Saturday, December 31, 2005

Another New Year meant another year pass by.

I always remembered the significant of each passing of a new year. Each year means that you have gone through an exciting past experience and become one year wiser or i might say older. Many often assume that a New Year celebration is an excuse for having a great party, go out as it is a holiday and having a good meal to eat with all your friends. New Year is not mean to celebrating it alone and one should one have many friends to be with during the night as it happen to me every year which I more prefer. And yet, some do believe New Year as an opportunity to wash away the bad luck with having a dip in the sea exactly on the time transition of old to New Year until the time tsunami happened, no one want to touch the sea water. This superstitious are blending in on our modern society and no way its going to go away soon.

Nothing really significant happens to me on 2005. Life on this 12 month turns to be as calm as it can be. What I never forget is the time that we have to attend two mourning death in a period of 2 month. It’s sure meant nothing but surely it gives me lots of thinking to do. Both of them are my friend’s relatives. I can gladly say both left this world in orderly peace and not as the last death event I witnessed where it’s quite disturbing for me. Looking at people’s lost, I think of my personal lost. Sooner or later I have to experience the lost of my close one. Am I prepared for it? My mind keep telling me that no one can preparing or predict of having a lost of someone close. One might have to face and overcome it because it is the part of growing up and living life as many do.

I have a great chance to recall at my past experience during pervious years. Many mistakes was done, come along lesson was learned. I manage to look at myself as an outsider, and indeed there are many weakness points that I should aware. Having making many bad decision are one of the weaknesses. Impatient is a liability in life and it have to be fixed. Impatient do always follows by a bad decision afterwards. It’s happen to me many times and I wonders when it going to end. With all this weaknesses, I do have some strong point to be happy with. Life looks brighter and wonderful this year. It’s really feel good as there are some financial difficulties arise, in which I quite happy with it.

So, what is going to happen after this? I don’t dare to forecast or even to plan it. I have made some prediction and pray hard that it going to be true, so what if it’s not I have no objection about it. Life is a journey that full with adventures and surprises that will creates your individuality and selfness.

Happy New Year 2006!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Hey! Women where are your rights?

Statistic shows us that now the numbers of women are greater than man in the world. I don’t know where the proof is but with a click of a button of mouse, I can find it via internet. That is not the point. The real issue now is that women are having their rights politicized by bunch of political man that thought they can change the world to a better place. Those political men really know how to get in the women nerves by setting up a bill that claim to protect women but the reality is that men get more benefits in it. Is that what we say FAIR?

What I realized that the Islamic Family Law (FT) (Amendment) Bill 2005 was started by an incident. It is to believe that an army suggested to his wife that he want to get married again. With out her further notice, his wife splashes him with a bottle of acid on his face. Never have I known what happen to his wife but I can safely bet that she in jail as she done something bad. The husband having a thought of divorce his wife and married his second lover, but it is not as he expected when he get rejected by his second lovers. Stupid things started to happen as the newspaper especially the Malay Daily presenting a good PR for the army and blaming all his misfortune and despair to the wife and second lover rejection. Never did he know that he is the one who cause himself to all suffering that he bears today. First his first wife of pouring acid on to his face and second, then the second lover who have a second thought of get married to a facial disfigured man. I cannot blame the second lover as no one want to get married with an ugly guy and sorry to say that this is the fact of life.

Indeed that pouring acid on to a person face is a severe crime and punishable according to law, but in another sense, I’m not surprise this thing happen. As to his wife, I do believe that she will not regret of doing it to her husband. As for me speculate that she was hit on her high point on anger management means that she lost her temper. So, what I can say is that, this is a crime of passion and was invoke by anger feeling. I read that the media and news paper tend to divert the blame to the women and surprisingly from women itself. It seems to pointing that we’re going back to the old mentality in where now we have a term called “women rights” when the man thought they can do anything they want as it happened hundred years ago. In a point that I quote this absurd comment on Berita Harian Online of an article titled, “Nasib wanita lebih terbela”.

Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Dr Abdullah Md Zin, ketika mempertahankan rang undang-undang yang diluluskan Parlimen Khamis lalu itu berkata, akta berkenaan sudah lengkap, malah tiada mana-mana negara yang menyediakan undang-undang seumpama itu.

“Kebanyakan pindaan dalam rang undang berkenaan memberi banyak kelebihan kepada wanita,” katanya kepada Berita Harian semalam.

Women today have little say about anything of their life. As in religion, man does in charge and women are the side kick or the unimportant. I am a man who believes in God; but have a different thought of knowing that women have no rights of being some one important in society. As I know, it is impossible for women to become a leader in a religious base community. Somehow, women sometime did slip away for the norm of society and really become a leader, which is President of Philippine, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Margaret Thatcher the past Britain Prime Minister, Queen Elizabeth II and many more. Never I see that a women to hold a high position in a main religion in the world. It’s really impossible to happen as man has the head start on everything for thousand of years and the fight of women right just happen not more than 50 years ago. So, there are still long way for women to go.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Tun Mahathir, YB Lim, YB Teresa and Mr Jeff Ooi

It has been a while our YB Lim blog is out for us to read. He is not a novice in writing blog as he has been written articles about politics before I was born (if that is true). To cut short this babbling, I just want to say that he is a grand master blog writer and should have exceed far more than Mr Jeff Ooi, the top bloglitical activist at the moment. I wish that he will get some special awards on the next PPS Anniversary Celebration. In that case, I leave it for Aizuddin and his panels (if it even exits) to think about.

