Sunday, December 24, 2006

Video Clip: What does Christmas means to you?

Think about it.. and i would like wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year 2007!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Comment Post: Ban the KFC

Another long comment post about animal cruelty that written by applegal in her blog.
*warning, long comment pass through*

talking about animal rights, is a wide topic even to define its meaning. our ancestor has being eating meat starting from raw meat to cooked one evolute to a fine dine delicacy and mass produce food chain. with the increasing of the world population and the demanding for a new food and energy resource, its hard to avoid such cruelty to animal. we even have problem even to avoid and stop cruelty to man, women and children in our back yard and don't mention the war conflict on dafur, iraq, palestine and etc.

i always respect and appreciate for the people who care for the well being of an animal. such effort does have its success and its failure depend to what kind or species of animal that we protect. home pets are the most easy one like dog and cat. i believe the top list that man don't want to eat is dog and cat although it is a delicacy for some of Chinese population. chicken, cow and pig are the lowest in the list and i find it hard to follow and understand some activist calls to ban KFC of his maltreatment to the chicken. although it has its moral value but the practicality is mind bugging.

for example in slavery case. what is the use fighting for the better treatment for them if they are still ended up as a slaves. what is the point of demanding KFC to give better treatment for all those chicken when all of them ended up in our plate. to kill and eat a chicken are already an act of cruelty. so what if KFC does produce a happy and healthy chicken? still, we also ended up slit their throat, cook it to satisfying our hunger. does it make a different in giving better treatment to a slaves but he/she still our slaves? i believe that the way is to end all the slavery to be fair.

stop eat meat is the best way to stop cruelty to animal give them the rights to survive and run free. lets the nature decide if they die of old ages or hit by a car or a bike as you know when chicken cross the road. i know that i'm starting to going to a ridiculous point but does one ever think that we are also start from a ridiculous point too?

apple, i don't really know if you're an animal activist or someone who enjoy life with a fine wine and dine of meat delicacy. you did label this post as an awareness and indeed is one of your interesting posts. your dad does make a point of some uneatable chicken that come out from dishonest farm. my dad also share most of his sort others find out gross story from other people too even on dinner time >.<..
Applegal's Blog: History & Cruelty to. . . Chicken

Monday, November 27, 2006

Comment Post: DSLR vs Digital Point and Shoot

This is another long comment i wrote in Applegal's Blog. I wish have this thing while writing my own blog site.
moz: dslr do make a better photo. it doesn't not because of the camera itself but more on the lack experience and knowledge by whoever using it. its like buying a 4wd car and try to drive into jungle without the experience and know how on the rough terrain, then the car will be ended up as a family car at the end.

when i change from automatic digital to dslr, problem is getting a good photo shot. automatic function on dslr camera is not as good as the point and shoot digital camera because the automatic software itself not as advance as the automatic digital camera.

dslr gives more control on the photo to the photographer while the automatic digital not. one might be a good photographer on automatic with the every photo look the same. but dslr gives photographer to experience, experiment and explore more effect on the shuttle speed and aperture and even the type of lens itself.

and yet, using a dslr and slr camera is a totally different league. slr camera using film as its medium but dlsr using electronic data. the photo result will be totally different. to assume dslr and slr is the same is totally wrong. some slr photographer seems to have problem with getting a same result with dslr because it cannot produce the same thing as what he get with slr. a good slr cameraman need the know how of printing and developing (dark room know how) the photo himself so that he can put some effect during the post processing the photo. a dslr cameraman need the same know how too but on a different medium. he/she need to know how to use the computer at first, and to use the photo editing software such as photoshop. a slr camera man will not have the same satisfaction on a dslr photo unless he know how to post processing the photo up to his need. i don't think that a dslr cameraman will ever want to use a slr camera because it is expensive to work with and need more time to learn compare to dslr and automatic digital.

conclusion: dslr does produce good photo than automatic digital camera. trust me! sorry apple, for the long comment.. ^_^

Applegal's Blog: Nature in Macro

Friday, November 24, 2006

Comment Post: Grandma

Below this are my comment post in Applegal's Blog entry. She blog about her visit to her granny's place and having a good time. Some memories shared to us in which it is a nice relax blog reading. I have my own shares of it too and i did share it back in this comment post below.

gurl, you must be kidding me if you doesn't able to speak fluent in hakka. for all these days, i thought that you're local KK gurl but seems that i was wrong. :)

it's quite sad for not being able to communicate with your grannies in full understanding. for your grannies to share her experience and yours to your grannies is priceless. both might not agree with each other but it will be a most nice moment in life to be learn together.

i am also never have the chance tp get to know my granny as well before she died. all grand children have a fear over her as we thought she was a fierce lady but i was wrong. during her sick and weak period on the age of 90+, i have a good and brief moment listening to her share of experience on life as most of the time she mumbling a lots. my mom did her share turn on taking care her with my aunt. for these years i know that we losing her day by day.

she died while I'm on my first year in KL. it quite sad to know that, but deep in me i feel relieve that her suffering ends and she is now with god. dying in an old ages is a celebration for our culture and some other culture. so nothing to be sad about actually.

