Monday, May 29, 2006

A busy week

Last week was a busy week. I got two projects to finish and it only for my profile. I’m not earning well as I didn’t receives good some of amount. Still, I hope all the best after that and starts to earn a good and steady income. I learned lots of things about photographing through the manual professional DSLR. I also found out that I lack of many skills and understanding on getting a good photo. There are lots of thing to consider when taking a good photo with the manual professional base camera.

I’m not complaining but certainly at the beginning level I lacked of some accessories equipment for photographing such as a suitable camera tripod which I substitute it using my expensive sort of Sony Remote Control Tripod. Expensive tripod that turns useless when using with the DSLR camera, but I still manages to got hold of some good pieces with some editing on Adobe Photoshop and looking at some others people works in Photo Malaysia website.

Money always a problem for me in what am I doing. I see and heard lots of people earning some good money over what I do now. Still I’m not really experience it or shall I say it is too early to make a final conclusion. I am doing video graphing for almost 3 years and I still not really earning much. One big problem for me is that I have only few customers and again of my lack of some equipment I find it difficult to maintain my old aging equipment especially the computer. It makes it so difficult to plan for future about the business that I will venture professionally as what many does.

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Nicholas said...

It's all about the money :/


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