Wednesday, April 30, 2008

News Caption: Temporary TNB tower collapses killing one, injuring four.

KOTA KINABALU: A fast track Tenaga Nasional Berhad transmission tower to replace the one stolen by scrap metal thieves collapsed, killing a man and injuring four others.

The Star

Scrap mental thieves now really put themselves in a spot light today. First they caused a total blackout to statewide with their act and now people died and injured because of their act. I wonder how this thief thought of their little act when the mess they done caused pain and sorrow and pain to workers families. The dead was identified the dead as Mohd Hairrisham Mohhamad and injured were Hamran Mohamad, Vijaya Kumar A/L Velayutham, Adnan Hassan and Khairul Azman Che Soh who were all treated at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

I remembered a news I read few weeks earlier that wrote about the metal scrap dealer regretted action by the appointment of a sole agent to purchase scrap iron in the state despite their strong objection. I understand their hesitation of this action because this would eventually stop their business for good. In other different of view, I felt this scrap metal dealer don't even care and acknowledge that their business has caused lots of problem to the government and the people of sabah. I hope with this incident, they will realize the need to control the scrap metal industries in sabah so that problem and mess can be halted and stopped.

Nevertheless, I still think the government should take over of this industries because it already running out of control. With the price of metal scrap run high today, metal scrap not the only metal traded but also the metal that so important to the infrastructure of the community and the state. I read many news of thief incident to the power facilities and sometimes even caused major blackout to the city. I doubt the metal scrap dealer knew nothing when they buy those scrap metal from the people that sold to them. I hope they not denied and ignore the fact that they also play some part and responsible over this incident that caused death and injuries.

I believe that the metal thieves should be arrested, charged and jailed for involuntary homicide. This strict action hopefully can be a reminder of any scrap metal thieves to think twice before they plug out some screws and metals from any places. The government should be serious to handle these problems that already turn to a really bad situation with death and injuries incident happened. The more they wait to resolve the problem, the more mess and problem it would be to the public.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day or Social Day?

This was a late post about Earth Day. Basically, earth day intended to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the Earth's environment. Lately, i saw lots of event in Kota Kinabalu that was inspired by the awareness to environmental protection such as Earth Hour and Freeze For the World Earth Day that i can't find its official website but merely a general explanation. Earth Hour basically needs us to turn off all our electrical equipment for an hour and in return burn candle light to save energy. Freeze for the World Earth Day need us to not moving for five minutes and it was believe to conserve a significant amount of energy.

I believe these events have its good intention but to be sure, how many people really benefited or learned about the environment from this. I don't propagated myself as an environmentalist activist because i waste lots of electricity with my computers and burn lots of carbon while driving my old carburetor enhanced car. I aware and admit that our earth is in danger of changing because all the activities that polluted and destroyed the environment, but does these events spread any information to people who attend and join it?

I read on minishorts who was criticizing this even especially the Freeze for the Earth Day. By picking one interesting example from the big double standard corporate, she really was kicking some sense to me. In KK and KL, Freeze for the Earth Day got a decent reception as well. Thou, what I found out that lot of photo were taken on this events and I couldn't find any information awareness about the environmental in this event except tell all people it can save energy. How we save energy when we use most of the energy at night. People was driving to the event and the avenue air conditioning running at full to accommodate the people.

There are lots of environmental awareness events in Malaysia and why not these attracting more people? An article in WWF Malaysia website really said it all as I quote.

Earth Day is the most significant event in the global environmental calendar. It was born out of the dialectical movements of the late 60s and 70s, at a time when people were protesting against the Vietnam War, against environmental pillages, and against man’s prejudice towards his brethren.

But is Earth Day a mere symbolic day for celebration? For that matter, is Merdeka Day just another day for celebration? Certainly yes, but celebration should be backed with action, and not mere reflection. Decades back, a self-searching soul draped in a loincloth projected his reflections to shake the foundations of the greatest empire ever.