i believe that you have a good relationship with your granny. i witness a granny and grand daughter relationship that is so close. a granny who like to listen to what her grand daughter life experience and exchanges to each others with hers one. I'm so lucky to be shared to her granny experience once a while and some of it being told by the granny herself.

living in modern lifestyle erase lots of the connection within the generation it self. the gap is getting wider and fueled even more by our needs of getting a privacy life without the mother in law nagging and involves with our nice nice and simple nucleus family.

having to see my self getting older and my mom and dad getting older too day by day, i realize that one day it will end. i always telling my self to be appreciate on what we have today although changes is waiting there for us in future. the things that stays and remain is the sweet memories and experience that that was shared.

this post really wake up my inner past memories. i hope that your memories with your granny will stay forever in you. ^_^

Applegal Blog: Grandma

Friday, November 03, 2006

Forum Post: Wedding Album Book Layout.

Due to my post of my album layout, many ask where and how i do the book. It seem that no one give any comment on the design itself. I actually not really want to let others people know on how and where i print my book due to it is the secret of my business. Still, i give them an outlook on my mind about the books and how i get it to run. Hope it will give them an inside of it rather just giving it to them.

for your information, the book size is A4 landscape with 50 pages hard cover with an extra cover for the book in where i put an average 200 edited photos in the layout design. My sell price of the book is about RM200 (for this book) up to RM300 or more depend to the paper quality and customize design requested by the client. Normally, this book is included in the photographing wedding services packages. i also take some layout design order with or without printing services from photographer who want to present their photos in form of album book layout compare to the old style photo paper printed album.

the designing of the layout took me nearly 2 months to do and printing and binding is less than 3 days. a good photo will not be perfect without a good way of presentation. a good presentation need a good design in its layout fills with each self uniqueness with a concept that represent the wedded couple itself.

printing ironically is the main concern for the client where most of the time put on the designing. client can accept an adequate design but not an adequate printing quality. you can have a good art work standing along side of Picasso and van Gogh but your reputation will plunge down if the printing quality not as what they wishes. printing process should be the least thing to be worried, but only few places have the credibility to satisfying the needs and requirement of the designer to have their artwork presented in a high quality environment.

most of the designers tend to sent their artwork printed overseas such as japan, australia or even united states. some does sent it to printing company in which offers a good bargain but less space for the designer to present and expand it creativity level where its rare to see a good album layout artwork around. we need to have the know how on the process of printing making book instead just having the know how and expertise of just taking photo or designing. by knowing that, we can create a high quality presentation in adequate cost and avoiding unnessesary cost that most of the printing company is now taking avantages.

Photomalaysia Forum: Wedding Album Layout Book Portfolio

Monday, October 30, 2006

Finally Done! The Wedding Photo Book

Yes! Finally for two months, i finished my official wedding book for my client. Richard and Melissa. It took me a long time to put this things done starting with the photo taking, touching up selected photo, layout designing and the last printing and binding. It is not a hard work but tiring to my mental and mind as i always need to think ahead of a new and interesting design suits to the couple's personality. Not an easy thing to do.

There are some difficulties on process of creating this book such as the color, client proofing, printing in which very difficult during hari raya holiday and especially the paper alignment front and back. I took some photo of the book before i gave it to my client by tomorrow or the day after. Although i admit there was something unsatisfying on the printing, i hope they have no rejection on it. Just need to pray harder.

update: Here is the link of the album layout.
Wedding Album Book Layout Profile

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Blogger Failure

Somebody said that her blog got error. This is a testing post to let her see if got problem with her script or the blogger problem. If you can see it well in blog means there must be something wrong with the scripts or if not, blogger problem lor.. hehe

update: Blogger fault..!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Malay Wedding Album Layout

Here are the album layout book design i did for my friend's wedding. I made it few months ago and i just thinking of sharing it for some people as might anyone that i think would be interested. Making this album is not a easy job. There are many things i need to consider. Each album must be unique to the wedded couple. I would spend around one month to finished this album layout and then another few weeks to print it out.

If you want to see more of this layout, can always click at the link below

Najib and As Wedding Album

ps - i just finished another wedding album book and now on process of printing it. hope to release it soon.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

PhotoBlog: Some Wedding Shots

This is the lates wedding photos i took few weeks ago. As you can see there are no photos of the bride and bridegroom in there. I only put some closeup photo shot that i touched up.

I will post some more photos of this wedding in future. Thats all for now..!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rotation and the Merry go round.

Reading about the demand of Penang UMNO Youth call on the rotation on the post of Chief Minister of Penang makes me remembered when Sabah had its own rotation post and ended up a stupid plan after all. The intention is clear because they want the post of Chief Minister of Penang to be held by UMNO representative. In previous years, UMNO in Penang had called for the post to be replaces to UMNO representative rather to LDP because the majority of the State Assembly seats are from UMNO. I don’t know if this is playing stupid or what, but I think that it is the way for them to take what they want.

