Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What happen to SPCA KK?

With Earth Hour passed us, I remembered there are so many clubs, societies and events organized in Kota Kinabalu to spark some awareness to the people towards some issues. One that got my attention when i go to Gaya Street Sunday market are those few pet seller stall. Josie saw the pet puppy in the cage and knew that the pet was thirsty. Then, she told the seller to give them a drink and he doesn’t seem to care.

In the beginning, SPCA KK establish to make sure no animal in this town is treated cruelly and inhuman. Few months have passed and I wonder if the society still exists or not. Latest news heard that they have some problem in financial to run their activities and didn't yet has a place to keep those rescued animal.

I just wonder if SPCA KK still exists or everyone just busy doing their own work. Almost a year after it was launch, what did they do? I still saw some stray cats and dogs running around my place and pets that were put in inhumane condition in weekend or night market. Maybe it still young to compare with the western world, but i find it hard to understand that SPCA KK just stay idle for more than few months and nothing significant was done to make sure the government take notice of their fight.

I hope something will be done to those pets that were sold in open market. They should make sure that no animal was put in a inhuman condition.

Friday, March 27, 2009

EARTH HOUR suck big time...


1. Because my UPS crying like a baby even there is light (indicating low power supply capacity).

2. 3 time a week average 4-5 hour black out in Kepayan area if not the Kota Kinabalu town.

3. One main power station dam and few inadequate for the whole Sabah state region while the neighbor state oversupply big time and they plan to build 25 more dam in 30 years duration.

4. An easy way for politician and government to make the tree huger happy and continue doing their forest exploitation and suck the oil and build a coal power station next to the forest reserved.

5. An easy way for local musician and actor to be even famous even some of them suck in their career.

6. Another new reason for gathering with friends and drink in a dimmed pub where after an hour all back on and the music bang out loud and the spot light shine like morning.

7. Western developed country idea that only applies to big city where power blackout means loss compensation from the power supplier and big economic disaster.

8. I feel so depress when looking some street kids in the town and have a bite at some one left over burgers and french fried at McDonald.

Hate me? So, sue me lar.. =_=

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Earth Hour: Domestic Perspective

Wikipedia define Earth Hour as;

Earth Hour is an annual international event created by the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature/World Wildlife Fund), held on the last Saturday of March, that asks households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights and electrical appliances for one hour to raise awareness towards the need to take action on climate change. It was pioneered by WWF Australia and the Sydney Morning Herald in 2007, and achieved worldwide participation in 2008.

Earth Hour
aim to earn around 1 billion people to participate in their program and switch off their lights as a support of the global warming issue to the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009.

For the first time in history, people of all ages, nationalities, race and background have the opportunity to use their light switch as their vote – Switching off your lights is a vote for Earth, or leaving them on is a vote for global warming. WWF are urging the world to VOTE EARTH and reach the target of 1 billion votes, which will be presented to world leaders at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009.

Personally, i found it very interesting that Earth Hours got lots of attention all around the world and especially this small town Kota Kinabalu in Sabah too. It might be a good idea to switch off the lights for an hour to make a point to the world leader that our earth need their attention and solution for the global warming that we experience lately. I hope our vote count in when the world leader seen the effort that we especially in most of town in Malaysia especially Kota Kinabalu.

Power supply became a top issue in Sabah. Unlike in the peninsular, we experience black out at least 2 times a week for average 3-4 hours. In short, Earth Hour(s) every 2 or 3 times a week. Every time black out occurs, we curse the power supplier and the state government for its very bad services. Even when the power is on, i find it in a certain hour late night, the power supply become unstable and the UPS connected to the computer seems to giving out warning until the computer has to shut down automatically.

I read and see advertisement from the WWF and NatGeo and Discovery channel in Astro with the participation from the local artist the awareness to the global issues that take part globally. Malaysia has been flooded with lots of global nature issue from the global warming, carbon release, the rain forest destruction and the animal extinct but none was getting attention from our government. Sabah experiences the low power supply due to the growing demand to the electricity for development and new township.

Earth Hour came in a bit bizarre situation in Sabah. For many years, sabahan never stop complaining of the power blackout and the government always trying to avoid responsibilities by advocating a new power generator station. One suggestion is to use coal as the fuel to generate the electricity when ridiculously we're next to the biggest dam in the south East Asia. Bakun Dam is still in progress to finish but the governments decide not to supply the excessive energy to sabah and instead suggest building a new power generator station.

