Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dying to Live Life or Live Life to Die?

I always aware when a day passes, death draws nearer for one day. No one can be exempted from it as it is the finish line for our grand journey of life. Having to experience life no matter it is bad or good is a great blessing for everyone, but most of us never aware or recognize the significant of it by saying that life is miserable.

Exactly one month ago, I fetch my friend to see her former schoolmate at the hospital. She says that it is his last stages of cancer and as expected that death is coming. Still, there is some hope within the hopeless but it not true. True or not he died 2 weeks ago according to my friend who wrote it in her blog. I know less of this person but what stuck me that he is so young and not really yet fully experiencing life. So sad to think about that as I experience lots of things and it still not enough. As person who greatly consider GOD do exist, I pray for him and knew that his time is near. Thank God that his sufferings end.

Death is an unknown area for everyone. Some do say that they experience death and live to tell about it. A very bright light shines from the sky and slowly you float to the source. Although dying is a traumatic experience, death it self is an extraordinary experience. Not saying I looking forward to experience death or some how advance it, I do believe that that is the way plan for us to go.

The paranoid and fear of death draws many to create ways to avoid it. One of the usual things we do is to live life healthy. Yes, we need to live life healthy because we want to experience the wonderful life no matter is sad or happy, suffer or relax. One experiences it all and it included the packages to whoever wants to live life. Our mortal life is short to learn most of the experience that exist for us in LIFE. Scientist are searching ways to be immortal but what worth of living for so long when learning is part of life stops. Then, we need to set the time to end it or let the nature decide.

Thou this is not an ideal post for me or everyone to read, I feel like writing it and would like to dedicated it greatly to this unknown friend.

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Zi said...

hmm... i still feel so sad....

thanks for accompany me to visit him :)


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