Wednesday, February 18, 2009

From Chua Soi Lek to Elizabeth Wong

I still remembered a post i wrote similar to this event. It's involved a high ranking cabinet minister Chua Soi Lek scandal over his sex video that circulating in the public.

Now, new scandals over the same thing arise to the public. Elizabeth Wong, Bukit Lanjan assemblywoman decided to quit over her nude photo that circulating in the public. Personally, i think she should allow resigning. A person that works in such statue in public services should take responsibility over his or her action no matter in his previous or recent life.

It so wrong to let such tainted personality to be a leader and he or she should be barred from the public to avoid it to be a role model or example for our young kids. If not, they will think that it is okay to take nude photo of her today because the public acceptance over this action is good. The morality in the society will plumed to the level where it can slowly destroy a civilization and the existence of the human species.

Morality doesn't rule in one side. PR always condemns the morality of BN representative but of themselves too. We talk about corrupt, dishonest and greedy politician, but at the same time accept those nude photo, act and other incident by other politician as small and tolerable matters. We talk against the moral value of former health minister Chua Soi Lek of his secret affairs with another woman but justified Elizabeth nude photos.

As an assembly person that services him or her to public services it is fair that it will be judged by the public and a moral example and good ethic needed to make sure the people lead by the right person. A person was given power by the people because they think he or she is a good person and without any bad habits or other things. I don't think a person will public said that he or she did some weeds or take some nude photos or like to go to pub in his personal resume in campaigning during the election. If this happen, i believe this is the end of his or her political career.

I believe Elizabeth Wong did a right thing and resign as a assemblywoman. This is a good example for other representative no matter in the parliament or state assembly so that they will not do as they like when they working for the people. The people deserved the rights to have a good and clean leader to represent them in the nation or state assembly. To break the rules, means to accept those other immoral values such as corruption, greed and others values in a person who leading our country.


Sakurai Aerial said...

First of all, you may be right. A politician with nude photos being circulated should be barred from office.

However, I would like to say that it is not Elizabeth's fault. She did nothing wrong and broke no law. Her nude photo was taken while she was asleep and she was not aware at all.

Obviously this is an attempt to kill a politicians' career. I wonder will Najib admit and resign if he and his wife were shot naked and the photos distributed?

I say let Elizabeth recontest her seat and let the rakyat decide whether they want her to stay in office. But heck, that is forbidden.

This is Malaysia. =\

Jefferi said...

no matter it was taken purposely or not, it happened. resigning is a right thing to do. to stay in the job will certainly make things more worst because her image are so tainted by whoever planned the scandal. she certainly going to be the burden of the party that so tainted filled with scandalous representative too.

rules is rules. whoever convicted or doubted in a immoral values no matter it is small or big should not taken the public office post. moral ethic should be a priority for the people when consider their representative. yes, this included the party leader too.

lynnx01 said...

The entire sounds so dumb to me. It is clearly people trying to get her down. It is such dirty and sick tactic.

Jefferi said...

yes.. lynnx01, it sound so dumb and indeed a dirty and sick tactics. but it works isn't it? now she have to pay and bear the consequences no matter it is a plot or done purposely.


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