So far, YB Lim has written so many articles on his blog site and most of the topic he touches is about the things happen in parliament. He can be consider as a journalist that have an executive tag on his name to enter, talk, argue and covers what happen in the parliament beside YB Teresa Kok, and others YB DAP members who did not really doing it much (correct me if I’m wrong on this). No one has covers any parliament issue in details for us (that have the luxury of internet access) to read. He also point out many scandals and educational issues for us to think about. Is he great or what?

I cannot decide who is the most controversial blogger are. It is YB Lim or YB Teresa? I rule out Jeff Ooi because he only made his impact limited to our Malaysia cyber community and not generally. If he wants to make a change, I would like to suggest to Mr. Jeff Ooi to consider contesting in a general election and see if he really has the impact or not. Then, he has to find some places that know to him pretty well most likely the majority residents have an access to internet. Some area in KL would sound good to start with. It that a gig or what?

3 more days left until Christmas. There must be lots of wishes from anyone even thou he/she not a Christian. Lots of wishes (in material form) came true and a lot is not. I personally wish to see our ex Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir has its own blog. We indeed can contribute comment and have a small discussion in it. I do not think this is a big problem for him because he is also a good writer. Many will benefits with reading his point of views on politics, social and economics issues. This might sound too idealistic to be true, as he will not doing so because he already thinking to earn more (even thou he is already rich) money on his book. Is that politically correct?

Can blog writers make changes on the real political area and make bloglitical as a word politically and get its wide acceptance from general community in Malaysia? Jeff Ooi seems to be a major favorite for me, and might be we can see some others as well. So what do you think?

Political Heavyweight YB Lim Kit Siang goes in Bloglitical Platform

Friday, December 16, 2005

Air Asia: How cheap it can to be safe?

Air Asia is certainly providing us a cheap way to travel via air especially for people who want to go from or to city on Borneo Island and peninsular Malaysia. After reading the tire burst incident in daily newspaper, I remembered back the one thing that I spot while taking a flight via Air Asia back to Kuala Lumpur.

Let me give you the scenario first. My knowledge in computer never limited to the software but also the hardware. If my computer operating software fails or crash, or infected by a nasty viruses I can easily fix it. It is the same with the hardware. I can do some diagnostic and test to determine why a computer wouldn’t start or why the monitor displays no picture. This is easy, as hardware fail, we tend to change to a new parts and then everything run as good as the new. I find out that tighten back all the screw back was not an enjoying thing to do. So I leave the casing cover on back to the computer casing without the screw in tighten the cover to its casing frame, and when my computer have some problem, I just open the cover and do the necessary repair. That is easy.

What I just describe look like a small thing. Leaving a computer cover without the screw is not as dangerous as you can imagine. Just think what will happen if you leave a couple of screw holes without a screw of an airplane casing and let the plane fly. What you all are going to think about that? Would you sit on a plane that you know that there are few screw hole are empty without a screw to cover it. As I saw this empty screw hole on the plane while it flies few thousand feet above the ground really make me worried. Luckily I have a digital camera on my side and able to took some of the photo as you can see below. I made an email complaint and they acknowledge it and I never heard from their respond again. That complaint was made 2 years ago.

Maybe it not looks as dangerous as I thought last time. It could turn to a dangerous because there are many reason a plane need that screw hole. I’m not an airplane engineer but I bet everyone know why plane need a lots of screw hole to tight all the screw to its frame. The empty screw hole also shows the inexperience and neglect of out plane service engineer. Safety of the passenger is not on their top priority and this can lead to a major problem as I saw in daily news recently. As again I watched on the Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel, an airplane disaster or any other big accident disaster was cause by a small neglect by either of their engineer or the company management who run it. I watch a documentary about a plane that almost crash because of the engineer chooses a wrong screw to the cockpit window.

Skidding over the runway and a tire burst during taxing seems to be a small problem that can easily solves and repair, but how many of this incident that we need to face until the main incident occurs. This might be an indication to something worst to happen and no one want it to happen. We might say that this is an unexpected faulty of the airplane but never we know that most of the major crashes of an airplane around the world can be avoided if the service engineers are doing the job more seriously. It might sound silly but it will not sound like it if something bad really happens later.

December 14, 2005 19:40 PM
Bernama: AirAsia Jet Makes Successful Landing Though Two Tyres Blow Out

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Police: Can we trust them?

Reading news about a girl that was video cam nude and squatting is a backslash to the credibility of our law enforcer. I was shocked by the amount of bad posting or story about the police in the PPS, and written articles on the news paper daily. Never I known how we came about saying that the nude girl in the video was Chinese citizen, but it was not shocking and strange for people making a rush assumption because many of us have a wide range of imagination. It makes me wonder that how we’re going to trust the police if the condemnations are allows.

What I know that police institution is important for us, the civilian people. When things going rough in your neighborhoods, the first thing in your mind is take the phone and call the police. We’re not calling our friends or family or someone that know how to fight or do we want to call gangster who terrorizing the neighborhood. Yes, the police will be the first one in our mind who can solve the problem and keep the peace. Nevertheless I’m not denying that there are some unsatisfactions among us on how the police doing the jobs. Indeed, we need to keep an eye on that if not who is going to watch them. We’re living in a country that has laws. Laws are above all even higher than our Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi or some 5 star ranks of army general. We have law to follow so that the power and the authorities will always back to its citizens.

When the police credibility tarnished on some issue especially the proper treatment of foreign immigrant, we tend to lose trust to the police. Still, I believe we have not yet lost all our trust as police force is still the most important aspect in our society. Having an Astro at home is really a information well for me. Discovery Channel run documentary about the everyday police life that I agree it’s never too easy. They have to outsmart all the criminals so that they can put them behind the bars. I saw Malaysia version of cops story but it not really a complete insight. If the police really want to gain back the confidentiality from the people, I think that we need to be educated about the real meaning of the police work transparently without any cover up.


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