Saturday, April 09, 2011

Pilak is a Racist word

Pilak word originated from suluk word. It does bring the meaning of money. But in Malaysia, this has different derogatory meaning. It bring the meaning of criminal, drug addict, rapist, killer and other degrading meaning within our imaginary spectrum.

So in short, it is a racist word where bring one new word that is Pilipino phobia. In which it meaning, the fear, dislike and hatred of Pilipino that mostly tausug origin. No matter it tausug or not, if they're legally or illegally from Philippine, they're with in the dirty race as called as the P word.

After watching video and reading material from the internet about genocide and holocaust, i can see that these entire things happen because of hatred and fear and also dislike of certain race. Hitler suspected by scholar a Jew descendent is technically not a Jewish. As i remembered a Jewish friend of mine told me that Jewish descendent is inherit from the mother side. So, it is okay for Hitler to kill millions of Jews because he not really a Jews in the eyes of the Jewish people.

To make the matter worst, he took this sentiment to make himself up to the power. All he wants is not nationalism or sovereign of the race but a reason for him to raise power. So he smart enough to play with the people sentiment. That is anti-Semitism. He just pure coward opportunist. He was not doing it for the German people. He brings the German people to its darkest moment in history.

So what it is about this anti-P page? The thing that i saw is the sentiment that played by few some people that tell lies that not even exist. They misinform delusion between the fact and lies and drew their own conclusion to satisfy their hate and fear over one race. And the bad thing was many believe them. Their bigotry mentally shut them from the truth even with the fact presented.

At the moment, there are no dangers of them to do something today. But who knows that when this young people become older they might be holding some power in government and military. We just need one of them to get on top of the government to dictate their fear and hatred and we will get ourselves a version of genocide depends who is the winning side.

It is hard to stop with what they're doing at the moment, but the only thing we can do is to tell the truth. Correct their lies and make sure others will not influenced by their hate and fear. With hate and fear we tend to anything to survive. Even if we have to kill our neighbor or certain kind of race. It is a brainwash in masses.

Like a nuclear power station in fukushima, i want to make sure that our community will not fall down to a point beyond return. If the containment was compromised and all the radioactive exposed, the mess will be lethal. We need to wait for many generation before all this radioactive disappear and diluted to the environment. Some of them will not doing that in a very long time.



I discovered that some one is using my name to write a comment at another people's blog. I don't know what is the intention to do it but i believe it is not a good one.

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