Freeze for the Earth day seems a celebration of reflection and not action. It looks more like a social event rather about Earth. Nothing was done to utilized this event and spread the information about the environmental awareness to the participant. No slides and lecture about what we can do in our part to decrease the impact to the environment. 5 minutes was wasted without doing anything. Maybe it is not fair for me to criticize this particular event because I’m no environmentalist myself. At least they can do is add some important and information event such as a forum and talk from WWF environmentalist representative about the situation of our environment today. This will bring more action and awareness to people and at the same time save the forest and save the world we living.

Monday, April 21, 2008

News caption and my thoughts: Mazu Statue

I was intrigue by an article i read at Daily Express that wrote on that a sabotage that linked to Mazu issue.

It look like LDP still don't want to let go of this issue go. I don't understand why this project such a hard to forget because honestly as a sabahan, i don't think this project benefits the majority of sabahan included the chinese. I would like to quote a text from this article as below,

KK chinese was sad and angry. That was why everybody said, we want to change. If opposition in sabah had cooperate, we would have lost the chinese seats. The government must continue the project. Datuk Seri, please pass this message to top leadership". She said to BN Wanita and UMNO Wanita Chief Datuk Seri Paduka Rafidah Aziz at BN supreme wanita council meeting last friday.

Naomi Chong trying to put herself and LDP as a sole representative to sabahan chinese that i find it quite ridiculous. I am a KK chinese and i'm not sad and angry but instead happy that self benefits projects was stopped. I don't see any good come out from this project but more controversial manipulation and money making for certain parties to earn more money for their retirement fund.

By making these statement to lame duck ex Minister Rafizah Aziz surely put herself to a lame duck situation and herself a lame duck status. Even thou Rafidah Aziz still the holding the UMNO top post, she not in the position to approve any sabah's government decision. The persuasion of this issue will going to make it a big issue where UMNO based government will not allow any temple and churches to be build anymore. This was happening in all peninsular states where it was so difficult to build a church rather than a temple.

The claim that Mazu issue linked to the sabotage in the general election was not true. Mazu issue was never being an issue of Sabah people especially the local chinese. Most of local chinese don't care if the statue was there or not because they are christian and not working as a fisherman. LDP action on pursuing this issue will make not help the party in long term because this was a personal vendetta issue between two corrupted minister and not to about the Chinese community interest generally.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Food poisoning at SAM Bestari in USJ 5

I read a post from Subang Jaya ADUN Hannah Yeoh describe his visit to SAM Bestari in USJ 5 after hearing a report of food poisoning. I heard that incident too at the news and find this was not the way food should be prepared. Recently i watch Ramsay Gordon's TV series Kitchen Nightmares that was about a really bad condition restaurant. I did wrote a post about the chef and giving my own opinion of the local restaurant that not clean operating serving food to the public.

I was so surprised to know that the principal was only gave a stern warning to the operator of his misconduct. I believe the operator should be terminated from selling food to people for period of years. Thou, i believe will not be happening as there will not be any action from the government. I hope the states representative Hannah Yeoh will personally look at this case and advocate for stern action against this canteen operator from selling food to the public and even to students. I wish that she will not too careful and afraid of public backslash over any action that she will take against this operator because this incident was a good example to make the record straight and be a reminder to other food operator that neglected to make sure cleanliness over their premises and food.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New blog for my artwork

I created a new blog for my artwork for easier and cleaner setting. The blog will contain all of my photo and video artwork as well as the price and packages for wedding services. I decided to choose word press because the layout is more formal compared to blogger. Blogger design template are fewer than wordpress but one has more control over the design layout compared to wordpress where the layout was fixed. Please click the logo below to view the blog.

At the moment, people who got my business will directed to my blogger site. I still using this blog as a main address in my business card because the name of my business trade was not available in wordpress unless i register for a malaysia domain. At the moment, i don't think registering for a domain first because my financial and business not good.

