Sunday, April 06, 2008

Gordon Ramsay: Chef from Hell

The first time i knew about Gordon Ramsay was when i watch a food TV series The F Word in Asia Food Channel. A tall guy and big body with a bad mouth manner that annoys anyone he speak to but still managed to charm some people and made some friends. He is one of three chef that restaurant awarded three Michelin star in UK.

At the moment, I can consider him as the top chef seen in television. I think he is far better compared to Jamie Oliver who is a celebrities chef with a different way of cooking and a little bit unhygienic when he taste the ingredient with his hand while preparing the food. It's not saying he is dirty but I feel like he adding some of his saliva on the food to make it more delicious.

Gordon started his cooking career from low and work so hard to achieve his dreams and learn from great chef Marco Pierre White who consider to be the godfather of modern cooking and the first 3 stars Michelin stars in UK. I had seen almost all TV show about Gordon Ramsay that includes Kitchen Nightmares UK and US version, F Word, Boiling Point and Beyond Boiling Point. Gordon started his TV career when he walks out from his previous restaurant Aubergine. He landed a deal with a TV company to document his business life in his own flag restaurant Royal Hospital Road in which won him a 3 Michelin star in 2001. I watched Gordon Ramsay in Boiling Point in disbelieve because he look like a mad man and with his authoritarian and bully style regiment to his staff. Most of the public at that time criticized his way of doing business that will leave a negative impact to his employee.

Beyond Boiling Point sees a better side of Gordon Ramsay in anger management. He still the fierce chef but with less cursing and foul mouth to all his staff. Never the less, he still feared as a lion in a cage waiting to swallow his next victim. I personally don't agree with the way he doing his business but have to admit his way really did excel him to the top. One need to know there are two way to achieve success. One is a hard way and second is the easy way. Gordon chooses the hard way to achieve his dream. With his strict discipline regiment of leadership and doing business, he made himself to be well known to the public. The public respond with giving him recognition of excellence and perfection in cooking and management. I doubt many can and find it is hard follow his path to success but his way certainly guarantees a good and everlasting reputation in every field you work in.

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares is an interesting show to watch. I will never see any restaurant as I think before. It is true most of the restaurants out there are not well managed in term of cleanness and hygienic. Food often was not fresh as it claims. Gordon in Kitchen Nightmares exposed the darkest secret of some restaurant in UK and US where most of them is dirty and unhygienic filled with rotten foods. I find it surprise to know this restaurant still open for business after all the discovery.

I don't dare to think if these dirty restaurants can exist even in a place where the law and regulation is strict, what will be for places where the implementation is so weak and corrupt like in Malaysia. The good things I can see in most of the restaurants in Malaysia are the kitchen is at the outside. One can glance at the kitchen weather it is clean or dirty. The bad thing is most of us not mind looking at some crocoaches and rats wandering at the floor. Many of us don't think this will be a hazard to us but never have we known that it is an indication of a kitchen that not well managed and on a bad day will cause one of the customers ended up in hospital for food poisoning.

Today, Gordon Ramsay is a well know chef in his line of work. He still cooks with passion but with better anger management. He still have his foul mouth speech with more less anger management but i believe he learned well with all these years that some people better not to be messed up. The best thing I learn after watched all this TV show are passion, perfection and discipline are important to be a success person and restaurant kitchen can be dirtier than your house kitchen if the management is not good.

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