If those people think that rotation post is the solution, why not rotate the post of Malaysia Prime Minister. Definitely, the respond that we get is war. We can see in the case of Lina Joy which revokes the fundamentalist crying out loud like hell goes loose. Ironically, in another turn if something was done, no one to be blame. Another tone of word and argument spoken as it is not a big deal. This happens when Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi’s son in law Khairy spoken about the threat of UMNO when getting weak that the Chinese will take this opportunity to rise power. Never do they know once upon a time due to the banning of UMNO by the ROC, MCA is the one who become the middle man. One source saying, the previous MCA President Tun Ling Liong Sik was appointed a post as acting Barisan Nasional chairman before it passing the post back to former PM that time was Tun Dr Mahathir.

Kulim State Assemblyman Boey Chin Gan, who is also Youth vice-chief, said Khairy was not even an Umno member in 1987. "How can he say that MCA took advantage of the situation then" he said when responding to points raised by delegates.
He added that it was not fair to blame non-Malay political parties just to score political points. MCA leaders had never resorted to such tactics, said Boey, who was the former Press secretary to MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting. Johor delegate Yeong Kian Heng said it was not true that MCA took advantage of Umno’s weaknesses, as Umno was part of Barisan Nasional. "In 1988, when Umno was declared illegal, (former president) Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik became the Barisan Nasional chairman."He did not take advantage of the situation."

NST 26 August 2006

As a Malaysian, I find it hard to celebrating the 49th Independent of Malaysia. To look it in more details, the total year is also confusing to Sabah and Sarawak people. On 1957, Sabah and Sarawak haven’t got their independent not after 1963 and on the 16 of September. Maybe it not so significant to people who live in west Malaysia but to east Malaysia such as Sabah and Sarawak, it feel a bit awkward. Correct me if I’m wrong, but what I know is that Sabah and Sarawak got it independent due the agreement of joining the Federation of Malaysia. I recently watch on Discovery Channel that point out Malaysia was actually the combination of Malaya and Singapore combination. Lee Kwan Yew, the former PM of Singapore is the one who lobbying Tunku Abdul Rahman in which he is not really interested at that moment to join with Malaya and started a Federation of Malaysia or Malaya-Singapore in condition with Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei joining too. I can conclude that Lee Kuan Yew should be a more significant person over the existence Malaysia rather than Tunku Abdul Rahman itself.

So, where are Sabah and Sarawak fit in? The new generation was bombarded with lots of version that they heard from theirs parents or grand parents and the version they learn at school. I recall the time I was arguing with my parents over the fact of what really happen during the Sabah history and found out that not all that written in school text books is accurate. Even the constitution changes in the priod less than 50 years compares to America Constitutions that was not even altered for 200 years. We’re not supposed to celebrate the independent in which we have did not have it in historical perspective. It just like celebrating your birthday two weeks earlier and change your age to 6 years older because somebody to told you to do so. It just doesn’t seem and feel right.

I’m not trying to project any anti-Malaysia sentiment and still feel blessed to be a citizen in a not equally same with the so called bumiputra or local native. I just really disappointed to know all the lies and fact of life to be a non-bumiputra and branded as a second class citizen. When our politician talks about the brutality of the Israelis over the neighbors Islam countries, the unfairness of America’s and western economic and trade policies, I cannot help to know that they talk the talk but not walk the walk. The same and equality are not a good idea as being told that the Malays are still not prepares to compete even after close to 50 years of independents. Every one of us knows what really happen, but chooses to ignore it because it involving the general interest.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Critique: Datuk Khalid and Siti Nurhaliza's Wedding

Ok, I’m not blogging about the good, bad and ugly over Siti’s relationship with his hubby. It's boring...

I want to point out my thought over her photo and the dress she wore on the wedding day. First it is about the photo. I realized that all her photo was copyrighted to some company called Ace Management Sdn Bhd and Siti Nurhaliza Production and choose not to publish in my blog. I manage to have a look over some photos that was taken and posted in Sun2Surf and mStar online website.

Frankly, I don't know if the photo was taken by wedding photographer or not. Never the less I found out via Photo Malaysia website, there are two photographer hired for this occasion. One is for Datuk Khalid and one is for Siti Nurhaliza. According to engku (PhotoMalaysia member), the photographers is Ikram Ismail and Bustaman. There was little information from these two photographers in the internet but I can see from the result of the Google search engine, both of them are a journalist photographer.

Taking wedding photo is simple, but the responsible is high. Siti wedding is different because she is a famous. If the two photographers are merely journalist photographer, it is quite shocking. Siti's wedding is a difficult task for any wedding photographer, but it can be a good opportunity for a photographer to shoot up his portfolio if he/she do it right. The photos which published in web are quite disappointing. The task in giving the responsibility should be in professional hand. I don't mind if Kid Chan gets the job or whoever in the WPJA Association get it, it just quite sad to see a bad photo of this pretty lady. I just cannot accept it. Siti can afford to take them all if she wants.

WPJA Malaysia Photographer List

Refer to the photo published in the mStar and Sun2Surf website. It looks disappointing I say it for second time. I don't know how and where to start. It is hard to comment over it as it is too many of them. Obviously, the lighting and the angle is wrong and there is no proper lighting on that time. I think the photographers were not prepared for this important task. If I was chosen to be one of the photographers, I will take this job seriously and go out with full force. I'm not mind to hire extra helper to hold the flash or lighting as it well worth it.