I wonder if Earth Hour can change our Malaysian politician mind no matter the Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat. At the moment, i don't see any strong view from both leading party about the environmental issues that has been debated for many years. The deforestation of the Sabah natural forest by those greedy local politicians to the uncontrollable pollution by those greedy factory owners and the showing of the Malaysian state of mental and their ignorance of the global issue compare to the local reality issue.

I believe there are more issues that needed attention beside this international gimmick by the western country that only serve their own environmental propaganda. Malaysian should be more aware not just the international issue but the local issue no matter it is an environmental issue or social and political issues. All of them deserved an equal attention from the local non government organization rather than piggy back on the international awareness that doesn’t makes any changes to our domestic socio politic and environmental issues.

The state and federal government should take more active role to the environmental issue especially the global warming by enforce a tight regulation over the deforestation and pollution by big local and international corporate. Malaysian should take its own action and awareness to push the government and the opposition to make environmental issue as it main major propaganda to gain support from the people. Education about the environmental awareness should be advocated at early education if we want to make changes. This will create a new waves of society that aware of the environmental impact of their own lifestyle and living in a energy efficient life without giving out effect that will pollute the nature overall.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Democracy erected, vandalized and melted.

Perak is having a big political crisis. Now, it is not clear who going to run the state government. Constitution dictate that only one can run the country but at the same time a new MB and cabinet was elected and then being banned from representing the people in the state assembly.

It looks like no one will step aside in this power struggle process. Everyone was so busy to play political chess without thinking the people who elected them first. No matter it is from Pakatan or Barisan Nasional, their thoughts are not about the people. It was not the change that we seek.

I don't really know why the Pakatan want to erect a Tugu Democracy at the first place. Although this was an honor act but others might not feel comfortable at this. Few days after it was built, the Tugu Democracy was vandalized and was melted few days later.

Malaysia democracy is just like this Tugu Democracy. We can create a democracy environment if we really want it. The people has the power to change and save the country if we willing to stay together and demand the changes. The political process that available in our country gave us the chance to do change. In the latest elections that almost see the Pakatan Rakyat won the election if not of their own technical mistake in Sabah and Sarawak side.

Perak people choose to change. Thou, some state representative choose not to change and it all back to business as usual. Pakatan is not giving up on their quest to maintain power by banning those new government members. Then all hell breaks loose. At the moment, no legitimate parties that can government the land. It up to the court to decide due to the constitution technical problem that I believe started when the Sultan of Perak don't disband the state assembly.

The state of Perak fate looks like the Tugu Democracy that was erected in the nearby assembly hall. It was built to mark the first ever assembly that done outside the compound of the hall. I personally believe this is the most significant event in the political history of the Perak state and maybe Malaysia. The Tugu was not holding for a long time when some fascist groups vandalize it and then melted it to ground.

I feel sad when those people destroying some peace of important historical event to the democracy process in the state. It feels like some fascist group is mocking the democracy process in the Perak state. At least not as what democracy run in their mind. The democracy process in Perak are being vandalized and melted by those people that we choose to represent us in the democracy process.

Link: Tugu Democracy sabotaged for the second time in two days

Monday, March 09, 2009

Bahasa Melayu for teaching Science and Math and not Tamil or Mandarin

More people are giving their opinion over the government decision to maintain the teaching English in science and math subject. It true that English is the perfect language to be mastered if one want to understand the knowledge of math and science. First at all, i support the government policy toward science and math but later on after reading some blogs and forums in television, i find it this is not the right decision.

1. No or only few country around the world use a bilingual in separate teaching any subjects at school. Most of them use their official language to teach all school's subjects consistently. For example, Indonesia uses Bahasa Indonesia to teach all the school's subjects and their level of education far better than us. Japan and China also did a same thing and they have launched rockets to the space successfully.

2. It not about the Malay’s language heritages or rights but more on confusing the young school children and creating identity crisis and conflict for the future generation. I am the product of the previous frequent changing education policy by the government each time a new education minister taken the post. Now, we even don't know how to call our national language. Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Melayu still not yet agreed.

