Thursday, December 29, 2005

Hey! Women where are your rights?

Statistic shows us that now the numbers of women are greater than man in the world. I don’t know where the proof is but with a click of a button of mouse, I can find it via internet. That is not the point. The real issue now is that women are having their rights politicized by bunch of political man that thought they can change the world to a better place. Those political men really know how to get in the women nerves by setting up a bill that claim to protect women but the reality is that men get more benefits in it. Is that what we say FAIR?

What I realized that the Islamic Family Law (FT) (Amendment) Bill 2005 was started by an incident. It is to believe that an army suggested to his wife that he want to get married again. With out her further notice, his wife splashes him with a bottle of acid on his face. Never have I known what happen to his wife but I can safely bet that she in jail as she done something bad. The husband having a thought of divorce his wife and married his second lover, but it is not as he expected when he get rejected by his second lovers. Stupid things started to happen as the newspaper especially the Malay Daily presenting a good PR for the army and blaming all his misfortune and despair to the wife and second lover rejection. Never did he know that he is the one who cause himself to all suffering that he bears today. First his first wife of pouring acid on to his face and second, then the second lover who have a second thought of get married to a facial disfigured man. I cannot blame the second lover as no one want to get married with an ugly guy and sorry to say that this is the fact of life.

Indeed that pouring acid on to a person face is a severe crime and punishable according to law, but in another sense, I’m not surprise this thing happen. As to his wife, I do believe that she will not regret of doing it to her husband. As for me speculate that she was hit on her high point on anger management means that she lost her temper. So, what I can say is that, this is a crime of passion and was invoke by anger feeling. I read that the media and news paper tend to divert the blame to the women and surprisingly from women itself. It seems to pointing that we’re going back to the old mentality in where now we have a term called “women rights” when the man thought they can do anything they want as it happened hundred years ago. In a point that I quote this absurd comment on Berita Harian Online of an article titled, “Nasib wanita lebih terbela”.

Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Dr Abdullah Md Zin, ketika mempertahankan rang undang-undang yang diluluskan Parlimen Khamis lalu itu berkata, akta berkenaan sudah lengkap, malah tiada mana-mana negara yang menyediakan undang-undang seumpama itu.

“Kebanyakan pindaan dalam rang undang berkenaan memberi banyak kelebihan kepada wanita,” katanya kepada Berita Harian semalam.

Women today have little say about anything of their life. As in religion, man does in charge and women are the side kick or the unimportant. I am a man who believes in God; but have a different thought of knowing that women have no rights of being some one important in society. As I know, it is impossible for women to become a leader in a religious base community. Somehow, women sometime did slip away for the norm of society and really become a leader, which is President of Philippine, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Margaret Thatcher the past Britain Prime Minister, Queen Elizabeth II and many more. Never I see that a women to hold a high position in a main religion in the world. It’s really impossible to happen as man has the head start on everything for thousand of years and the fight of women right just happen not more than 50 years ago. So, there are still long way for women to go.

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