjoying the moment of pride and glory in his most scandal bloglitical career. So he go back to somewhere he staying at the moment and post it as fast as possible hopping that his fame and hits rises as high as Mount Everest. The dream still goes on.

Still on his ecstasy moment with the great encounter Sarong Party Girl that he able to look at her breast at the public and Sarong Party Girl able to look at the furry body of Kenny, the speculation run down as fast as it run up. Minishorts writes a hate blog to protest to all what Kenny thought is the greatest moment on his bloglitical career. All things run on the opposite direction and Xiaxue, Kenny?s ideal match partner blog curse annoyance of her discomfort with her extraordinary font setting and bold type in her pink background blog. The dream come tumbling down. Kenny ended up cutting his most pride and ego post he ever made in his bloglitical moment or even his life by apologizing to all people and miniskirts post her transcript in her blog. Minishorts saves the day!

It is interesting able to catch the rise and fall moment of our most famous (especially to all guys) brother Kenny. Personally, I conclude that in blogging atmosphere, there are some rules that you need to follow. You need to think twice before going to do anything brave such as posting a flashing breast of a girl next to you. Similarly in politics, they do have the same rules applies. When you are the famous person in a community in this case Malaysia Blog Community, there are some rules that you need to follow. One might think that there are no borders in cyber internet world but I bet to you all after Kenny and Sarong Party Girl incident there might be lots of rules have to follow in blogging especially when you are the dam famous kids on the blogging blocks.

Minishorts and Xiaxue get my full respect when expressing their stand in girl getting nude in their blog with strong point of view although at little short moment, I?m not really reading the post as I?m too distracted with the cursing selection word, special size setting and the bold type. As fast as the blog went in the internet, it went off, Miniskirts and Xiaxue manage to tumble down Kenny fame and ego crushing to earth with two powerful posts. That is the first and most interesting political attack or I might said bloglitical attack example that I ever seen. Minishorts and Xiaxue shown to us at a most feminist act in Malaysia feminism movement, and Marina Mahathir I think that you need hire them to be your senior advisor.

Where this going to take me to? I thinking of future potential political women activists and here you get to start from blog environment. No kidding if I going to said that Project Petaling Streets going to be one of the influences platform of Malaysia political drama with Minishorts and maybe Xiaxue (if she apply to be a Malaysian) being the first who met the criteria and we will be going to see our first Member of Parliament who is the blog geek after all in near future.

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Xiaxue: I do not think it is ok at all.

Minishorts: What a storm in a teacup!


Kenny Sia said...

I admit what I did was wrong, but I detest you writing about me as if you can read what went on in my mind.

"post it as fast as possible hopping that his fame and hits rises as high as Mount Everest" Not true.

"what Kenny thought is the greatest moment on his bloglitical career" Not true.

I reserve my apologies and comments till later simply because now is not the right time to reason when people are still hot headed.

minishorts said...

There is something called using language to your advantage. Was my blog a hate blog?

Check the dictionary, honey.

Hate is a very strong word.

You want a hate blog? I'll do a hate blog towards you if you don't edit this blog like soon. yeah and that's a threat.


Don't start to give your two sen on other people's life just to make yourself look cleverer than others.

SBB said...

Minishorts and Xiaxue shown to us at a most feminist act in Malaysia feminism movement

HA! I hope this is sarcasm. Those 2 are the opposite of feminists. One almost shows her cootchie on her banner, is image obsessed, drools over expensive cars and gifts and foul mouths other women. The other one whines, whines, whines and bitches about other people declaring herself smarter than everyone else.

What's so feminist about that?


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