Friday, April 11, 2008

UMNO's blogger counter attack front liner

Recently, i saw the growing of blog by some UMNO strong members. I don't know how many strong UMNO members out there starting to blog but there are few that i found. The most controversial blog is Khairy Jamaluddin with his constituency website. Thou, the problem is his blog was not updated since after the election. There are some annoying video clip playing automatically in order to project his ambitious political propaganda and images. Then he changed to a more down tune to moderate and suburban taste also with an annoying music on it. I had to admit that the site design was good and served the purpose as a propaganda machine and believe his money well spent on it. The problem was the content was outdated and since after the election there were no new post. The content on his blog was mainly to counter attack Anwar Ibrahim claims on some policies was done when he in power with his father in law in power. It looks like Anwar Ibrahim consistency posting updates in his blog really do make different and most of the reader seem to get personal updates on his recent trip to Indonesia. Khairy 0, Anwar 1.

The second UMNO strong member blog is from Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo. Today, UMNO really start to acknowledge the important of blogging. I still remember one MP telling the people that the all bloggers was a liar or woman. It is such a lame to say on that moment and now they got spitted by their own words. Dr Khir Toyo's blog just went up few moments ago created a blog has started to get work by tackling the pig farm issue in Selangor. His main rival is Teresa Kok who posted her own version of explanation and argument on the issue. Dr Khir Toyo even posted up his own explanation of the pig farm issue even while on during his haj. I don't think his mind at peace when all the fun and fight happening in here. At the moment I can say Dr Khir Toyo 1, Teresa Kok 1. Let the best argument with based with proof win the argument.

The next UMNO strong member blog is from Malaca Chief Minister Mohd Ali Rustam. The main issue that posted in his blog is about Pakatan Rakyat. He argues about the importance and reality check on this pakatan that he convinces it is not going to work. His argument was that there were lots of differences among the three main party and without understanding and agreement, those pakatan will not going to work and this will be a disaster to the people. I guess his fair opponent on this issue is Lim Kit Siang. Lim Kit Siang has propagating the Pakatan Rakyat idea to the people as an alternative to Barisan Nasional after their wins of several states. His blog consisted lots of issues and i don't know most of the post was written by him or not. Some post was written or posted with approval in his blog to widen more issues to the readers. Pakatan Rakyat idea still strong with Lim Kit Siang but with lots of issues to covers and post in the blog, it went down and become cold. It look like Mohd Ali Rustam choose to take on the Pakatan Rakyat issue and Lim Kit Siang is the main contender to a debate and argument didn’t give any good fight to him. At the moment, I have to give Mohd Ali Rustam 1, and Lim Kit Siang 0. Lim Kit Siang blog covers too much political issues that he is so busy to post a counter argument in his blog fast.

These are few blog I found interesting to put up. I have not yet discover any new UMNO strong member blog or any BN component party blog to stand on the front line on taking against the opposition blog in internet space. I believe, internet age gave a new fair platform for political war. The old media such as television and newspaper print that believe to be bias and tend more to ruling government was slowly eliminated. The importance of this old media machine was still significant because there are small percentages of population such as the elder don’t have an access to internet. At the moment, I believe the opposition party still got the strong hold on this internet space because of their earlier utilization of this media. With the new waves of Barisan Nasional blogger in the front line, this war of overflow information and argument will be the pinnacle of Malaysia political platform in future. The people will not be pushed as a flock of lamb or cows anymore because the government lost their strong grip of withholding information and news. I look beyond to a mass overflow of information in these few years and we have to starts to do a own censorship of whatever we read in the internet.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sabah MP got no balls to represent the people

It was written in The Star Online "PM agrees to look into more government posts for Sabah leaders". This makes me think what more Abdullah Badawi can give anymore to some of greedy sabahan MP. Abdullah Badawi had announced a line of Minister consist mostly of his former minister while some big hot shot especially Samy Vellu was dropped out from the main cabinet. This decision made the Sabah people felt their supports were not appreciated. This recent election do reminded me another incident that I compared where Sabah and Sarawak for the second time save the UMNO from losing the election.

Mei 13 1969 incident (Malay Version, English Version) is the most taboo to thing be discussed even in a peaceful time today. I will not go forward on this event but would like to point the aftermath of this incident that lead to the dissolve of the latest election win with Tunku Abdul Rahman kicked out Singapore from Malaysia Federation and take over back the government in the fresh election with 2/3 majority win. Many believed most votes to secure a wins were from the big supports Sabah and Sarawak people.