3. English literacy among the majority of the school students is low. Unless we put English as our national language, it can be considered to be use in teaching science and math. While Malay is the national language by constitution, don't dream that it will change a things where only little percentages of city school students benefited from this policy while most rural and small town has less access to the material and practical everyday usages.

4. Teaching English in science and math shown that the government doesn’t want to put more effort in improving the education system in long term. Short term solution such this will create a new gap among the English speaking and non English speaking further away.

5. I believe the government should teach math and science in the national language that is Malay. We Malaysian no longer live in India, China or British. To stick with mother tongue language is a step backwards to the nation and educational building. I don't see the Americans teach their children in other language separately unless only as second language or culture and heritage conservation.

6. English should be the main qualification to any government post to make sure all spectrum of Malaysian can speak and write well. It is easier to lure the donkey with a carrot than pushing his back to make it walking. If the government not to obsess with Malay only policy, we will not have this problem at the beginning.

7. Other mother tongue language such as mandarin, Tamil, kadazan and iban should be listed as a mandatory pass for second language and should available in any government school around the nation. Secular Chinese and mandarin school shouldn't take the government fund if they want to maintain their language and should turn to private fund.

8. The government should not interfere with the nation education system. Changes only can be approved by those elected qualified expert in their respective field. Education Minister who chooses to change any education policy should present their cases in a commission established to safe guard the system.

These point above need no expert to think and create. It is a straight to the point and making some sense that was applied at some developed country. We lived in a very complex and complicated society that still living in their world and illusion of their homeland heritage. Those who still in delusional with their homeland should know that we're no longer considered as their country man. We will be treated as an outsider no different than we as to those illegal immigrants to our country.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Nude photo scandals

We were dump with lots of sex scandals that involving normal people, politician and celebrities. It was not hard to find those controversy photos in the internet if you know the keyword for the search. Today, with those cheap and good quality slr digital camera in the market, photography was not really an expensive preposition and everyone can be a photographer. I saw lots of type of photo in the internet, from random shot of their life to special technical photography. Nevertheless, a nude person and photo is not a good combination no matter one is rich or poor, famous or not.

Most people don’t care those photos with nude person on it if they're no one. Thou, it will catch some attention to some people who hunt for these kind of random photos that shows private and intimate part of a person no matter they're a guy or a girl. These kinds of photos that mean nothing to the person who might or might not intentionally let their private parts being photograph will not get a major attention to the public generally.

The problem start when personalities that well known to general public was caught to be in part of these photos. Most such photo exclusively belongs to celebrities that are to believe took a nude photo of them intentionally or not intentionally distributed and circulated around the general public. With the help of electronic gadgets and wide coverage of the information technologies, it sure is spreading hundred times faster than a bush fire or a big flood.

No matter one is politician, celebrities or others, it is a story. No matter this is an morally or not, ethical or not, interested or not, public always like to know, read, see and judge these people who involved in the controversy photos. Malaysia was not left out from these controversies to their celebrities. Malaysian normally looks high on their celebrities, politician because of the strong religious, morality and families’ value. If any controversy including these public figure, spotlight will be on them even thou it not really a big deal or their fault.

Many public figure nude photo controversy from such KRU member and ELITE member, police secret squad video, politician chua soi lek secret cctv and elizebeth wong's unintentional voyageur photo too lots of airtime and headlines. These people and other public figures and personalities was under heavy scrutiny of their moral and personalities value no matter it is private life or not, past or present on doing.

Public figure or personalities cannot run away from these responsibilities to the people who they tried to get their attention with. An actor needs the viewers, singer from the fans, politician from the voters and leader from their countryman. I find it very interesting to read and hear about those celebrities and public figure involved in nude photo or video scandals tried to justified their doings with excuse like personal and private matter.

Everyone does deserve a privacy in their life without interruption and disturbance form others but public celebrities and figure should knew that their need public support to be what they are. They life belongs to the public because most of their income and support came from them. Politicians need the public to elect them to their seat and post and celebrities need to fans to buy their album to maintain their career.

Privacy and personal is not an excuse for public figure to justify their act no matter it is intentional or not. They have to be responsible and guard over themselves things that would bring problem that humiliate their own selves in future. Self awareness and discipline should be a priority to whoever plans to be public figure such as celebrities and politician. If this cannot be met, the public will scrutinize them no matter like it or not.


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