Sunday, February 01, 2009

Better resign than hop to other party

Missing Pakatan lawmaker denies resigning, Perak in chaos

At least, two PKR Aduns have more honors compare to ex-PBS DUNs and MPs whom hopped to BN during previous election that resulted an unfair election to the people. I believe those man of honor knew they being black mailed by BN about their previous wrong doing and choose not to be BN's puppets by resigning their respective seats.

I hope PR representative think about the people welfare first rather than its own pocket money. BN failed the people many times by their empty promises that resulted suffering to the people they sworn to protect. The people have spoken and change will come true if the PR withhold their oath, honor and promises they made to the people. I hope it can be true.


seventh said...

...and now they want to have anti-hop law. i guess they should look into themselves rather than just for the sake of talking about it.

Jefferi said...

the people being too nice to the old politician and the politician don't really care about the people. they just make and abolish the law as they please for their own agenda. this disgrace the oath that they took to serve the office.

Aj said...

today, Lajim Ukin made a statement that he supported politicians that hopping-party. hahha no wonder big flood in Beaufort now.He is the Frog Prince... remember the story? haha

Jefferi said...

big flood in beaufort only bring suffering to the people same as what he said about the party hopping. hopping party will only bring mistrust a person from the people. i just wonder why we can elect again and again a proven corrupted politician as our leader. as i said we reap what we sow. the people create a corrupted leader and it only up to the people to destroy it. i mean in civilize way.


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