Sunday, December 24, 2006

Video Clip: What does Christmas means to you?

Think about it.. and i would like wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year 2007!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Comment Post: Ban the KFC

Another long comment post about animal cruelty that written by applegal in her blog.
*warning, long comment pass through*

talking about animal rights, is a wide topic even to define its meaning. our ancestor has being eating meat starting from raw meat to cooked one evolute to a fine dine delicacy and mass produce food chain. with the increasing of the world population and the demanding for a new food and energy resource, its hard to avoid such cruelty to animal. we even have problem even to avoid and stop cruelty to man, women and children in our back yard and don't mention the war conflict on dafur, iraq, palestine and etc.

i always respect and appreciate for the people who care for the well being of an animal. such effort does have its success and its failure depend to what kind or species of animal that we protect. home pets are the most easy one like dog and cat. i believe the top list that man don't want to eat is dog and cat although it is a delicacy for some of Chinese population. chicken, cow and pig are the lowest in the list and i find it hard to follow and understand some activist calls to ban KFC of his maltreatment to the chicken. although it has its moral value but the practicality is mind bugging.

for example in slavery case. what is the use fighting for the better treatment for them if they are still ended up as a slaves. what is the point of demanding KFC to give better treatment for all those chicken when all of them ended up in our plate. to kill and eat a chicken are already an act of cruelty. so what if KFC does produce a happy and healthy chicken? still, we also ended up slit their throat, cook it to satisfying our hunger. does it make a different in giving better treatment to a slaves but he/she still our slaves? i believe that the way is to end all the slavery to be fair.

stop eat meat is the best way to stop cruelty to animal give them the rights to survive and run free. lets the nature decide if they die of old ages or hit by a car or a bike as you know when chicken cross the road. i know that i'm starting to going to a ridiculous point but does one ever think that we are also start from a ridiculous point too?

apple, i don't really know if you're an animal activist or someone who enjoy life with a fine wine and dine of meat delicacy. you did label this post as an awareness and indeed is one of your interesting posts. your dad does make a point of some uneatable chicken that come out from dishonest farm. my dad also share most of his sort others find out gross story from other people too even on dinner time >.<..
Applegal's Blog: History & Cruelty to. . . Chicken


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