Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Nude photo scandals

We were dump with lots of sex scandals that involving normal people, politician and celebrities. It was not hard to find those controversy photos in the internet if you know the keyword for the search. Today, with those cheap and good quality slr digital camera in the market, photography was not really an expensive preposition and everyone can be a photographer. I saw lots of type of photo in the internet, from random shot of their life to special technical photography. Nevertheless, a nude person and photo is not a good combination no matter one is rich or poor, famous or not.

Most people don’t care those photos with nude person on it if they're no one. Thou, it will catch some attention to some people who hunt for these kind of random photos that shows private and intimate part of a person no matter they're a guy or a girl. These kinds of photos that mean nothing to the person who might or might not intentionally let their private parts being photograph will not get a major attention to the public generally.

The problem start when personalities that well known to general public was caught to be in part of these photos. Most such photo exclusively belongs to celebrities that are to believe took a nude photo of them intentionally or not intentionally distributed and circulated around the general public. With the help of electronic gadgets and wide coverage of the information technologies, it sure is spreading hundred times faster than a bush fire or a big flood.

No matter one is politician, celebrities or others, it is a story. No matter this is an morally or not, ethical or not, interested or not, public always like to know, read, see and judge these people who involved in the controversy photos. Malaysia was not left out from these controversies to their celebrities. Malaysian normally looks high on their celebrities, politician because of the strong religious, morality and families’ value. If any controversy including these public figure, spotlight will be on them even thou it not really a big deal or their fault.

Many public figure nude photo controversy from such KRU member and ELITE member, police secret squad video, politician chua soi lek secret cctv and elizebeth wong's unintentional voyageur photo too lots of airtime and headlines. These people and other public figures and personalities was under heavy scrutiny of their moral and personalities value no matter it is private life or not, past or present on doing.

Public figure or personalities cannot run away from these responsibilities to the people who they tried to get their attention with. An actor needs the viewers, singer from the fans, politician from the voters and leader from their countryman. I find it very interesting to read and hear about those celebrities and public figure involved in nude photo or video scandals tried to justified their doings with excuse like personal and private matter.

Everyone does deserve a privacy in their life without interruption and disturbance form others but public celebrities and figure should knew that their need public support to be what they are. They life belongs to the public because most of their income and support came from them. Politicians need the public to elect them to their seat and post and celebrities need to fans to buy their album to maintain their career.

Privacy and personal is not an excuse for public figure to justify their act no matter it is intentional or not. They have to be responsible and guard over themselves things that would bring problem that humiliate their own selves in future. Self awareness and discipline should be a priority to whoever plans to be public figure such as celebrities and politician. If this cannot be met, the public will scrutinize them no matter like it or not.

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