Other than cabinet minister position issue, there are some more issues that being discussed that were,

> Acknowledging that the request for more Cabinet representation from Sabah “had its merits”,
> Closing down the Federal Development Sabah Department,
> Employing more Sabahan in the Federal civil service,
> Boosting rural development,
> Tackling the serious illegal immigration problem, and
> Studying the need for a special ministry for Sabah and Sarawak.

In a glance, it was thought to be a fair deal to the Sabah and Sarawak people. Never does one know most of the discussed issues were old issues that were promised for many years ago. Were the Sabah and Sarawak people loyalty were repaid with a promised that they supposed to kept and do many years ago? One of the most important issue that supposed to be kept on the first day Sabah and Sarawak joined the Malaysia Federation is the development of the urban and rural places in this state. The federal government failed very much to keep their part of bargain to develop many part of Sabah area after that but still keep using profits gained from the Sabah natural resource to develop their own states and region. At the same time, Sabah was forgotten for many years surpassing many chief ministers by local parties until UMNO gain power.

By neglecting their part of preposition that supposed to be their responsibility, the government that mainly ran by peninsular again and again fooled the urban and rural people of Sabah with empty promises and just executed their promises slowly just for win the general election. To make it worst, our local representatives were so lame and just point out issues that was outdated and suppose to be kept many general election ago. Issues such as illegal immigration turn legal and natives that were actually caused by those local representatives who just badly want to win their seats. Those of this desperate and dirty technique create a greater problem to the population structure that cannot be reversed.

I don't think Abdullah Badawi really honest on his word. By only agreeing to look over this issues was not really a strong statement to be presented Sabah and Sarawak people. Abdullah Badawi has failed to convince and show the people of Sabah and Sarawak of his sincerity of change to his administration management. Meeting up and doing discussion supposed to his job as a Prime Minister and not after some retaliation among the Sabahan selfish representative who threaten to frog jump to opposition side.

Sabah representative at this point failed to do send a strong message to the UMNO on some others issues and caused Sabah to be undeveloped for many years. Only by Sabah UMNO via Central UMNO administration, development can be seen running in the state. The local representative had their own chances to do run the state that have lots of natural resource but done less development than UMNO did for few term after gain power in Sabah. To make the matter worst, the local representatives are just busy thinking how to climb higher for their political ambition and trying to cheat the Sabah people with this lame nonsense issues to PM Abdullah Badawi. With this kind of mentality, I rather let go of our status as an autonomy state in Malaysia Federation and just let those qualify people from peninsular to run this states.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Gordon Ramsay: Chef from Hell

The first time i knew about Gordon Ramsay was when i watch a food TV series The F Word in Asia Food Channel. A tall guy and big body with a bad mouth manner that annoys anyone he speak to but still managed to charm some people and made some friends. He is one of three chef that restaurant awarded three Michelin star in UK.

At the moment, I can consider him as the top chef seen in television. I think he is far better compared to Jamie Oliver who is a celebrities chef with a different way of cooking and a little bit unhygienic when he taste the ingredient with his hand while preparing the food. It's not saying he is dirty but I feel like he adding some of his saliva on the food to make it more delicious.

Gordon started his cooking career from low and work so hard to achieve his dreams and learn from great chef Marco Pierre White who consider to be the godfather of modern cooking and the first 3 stars Michelin stars in UK. I had seen almost all TV show about Gordon Ramsay that includes Kitchen Nightmares UK and US version, F Word, Boiling Point and Beyond Boiling Point. Gordon started his TV career when he walks out from his previous restaurant Aubergine. He landed a deal with a TV company to document his business life in his own flag restaurant Royal Hospital Road in which won him a 3 Michelin star in 2001. I watched Gordon Ramsay in Boiling Point in disbelieve because he look like a mad man and with his authoritarian and bully style regiment to his staff. Most of the public at that time criticized his way of doing business that will leave a negative impact to his employee.

