Thursday, December 15, 2005

Police: Can we trust them?

Reading news about a girl that was video cam nude and squatting is a backslash to the credibility of our law enforcer. I was shocked by the amount of bad posting or story about the police in the PPS, and written articles on the news paper daily. Never I known how we came about saying that the nude girl in the video was Chinese citizen, but it was not shocking and strange for people making a rush assumption because many of us have a wide range of imagination. It makes me wonder that how we’re going to trust the police if the condemnations are allows.

What I know that police institution is important for us, the civilian people. When things going rough in your neighborhoods, the first thing in your mind is take the phone and call the police. We’re not calling our friends or family or someone that know how to fight or do we want to call gangster who terrorizing the neighborhood. Yes, the police will be the first one in our mind who can solve the problem and keep the peace. Nevertheless I’m not denying that there are some unsatisfactions among us on how the police doing the jobs. Indeed, we need to keep an eye on that if not who is going to watch them. We’re living in a country that has laws. Laws are above all even higher than our Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi or some 5 star ranks of army general. We have law to follow so that the power and the authorities will always back to its citizens.

When the police credibility tarnished on some issue especially the proper treatment of foreign immigrant, we tend to lose trust to the police. Still, I believe we have not yet lost all our trust as police force is still the most important aspect in our society. Having an Astro at home is really a information well for me. Discovery Channel run documentary about the everyday police life that I agree it’s never too easy. They have to outsmart all the criminals so that they can put them behind the bars. I saw Malaysia version of cops story but it not really a complete insight. If the police really want to gain back the confidentiality from the people, I think that we need to be educated about the real meaning of the police work transparently without any cover up.


lynnx01 said...

I did a Year 12 research on the tarnishing image of our PDRM. I find that indeed our PDRM's image has gone down straight to the drain based on corruption etc. I had the privilege to many inside stuff of the force last time and I find that not all police personnels are that lousy. The certain few with those problems are the ones who are causing this current tarnishing image.

Well I think I have carried away by my research (which I did more than a year ago but never got the chance to submit in).

Anyway back to the nude ear squat thing. Let me just warn you - things may not seem as transparent as you think they are. My assumption, really. Not trying to imply anything. I just come to this point that I do not trust what the papers say. Sigh.

Zi said...

my dad is policeman ... and i trusted my dad... lol

p.s - hehehe.... lol


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