Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Who is really the winner? Malaysia U-20 or MyTeam.

Reading posts about the football game between Malaysia U-20 and MyTeam in Project Petaling Streets Portal makes me wonder is MyTeam really lost to Malaysia U-20 ? Indeed, they lost to Malaysia U-20 team but overall they won. The reason is that they are actually amateur player compare to Malaysia U-20 that practice in steady basis. Mr. Shebby successfully proves his point because he can put in any team and give a good fight to Malaysia full time player team.

MyTeam was suppose lost to Malaysia team because of the little period practicing time play as a team where Malaysia team is a special breed, money funded and resources provided team. So, technically MyTeam should lose to Malaysia U-20 team by comparison and should win more goal point instead leading only one goal. Although the Malaysia U-20 won the friendly competition, I can see that they struggle to maintain their phase and tempo. MyTeam weakness point is just the coordination and team play spirits where everyone wants to be the best player and win the motorbike. Sadly, this is the typical mentality of Malaysian.

Again, I give MyTeam a good clap as they only play together for 3 weeks and can hold the same standards and give a good challenge to Malaysia U-20 team. If they train for longer time period and with the spirits of playing the game, they certainly can beat all the state team and sure Malaysia Football team.

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tigerjoe said...

The real winners, apart from the team that finished the match 2-1, were those who took on the bookies at half ball for MyTeam.

You may also want to keep in mind that rhetoric never quite beats the real thing. :P


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