Sunday, February 08, 2009

Anwar reap what he sow

Thanks to Anwar, his plan to take over the country in hurry was defeated by BN in his own game and rules. I would like to see the country govern by other new regiment as long they're not BN and elected through a fair election. Pakatan Rakyat seems to be an ideal regiment but not the right party to be government due to its historical scar. Those historical scar and problem is Anwar Ibrahim himself.

His plan to take over the country and become the Prime Minister is the worst plan ever. First he tried to persuade the selfish and ignorance BN MPs by encourage them to switch side with some benefits on their hands even most PR supporters against the plan. The plan was indeed failed and easily broken by the super money BN.

Second, he tried to get the support from the King and Sultans by lure them with restoration of their immunity. I am strongly against this action because it is a backward step to the modern civilization and political dimension. I don't want to go back to the old time when power of governing was given to one person and immune to the rules of the land and people.

History tells us that many sacrificed their life for us now in which we live in a world that free and liberal. War upon war to fight those anarchist and selfish royalties and our past generation paid with blood and life for what we experience now, a free and liberal society with justice in the people hand.

Now, the PR is in a crisis again when Karpal want Anwar to quit as PR chief due to the down fall of the PR led government in Perak. It is true that Anwar is the main mascot in PR and factors of the huge support to Pakatan Rakyat but he is not the perfect person to lead the country or even a state. PR and BN somehow is the same in the power structure. It is impossible for the Keadilan to accept non-malay to lead the country because they're as the UMNO too ignorance and selfish to let go the power hold special rights that MCA and MIC previously arranged.

Perak’s political crisis shows us that the Sultan can act out from the law and constitution without the consent of the people. I wonder if the sultan acts according within the constituency of the state or just merely exercising the law at his own will. I realize that there are many flaws in the current constitution where the sultan or king was honored at high respect without some guarantee that the King will respect the constituency. The constituencies dictate that the King or Sultans should act accordingly to the law and regulations and it is against the will of the people if he overrule the constituency.

Anwar should realize this crisis and should admit defeat so that the people will not drag into a deeper problem and breakup. DAP is wise to denounce Anwar because he is also the one of the many factors to the crisis that happened or will happen. If Anwar choose to stand on his ground and maintain his post, i believe the PR will cease to exist before the end of the next general election.

ps - Truthfully, Nizar is no longer the menteri besar of Perak because he was sided out due to the informal vote of no confidence. The sides switch by the 4 Aduns shown the people that even with the assembly meet, he will sooner or later voted out due to the majority obtained by the BN and Independent in the Perak State Assembly.


Aj said...

wow what detail pov...nice.. hey Jeff, why don't you try becoming a politician one day?

Jefferi said...

hehe.. thanks.. be a politician? haha.. there are more skills to have before thinking to be a politician beside just having the skills in writing this junk and crab in the internet.

lynnx01 said...

I am quite fed up with the local political news. Choose not to listen or read anymore.

Jefferi said...

some can afford not to listen and care and some cannot. if your life and living are influence and effected by how those leader run the country, it matters unless one have a opportunity to leave all this away and start a new living at a new place away from here.. that might be better.


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