Thursday, March 13, 2008

Different kind of Photography

I was out with my friend to have a drink and she took out something that she bought earlier and shows it to me. It is a key chain size doll that hooked with the hand phone thing. My friend likes all things that look cute and girlish, but I’m not saying that she is one. Then I remember Massy, we chat something about photography and she told me that she taking photo of this doll known as Pinky Street. I don't really know much about this Japanese doll stuff with anime thing although i almost become one myself by hanging out with one of my friend who like to do anything that Japanese include games, anime, comic and toys. It seems putting dolls as a photo subject and arranges it so it looks like posing for the camera is not photography but it is a trend. The growing interest of cute Japanese anime doll created a new trend where the collector put their doll into a position so well and meaningful it look like the doll is actually alive in the photo.

I ask my friend to take out her Canon G9 camera which she always brings it with her every day. Then i set the camera to aperture priority (av) and set the lens to macro mode to make the doll bigger and lively. Me and my friend take turn to take some photo with both dolls and i ended up edited only three of it.

The photo below was taken by my friend but I edited the color to give it a different feelings.


maslight said...

nice man...i love the last shot XD

Jefferi said...

hehe.. thanks!

maslight said...

everytime i look at the last shot, it cracks me up XD


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