Beyond Boiling Point sees a better side of Gordon Ramsay in anger management. He still the fierce chef but with less cursing and foul mouth to all his staff. Never the less, he still feared as a lion in a cage waiting to swallow his next victim. I personally don't agree with the way he doing his business but have to admit his way really did excel him to the top. One need to know there are two way to achieve success. One is a hard way and second is the easy way. Gordon chooses the hard way to achieve his dream. With his strict discipline regiment of leadership and doing business, he made himself to be well known to the public. The public respond with giving him recognition of excellence and perfection in cooking and management. I doubt many can and find it is hard follow his path to success but his way certainly guarantees a good and everlasting reputation in every field you work in.

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares is an interesting show to watch. I will never see any restaurant as I think before. It is true most of the restaurants out there are not well managed in term of cleanness and hygienic. Food often was not fresh as it claims. Gordon in Kitchen Nightmares exposed the darkest secret of some restaurant in UK and US where most of them is dirty and unhygienic filled with rotten foods. I find it surprise to know this restaurant still open for business after all the discovery.

I don't dare to think if these dirty restaurants can exist even in a place where the law and regulation is strict, what will be for places where the implementation is so weak and corrupt like in Malaysia. The good things I can see in most of the restaurants in Malaysia are the kitchen is at the outside. One can glance at the kitchen weather it is clean or dirty. The bad thing is most of us not mind looking at some crocoaches and rats wandering at the floor. Many of us don't think this will be a hazard to us but never have we known that it is an indication of a kitchen that not well managed and on a bad day will cause one of the customers ended up in hospital for food poisoning.

Today, Gordon Ramsay is a well know chef in his line of work. He still cooks with passion but with better anger management. He still have his foul mouth speech with more less anger management but i believe he learned well with all these years that some people better not to be messed up. The best thing I learn after watched all this TV show are passion, perfection and discipline are important to be a success person and restaurant kitchen can be dirtier than your house kitchen if the management is not good.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Anthony Chong: The real meaning of "mati katak".

I read at The Star Online about the decision of the court to release Sabah's former minister Conrad Mojuntin and his nephew of a criminal intimidation charge connected to the fatal shooting of a 20-year-old youth in Penampang near here about three years ago. Lionel's blog has a very detailed news and information about this incident.

The court has declared the shooting was a self defense act but i found it so uneasy because the person who pulled the trigger and involved was freed. I believe this is not the end to this unfortunate incident where as i quote

Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail said he was unlikely to press for other charges against Conrad after considering issues of self-defense and tainted evidence during the inquest into Anthony’s death.

It was so easy for them to off the hook. At least, the AG can charge them for public fighting charges as an example to others who planning to make a fight. This was not even passed the mind of the AG because I believe he is so busy or afraid to upset certain people. Fighting in public is a crime in every country although it is not serious unless death occurs. It is unfortunate for Anthony Chong's family to saw their loved one died like this and the people to cause their pain was freed without even a little punishment.

I'm not by all mean saying Conrad Mojuntin and his nephew is guilty because the court has declared both of them are a free man. I wonder if Conrad Mojuntin's gun licenses will be taken back because of this incident. I do understand the gun ownership is legal in sabah due to the insecure of some businessman and VIPs, but does the licenses of the legal firearm is another way saying is the licenses to kill? What are the rules of using the legal firearm on other people? Are there any rules or training to those who own firearm and should a person allowed to own a fire gun in city center where the police station is less than 5-10 km range?

I hope this incident is a wakeup call on to review of fire arm regulation and standards to people who live in town area. I don't think the execution use of his firearm by Conrad Mojuntin is not wise and reasonable. He didn't exhausted his other options of self defend such as retreat and call the police even thou he has the chances but is believed and speculated to come back to escalate and confront the conflicts with his legal weapon. Is alcohol is the main cause of the conflict or just two guys showing off their overfilled testosterones?

Luckily, this is an isolated incident. I hope people that own a fire arm licenses really apply their special rights as the last resort. In Anthony case, he is a fine example of a Malay proverbs "mati katak" because he fought a gun with a sword.


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