Even the video shot from TV3 look so bad. Siti should not leave everything to that TV station. She should also bring her own professionals production team at her wedding. Leaving it to the media is just like leaving a Mona Lisa painting to bunch of monkeys. I'm not saying that the media is not eligible to take the photo, but it just not ideal to leave everything to people who take a different medium scope of photography.

The second thing is the wedding dress. Indeed, it is an expensive wedding dress, but it also looks bad. The problem with her wedding dress is that (if I’m not wrong) the designers try to mix a Malay wedding dress with a western wedding gown. A bold and brave move but it makes it look so messy. I don't know how much the cost is; just want to say that it not worth it. The choice of white as the wedding dress color is wrong as there is nothing special about it. Why not use pink or light blue or something else but not white. So, it is also a bad choice.

Another thing is the 'tudung' (I don't know how to call it in English). The cover of the 'tudung' shades Siti's face a bit. I don't understand why the designer chooses a shades type of tudung instead of a cover one. There are some shades on top of Siti's face that was cause by the light and flashes in all her photos. The crown look so big and it is a problem. It will look nice if Siti is getting married with a sultan or king, but she is not. She should pick a smaller version of crown to wear. The big crown is expensive and not matches Siti’s head size. Datuk Khalid is not a king and Siti neither a queen. That basically covers it.

Siti's Shades Tudung
Cover Type Tudung

Tons of thought that I want to write in this post. I am disappointed not her relationship with Datuk Khalid but merely on the dress that she choose on her wedding day, the photo that was taken and video that was shot for her wedding. Only if she has the right people to do the wedding, it could be a wedding of the year. Remember the Prince Charles and Diana's wedding?

Everything that was written in this blog is merely my personal thought. I'm not purposely trying to attack anyone who involve in her wedding. If any of them read this post and feel insulted, I would like to apologize for it and hope you can take it as an ordinary critique.


Friday, August 11, 2006

Thank God! He is out for good! or is he?

It is quite interesting to read some post from Menj post although I’m not agree for almost all of his post in his blog or associate blog. Yes, he has every right to write what he think and believe. This is what we call the freedom of thinking or speech. But never do we forget that we need to responsible over what we wrote because it involves of people who read it and some do have their right to feel disgusted over what has been written.

I’m not really like to read Menj blog but it kinda annoying that the post of his article was pinged in PPS and I cannot avoid not clicking it. The title sound so irresistible to ignore. I believe he knows more on other religion weakness and badness rather than what is Islam means. He trying so hard to make other religions look bad and forget to let us know what really Islam is. Every post that he wrote have to be something bad or the proof of what he meant in his out of context interpretation and sort of that stuff I believe.

I really feel thankful that he is not pinging at PPS anymore, but what on earth is he trying to point out when as quote “divorce PPS with the talaaq three times”? It got me unaware and unprepared. I don’t know if I want to laugh or what. I stood silence in front my computer for a few minutes. Yes, what he trying to say that he don’t want to ping anymore to PPS. That is fair, but why has to say divorce and with an Islamic touch of talaaq on it and three time some more? I don’t know if that what Muslim does or just from him. I never meet any of my Muslim friend react like this. It looks silly.

I dare to say that Menj does really bring great impact into PPS and to all PPS frequent reader. Good or bad depend to who and how we read it. Some does not really take it well and some become fans and followers.

I hope that Menj would able to archive his Malaysian political career in future. But how is he going to do it if he thinks that we’re retarded. He doesn’t want to associate with Malaysia people and as I quote “Welcome Americans. Welcome Britons. Get lost, Malaysians. So goodbye, PPS and don't bother to knock.” It is good bye for Malaysian political career my friend, but you always have your America PR and you can start up from there become an Islamic Senator. I think that would be a good idea.

For the record, I don’t have any issue with Menj but he creating a lots of issue with other people. As a person who believe in Jesus teaching, it hard to ignore the insult he brought about the Christian and other people who not in same tone with him. He lives in his own idealistic fantasy world and it good to know that some one is there to stop him before it become too late. It does not means that he cannot continue to live in his own fantasy life just, he make his life so hard to live and others have to bear with it especially the PPS readers.

Friday, July 28, 2006

CT's marriage and Prince's divorce

I stumble upon news where it is about a famous singer known as “Prince” who aged 48 divorces with her 29 years old second wife. And then, i read in newspaper about the marriage between Siti who age 27 and his future hubby who age 47. The difference with both marriages is that Prince is better looking than Datuk K.

Many does not agrees in which Siti choices of whom being her husband. But, as we all know, the marriage between two individual in which the age gap is wide is not new. I would like to recall back the marriage between the former Sultan of Selangor in which he married with a far younger lady in which I not really sure the different ages gap is. Ironically, I didn’t hear any sad song, sad blog and any special blog on how the Sultan’s son is a super playboy.

