Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spirit and Opportunity: Still alive and kicking

On 2003, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory sent two robots to Mars to explore the surface and geology with its primary mission is to proof water activities in past. It would be a bonus to find out if there is still water supply left for the future explorer to hold a long term expedition to the planet. I was so amazed with this achievement because this is the first time in space exploration that two robots was sent to explore a planet.

Mars Exploration Rover program has been running for about 5 earth years with the expectation life about 90 days. I am so glad to know NASA will not shut the two robots yet even with the budgets cut. There will be new rover heading for Mars next years and i would like to see this new robots working as tough as the two previous robots. The different with this robots is that it will not be power by solar panel anymore but with radioisotope thermoelectric generators.

There will be more mission planned in future to Mars. This entire mission will prepare the most important future Man Mars Mission to Mars. The second significant man space mission is the return to moon. Moon will be the next space station for man to explore beyond earth. Then, we will be looking back to the age where the first sea voyager too place. I can see that our future will be up towards to the sky.

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