Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bad habit die hard

Is Anwar getting a bit greedy? The last election has shown us the people indeed want a change. Due to the large winning by the BN coalition in Sabah and Sarawak, they still own the right to govern the country. The opposition coalition BR collectively won 82 seats in Parliament and this is the biggest upset for the BN who govern Malaysia since the establishment of Malaysia Federation. Due to an extra ordinary achievement win in the Parliament that only gave a 30 seats majority to the BN, PKR leader Anwar is trying to persuade at least 29 MP to jump boat and join the opposition party. It was written in reuters,

"There is widespread talk of grumbling within Barisan's ranks on Borneo, especially in Sabah, but political experts do not feel Anwar could persuade as many as 29 of their MPs to defect."

This will be a good chance for Anwar to achieve his dreams of being a Prime Minister of Malaysia. The defection of MP is not a new thing in Malaysia politics scene. PBS election victory was stolen when most of his MP defected and jump to join the BN and they were denied a majority to create a government. Never do anyone know that this big migration by the MP believed to brain feed by yours truly Anwar himself. He is playing the same game that he did for last few election in which he managed to crumple the PBS party into its knees and get Sabah as its trophy. He was kicked out few years later.

I personally think Anwar is getting back to its own old habits. Indeed he is a change man, but I believe he is the same as he was in UMNO. The opposition did win even thou the BN try as hard as they could to make sure absolute win to them. One thing the BN didn't realize that they don't have that much tricks to break a good win to the opposition candidate. Most of the opposition candidate was won by a huge majority over the BN candidate. Rigging the votes using phantom votes and mail votes didn’t make any different because it will be so obvious to the public. One special obvious case that got passed the election defeat is at Rembau where Khairy was contested. Huge majority suddenly appears after a vote recount that only gave the opposition candidate a few hundred majorities win and slide to a few thousand majority votes to Khairy.

I believe many people don’t think it is a wise decision to Anwar to lure BN MPs to defect to opposition side. The big problem is the reason for the defection that due because of the unfair distribution of the Cabinets post to Sabah and Sarawak representative. I personally doubt that Anwar can get enough seats as he did to PBS last time without offering something to those greedy MPs. The MPs from the BN is the main problem to the people and reason to change and Anwar now want to take those people we're trying to get rid so badly. My fear is to see all the effort to changes will vanished to nothing when the old BN mentality appearing to the BR new ruling government. The different is now the new coalition government becomes even more unstable and this surely will make our life more difficult in future.

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