I think the trend of wider gap ages in couple is on the rise. As Siti proof to many of us, God really know what he is doing. I hope so…

Link: CNN News-Woman to be formerly known as Prince's wife

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Video Clip: Who Let the Dogs Out !

For better or worst, i would like to present an edited an funny version of UPM Student Mob clip that recently a huge issue in blogsphere. Enjoy while it last... ^_^

Disclaimer: Some people might and might not like this clip. So, hold on tight to your chair please.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Wedding Clip: Vun Fook and Suzana

Another Wedding Clip was done before the Richard and Olivia Wedding. I decide to post ot out to share to all and hope anyone of interested can email me or drop a comment at the comment section

Another few photo that taken by other and me not using my camera. I photoshop it to give it a touch up so it look more attractive. A lesson i learn that most of the good photo was photoshop or touchup by any program available.

This can make a good wedding photo shot

Radial Blur Effect on the Potret.

Friday, July 21, 2006

CT, DK and UPM

Siti Nurhaliza, Malaysia top song bird declared to the media press recently that she will marry with an unknown businessman known as Datuk K or Datuk Khalid Mohd Jiwa. Personally, I agree with most of people that this fellow is not suitable for her because of many reasons from all the information read through internet and newspaper. In another side, I believe Siti have rights to choose whoever she want to be her husband. She has a wide range of royalties, politician, entrepreneur business man, artists and many more to choose and it should be a wise decision with the help from GOD.

I have to admit that Siti is not stupid as we think she is. She is wise when choose not to be second wife to this fellow man. That is why Datuk K insists to divorce her first wife to be with her. Siti hold the best card in the game. Well done Siti! I believe that Datuk K never thought of divorce her first wives and would take her as her second when he think that he is a player. Thou, never he expect that Siti not dumb enough to fall to this playboy game scheme who want to play with any artist and celebrities. Siti made Datuk K a really famous man for us to know till the stage I want to puke every time I heard their news on television and internet. The reason is that Siti want every one to know that Datuk K a prominent Malaysian business man who get divorce with his wife and willing to sacrifice half of his property just to get married with Siti. Good and brilliant move from Siti.

The connection scandal that involves another famous songbird Datuk Sharifah Aini somehow becomes clearer. The announcement of Siti wedding with Datuk K confirms the allegation thrown by someone to her reflect some truth in it. Whoever spread those allegation really know what happen as we can see it today. Tengku Zawiyah the victim as I dare to say now suing her ex-husband to get a piece of his property. This is the last option to be taken before the grand marriage.

It is not fair to judge a person when we doesn’t know or even meet him, but I still believe that the victim in this glamour controversy is the ex-wife and the cause of this havoc is Datuk K himself and the trophy is Siti herself. It is as simple as that. Many do express their disappointment over whom Siti choose to be husband, but many do realized that the choice is in her hand. Whoever she chooses is not going to satisfy everyone as she is a great idol for most of our generation. So, there is nothing anyone can do about it.

In another matter, I read news about the harassment of Chinese UPM student in College 12. This is a no surprise because the tensions of racial sentiments are heightening in Malaysia local university campus. Even thou the incident is condemned by many, it still happen somewhere and sometime with out we realize it. I watched the clip of the harassment in UPM and wonder what is really happen as a bunch of Chinese bullied by a bunch of Malays who consisting a not so big rugby player shouting like a mad dog where the Chinese are busying to practice their cinematography and photography skills with their video and photo camera do nothing to fight back.

There is not doubt over the fight clip of Miri high school is a student girl fight. There are some familiarities between the two clips. First, there are the victims who speak badly in Malay language and the bullies. Second, the victim doesn’t fight back. Third, there are lots of spectators and busy bodies and they’re not doing anything about it. Last, the show ended circulating in internet.

The incidents in UPM seem like planned by some group of political driven student. It looks like a sport cheering group in any rather than harassment to the Chinese student. It will be impossible to know what really happen without going there and do a thoroughly investigation. Even if we know the truth, there will nothing we can do about it. There is nothing even the police can do about it. It is a political driven incident and thanks to all the people who want to abolish the AUKU sooner or later. Campus in local universities will be a war zone to people who want to influence in the mind of our young to serve their own political agenda.

One thing that really annoying me about all the Chinese political and activist. They cannot speak fluent Malay language. Hello, we’re in Malaysia and most of the people speak in Malay even to the aunty at the market and business man on the top. We realized that language is the most important tool in political career. It is quite disappointed to listen to a very bad Malay language spoken by the DAP MP during parliament session. They have a point to address but its gets suck when no one understands what you are trying to say and ended up be treated as a clown. Even the ex-PM of Singapore can speak well in Malay Language and strives in his political career. So, please improve your Malay Language and let make a good argument in Parliament.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wedding Clip: Richard and Olivia

Sacred Heart Cathedral Church is a beautiful catholic church in Kota Kinabalu. I never realised it until i was invited to be video guy by Richard for his wedding. It is a good opportunity for me to have a click or two of the interior of the church during the wedding rehearsal because i'm not taking my digital camera. I did not get good photo at that time because of the bad lighting but i manage to photoshop some of it to let you all see it.

