Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Anthony Chong: The real meaning of "mati katak".

I read at The Star Online about the decision of the court to release Sabah's former minister Conrad Mojuntin and his nephew of a criminal intimidation charge connected to the fatal shooting of a 20-year-old youth in Penampang near here about three years ago. Lionel's blog has a very detailed news and information about this incident.

The court has declared the shooting was a self defense act but i found it so uneasy because the person who pulled the trigger and involved was freed. I believe this is not the end to this unfortunate incident where as i quote

Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail said he was unlikely to press for other charges against Conrad after considering issues of self-defense and tainted evidence during the inquest into Anthony’s death.

It was so easy for them to off the hook. At least, the AG can charge them for public fighting charges as an example to others who planning to make a fight. This was not even passed the mind of the AG because I believe he is so busy or afraid to upset certain people. Fighting in public is a crime in every country although it is not serious unless death occurs. It is unfortunate for Anthony Chong's family to saw their loved one died like this and the people to cause their pain was freed without even a little punishment.

I'm not by all mean saying Conrad Mojuntin and his nephew is guilty because the court has declared both of them are a free man. I wonder if Conrad Mojuntin's gun licenses will be taken back because of this incident. I do understand the gun ownership is legal in sabah due to the insecure of some businessman and VIPs, but does the licenses of the legal firearm is another way saying is the licenses to kill? What are the rules of using the legal firearm on other people? Are there any rules or training to those who own firearm and should a person allowed to own a fire gun in city center where the police station is less than 5-10 km range?

I hope this incident is a wakeup call on to review of fire arm regulation and standards to people who live in town area. I don't think the execution use of his firearm by Conrad Mojuntin is not wise and reasonable. He didn't exhausted his other options of self defend such as retreat and call the police even thou he has the chances but is believed and speculated to come back to escalate and confront the conflicts with his legal weapon. Is alcohol is the main cause of the conflict or just two guys showing off their overfilled testosterones?

Luckily, this is an isolated incident. I hope people that own a fire arm licenses really apply their special rights as the last resort. In Anthony case, he is a fine example of a Malay proverbs "mati katak" because he fought a gun with a sword.

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