An old Church Bell

Evening Scenery of the Cross

Candle Stand and A Bible

This is some of the video clip i done for Richard and Olivia

Thursday, July 06, 2006

A comment post that turn out to be a blog post.

It always have been a problem for me to write something in my blog. I don't know what to write. One day, (just few minutes ago),, i read a post from my usual blog to read and its about her waking up to excercise and getting in shapes. All the sudden, my finger start dancing on the keyboard and wolla! a good long comment post. I also realised that it is long enough to be a post in my boring blog.

So, before you read this, go to her blog and read what she wrote.

ahem.. warning.. it's a vely2 long comment post

There are some bitter truth about guy, the way they look at a girl. If there is a guy saying that love is more important that appearence (such as looks, weights and heights), most probally or 99.9% he is lying. Indeed, i'm as a guy does that sometimes.. haha a confession.. ^_^

Nevertheless, there are always hope to all this bitter truth, where some guy don't really matter about appearence. To be at this end, both of individual or couple must normally have some experiences that bond them together. As in a simple example, the girl save this guy from death and the guy realised that she is the most important person in his live, and second example is that this guy compares all of his x-gf, he found out she is the best and care most to him. It all based on individual experience.

Love is not really 100% blind. You see and fall in love and not the way around. If that does happen it certainly a miracle from GOD. ^_^

I understood why some girls so worried about their looks. The norms in society push them to be like that. During my dad and mom old days or 100 years ago, thin girl was unpopular, as we already knew it because it won't be good to boar a breed in a family. So, most of old day photo of your mom or grannies look chubbie. If a thin does appears it means that something wrong with the girl. ada sakit ....

Today and yesterday life is merely the same, the difference is that trends can be switching from left to right or right to left. It same with fashion trend. So, everything is based on the influences of society to your mentality, but one have to remember that we're blessed with thought and wisdom. We have the power to choose and that what seperated us with the animals around us. Human life is complicated and there are no definite defition about it. So.. stop Imagine, John Lennon. It changes from time to time, generation to generation and civilization to civilization.

So, the way we look upon each other might be a bit bias same as other when look upon us. No matter it pretty or ugly, fat or thin and tall or short, one as an individual have the power to choose. Choose to be what we want to be and not what others people want us to be. This is what God's greates gift to us.

ps - sorry lynnx, ideas suddenly flows through my brain and ended up typing all this words. I don't realised it until i press publish.. ^_^. hope you okay with it.

Thats all.. thank you! :D

Friday, June 02, 2006

Photo Blog: Wedding Photo

Never the less I ever thought of going to Telupid and coming back in one day. But this happened unexpected to us when we realized that the room that was initially ready for us to stay over night was not prepared after all. The trip from Kota Kinabalu to Telupid was a very uncomfortable one for me as headache and dizziness felted along the way of the trip even thou we have an expert driver and a brand new Toyota Pickup Land Cruiser. I never like the new model of Toyota Pickup Land Cruiser as not saying I can buy it but in term of comfort level it sucks like hell.

The trip from Kota Kinabalu to Telupid took around 5 hours with us stop a while along the way, but the going back trip incredibly took 3 hours and a short break in Ranau. No one looking forward to making a night road trips but without any good accommodation, everything seem not looking right for us. Instead, we decided to go back and start the journey on 8 pm and reached at 11 pm.

The trip to Telupid is to attend a wedding of one of our church and cell group members. It not so bad after all because I managed to took some good shot out of it. I utilized what I learned for the past three month for this manual digital camera and apply it. Still, I have problem on dialing a perfect aperture and shuttle speed of the camera as the church inside look grim. It makes me wonder if I have to charge more on people that I have to go to some interior places that I know that I will have difficulties of taking good photograph.

The wedding is fairly moderate with a typical Kadazan Christian wedding although it looks like a Malay wedding. There are bunch westerners of the bride colleague came all the way with the big bus coach from Kota Kinabalu. I wonder how they are going to coup the long hour of winding roads back then. It must take them more that 3 hours. Luckily no one complaining as most of them really enjoy it. I took some of the photos of them drinking tapai a Kadazan mixed alcohol drink but better not to post in here as who know one might stumble over this blog and starts to take a legal action against me.

There is no charges and preparation for this wedding shot as I want to add few more hours to my taking photo field works. It really surprised me to read that most of the photo fanatics in Photo Malaysia bring their camera out with them. I don’t know if I am eligible to consider as a photo fanatics but I not the one who would like to have a camera all the time. Indeed, that one might say that you might lose chances of good moment. I prefer that the good moment comes to me rather of me going for them. It just like a fisher man who net lots of fish and let other goes so there still will be fish for you to fish. A weird philosophy but it is a good one to know.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Photoblog: Tadau Kaamatan - Sabah Harvest Festival

First at all, I’m a chinese and not kadazan. It is hard for me to explain what is in the meaning of Tadau Kaamatan or the Harvest Festival. If you want to know more about that festival, there are lots of information you can find in internet. So, I just want to let you all know that the kadazan people celebrate their Tadau Kaamatan on today and yesterday although most of the kadazan and dusus people are not planting any paddy anymore. Well, today it is just the matter of celebration, tourist attraction and also the identity of the Kadazan and Dusun people.

I managed to plan some time to go to KDCA (Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association) hall to see the celebration and take some photo shots. Primary plan of taking some pretty girl on the annual beautiful competition known as Unduk Nagau was canceled as there are so many people and I’m not manage to enter the hall. So, I have to settle of outside shots of some traditional dress girl and guy the represented their own sub culture.

I have some difficulties on taking a good shot because there are lots of people cramming in a small little bamboo house. Luckily the house built well to withstand the payload. Nevertheless, I managed to take some few shot that I myself considers good among the 385 pieces of photo I took. It means that I have to give more exposure taking photo and get familiar with this very technical DSLR camera.

Even thou the weather are hot on the morning, its raining on evening. It has been like this for past few weeks because of the changing monsoon wind on the middle of the year. Don’t understand? Take back your SPM geography book and start reading. Then its raining even till the time I typing this post.

A cultural event is the ideal time to practicing my photo skills because there are so many things to see and happens. Thinking that a photo journalist covering some important event. He needs to know in advance of what will happen next and plan for a good location to get a good angle shot. I never like journalist photographer because they are so rude and most of them I meet are so rough when taking some shots. Well, I think they just doing their work and mean no harm although there is one time this fellow step on my shoe and go away without apologize.

There will be some more practice for my shooting skill during my friend’s wedding. Again I hope to see some traditional costume on there as my friends are having a kampung wedding.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Who is really the winner? Malaysia U-20 or MyTeam.

Reading posts about the football game between Malaysia U-20 and MyTeam in Project Petaling Streets Portal makes me wonder is MyTeam really lost to Malaysia U-20 ? Indeed, they lost to Malaysia U-20 team but overall they won. The reason is that they are actually amateur player compare to Malaysia U-20 that practice in steady basis. Mr. Shebby successfully proves his point because he can put in any team and give a good fight to Malaysia full time player team.

MyTeam was suppose lost to Malaysia team because of the little period practicing time play as a team where Malaysia team is a special breed, money funded and resources provided team. So, technically MyTeam should lose to Malaysia U-20 team by comparison and should win more goal point instead leading only one goal. Although the Malaysia U-20 won the friendly competition, I can see that they struggle to maintain their phase and tempo. MyTeam weakness point is just the coordination and team play spirits where everyone wants to be the best player and win the motorbike. Sadly, this is the typical mentality of Malaysian.

Again, I give MyTeam a good clap as they only play together for 3 weeks and can hold the same standards and give a good challenge to Malaysia U-20 team. If they train for longer time period and with the spirits of playing the game, they certainly can beat all the state team and sure Malaysia Football team.

Monday, May 29, 2006

A busy week

Last week was a busy week. I got two projects to finish and it only for my profile. I’m not earning well as I didn’t receives good some of amount. Still, I hope all the best after that and starts to earn a good and steady income. I learned lots of things about photographing through the manual professional DSLR. I also found out that I lack of many skills and understanding on getting a good photo. There are lots of thing to consider when taking a good photo with the manual professional base camera.

I’m not complaining but certainly at the beginning level I lacked of some accessories equipment for photographing such as a suitable camera tripod which I substitute it using my expensive sort of Sony Remote Control Tripod. Expensive tripod that turns useless when using with the DSLR camera, but I still manages to got hold of some good pieces with some editing on Adobe Photoshop and looking at some others people works in Photo Malaysia website.

Money always a problem for me in what am I doing. I see and heard lots of people earning some good money over what I do now. Still I’m not really experience it or shall I say it is too early to make a final conclusion. I am doing video graphing for almost 3 years and I still not really earning much. One big problem for me is that I have only few customers and again of my lack of some equipment I find it difficult to maintain my old aging equipment especially the computer. It makes it so difficult to plan for future about the business that I will venture professionally as what many does.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Verdict ?

What say you on the allegation about MENJ controversial blog over political and religious issues?

Absolutely is GUILTY as charge.

He is responsible over his blog reader reaction.

He is blameworthy because he is the blog’s executive editor.

He is accountable over every post published in his blog.

He is at fault that make minishort so piss off.

He is on the other side of the law and might get him arrested maybe not today but someday..


He is innocent because he doesn’t know the truth about Jesus Christ.

So, forgive him as Jesus always teach us about forgiveness. Click here and here to learn about forgiveness. Many more if you google it in internet.

"You have heard it said, 'Love your neighbour and hate your enemy, but I say to you Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be the sons of your Father in heaven." Matthew 5:43-44

"Let you who is without sin cast the first stone" John 8:7

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dying to Live Life or Live Life to Die?

I always aware when a day passes, death draws nearer for one day. No one can be exempted from it as it is the finish line for our grand journey of life. Having to experience life no matter it is bad or good is a great blessing for everyone, but most of us never aware or recognize the significant of it by saying that life is miserable.

Exactly one month ago, I fetch my friend to see her former schoolmate at the hospital. She says that it is his last stages of cancer and as expected that death is coming. Still, there is some hope within the hopeless but it not true. True or not he died 2 weeks ago according to my friend who wrote it in her blog. I know less of this person but what stuck me that he is so young and not really yet fully experiencing life. So sad to think about that as I experience lots of things and it still not enough. As person who greatly consider GOD do exist, I pray for him and knew that his time is near. Thank God that his sufferings end.

Death is an unknown area for everyone. Some do say that they experience death and live to tell about it. A very bright light shines from the sky and slowly you float to the source. Although dying is a traumatic experience, death it self is an extraordinary experience. Not saying I looking forward to experience death or some how advance it, I do believe that that is the way plan for us to go.

The paranoid and fear of death draws many to create ways to avoid it. One of the usual things we do is to live life healthy. Yes, we need to live life healthy because we want to experience the wonderful life no matter is sad or happy, suffer or relax. One experiences it all and it included the packages to whoever wants to live life. Our mortal life is short to learn most of the experience that exist for us in LIFE. Scientist are searching ways to be immortal but what worth of living for so long when learning is part of life stops. Then, we need to set the time to end it or let the nature decide.

Thou this is not an ideal post for me or everyone to read, I feel like writing it and would like to dedicated it greatly to this unknown friend.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Career Path as Wedding Photographer

I went to KL few weeks ago for my old friend’s wedding and took lots of photos about 400 pieces. If you want to see some of the photo, please look for my photo album link and if you like the work I done, don’t hesitate to email me and ask for my services. A little bit promotion on my own blog needed as I want to venture into wedding photographing. Previously, I do video graphing and editing for nearly 2 years and recently I bought a digital SLR camera as I explained on previous post.

Wedding photographing and video graphing are basically the same. The differences are the movement of the moment captured. Photographing takes still picture and video takes moving picture. Both of the medium need some expertise in photo and video editing skills. I got lots of things to learn although involving this field for 2 years. New software comes out every year and I am slow in learning all the function available in it.

Sometimes, I wonder how important the wedding photo or video is. Indeed most of married couple say is the most important of all. Wedding Day is the most important day for a married couple, but strangely most of them don’t want to spent more money on it. They choose to cut most of the cost on it and take the risk and let friends take the wedding day photo to save money. At last, most of the photos captured look bad although most of us now have a high tech digital camera with high mega pixel on it. Still, camera is not the factor of creating a good photo but more on the person who have what it need to capture that special moment.

So, how much we willing to spent on having some professional taking our wedding day photo? Recently, I meet Louis Pang, a well know full time wedding photographer. He quite good and most of his work charge are up to 3000 ringgit. His skills in wedding photographing was recognized by the most well know Wedding Photojournalist Association that only accept real good photographer. No jokes when only 3 Malaysian periods accepted as the member.

At the moment, I’m still struggling on creating my own portfolio on video and photographing. It is not an easy path to walk as many competitors around with better skills and equipments. The only thing that separate most of new breed photographer is the creativity and skills on manipulating light and capturing a special and rare moment. Building a career path in this field is quite challenging and luckily I like it and if not I quit on doing that long time ago.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Long Time

It’s been a very long time that I haven’t updated this blog. What really happen? Well, as usual I get bored and lazy to write and I busying on doing some job that at the end I’m not really want it. So, that is life, what more do you expect?

My last blog post entry was actually written on New Year eve or some where that day. I wrote some more post on another blog and then I got lazy until today. I guess no one really interested in getting to know what am I been doing all these day, so I not bother to write it after all.

What really interested me to write back is that I’m bored and have nothing to do while waiting for my computer to burn all my backup data. It looks like ages waiting for it to complete.

I also do lots of designing works, an after effects of the work I done while I’m not writing in my blog. Actually it’s more on thinking of the marketing strategies rather than doing art design work. So, I decided to venture bravely more on computer designing work compare to last time by learning more about Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. Yes, it adobe graphic software and not just that, I’m now learning about flash software and yes it’s belongs to adobe after taking over macromedia companies.

I’m also taking some photography with my new Nikon 70D SLR Digital Camera. It cost me around 6K to buy a set of the camera plus the flash, extra batteries and the memory card. Lots to learn about this camera as it a different set of skills to learn compare the old Kodak camera own by my sister and used by me. With a new set of camera, I was able to create few exciting shots that I share it in Photo Malaysia web site. You can learn lots about photographing skills just by reading the forum.

Surprisingly, with the cost of digital SLR camera dropping, there are lots of people venturing on photography today without thinking twice before involving in this expensive hobby.

Oh, my computer finished burn all the data into the DVD. So, have to stop here. Just wait if I want to post some photo in this blog or me getting bored again and do nothing. Cheerios!


I discovered that some one is using my name to write a comment at another people's blog. I don't know what is the intention to do it but i believe it is not a good one.

Please be notice:

1. I never write comment into chat box. I only gave comment at post comment.
2. Please check out with me via my contact email before accusing me making a bad mark on your site. If i find my comment was not true, i will apologize publicly.
3. Police report will be made and investigation will be done to find the culprit. The owner site will be able to track the IP address of the culprits.
4. I will personally take court action against any person who ever trying to spread false impression about me or my business.