Saturday, December 31, 2005

Another New Year meant another year pass by.

I always remembered the significant of each passing of a new year. Each year means that you have gone through an exciting past experience and become one year wiser or i might say older. Many often assume that a New Year celebration is an excuse for having a great party, go out as it is a holiday and having a good meal to eat with all your friends. New Year is not mean to celebrating it alone and one should one have many friends to be with during the night as it happen to me every year which I more prefer. And yet, some do believe New Year as an opportunity to wash away the bad luck with having a dip in the sea exactly on the time transition of old to New Year until the time tsunami happened, no one want to touch the sea water. This superstitious are blending in on our modern society and no way its going to go away soon.

Nothing really significant happens to me on 2005. Life on this 12 month turns to be as calm as it can be. What I never forget is the time that we have to attend two mourning death in a period of 2 month. It’s sure meant nothing but surely it gives me lots of thinking to do. Both of them are my friend’s relatives. I can gladly say both left this world in orderly peace and not as the last death event I witnessed where it’s quite disturbing for me. Looking at people’s lost, I think of my personal lost. Sooner or later I have to experience the lost of my close one. Am I prepared for it? My mind keep telling me that no one can preparing or predict of having a lost of someone close. One might have to face and overcome it because it is the part of growing up and living life as many do.

I have a great chance to recall at my past experience during pervious years. Many mistakes was done, come along lesson was learned. I manage to look at myself as an outsider, and indeed there are many weakness points that I should aware. Having making many bad decision are one of the weaknesses. Impatient is a liability in life and it have to be fixed. Impatient do always follows by a bad decision afterwards. It’s happen to me many times and I wonders when it going to end. With all this weaknesses, I do have some strong point to be happy with. Life looks brighter and wonderful this year. It’s really feel good as there are some financial difficulties arise, in which I quite happy with it.

So, what is going to happen after this? I don’t dare to forecast or even to plan it. I have made some prediction and pray hard that it going to be true, so what if it’s not I have no objection about it. Life is a journey that full with adventures and surprises that will creates your individuality and selfness.

Happy New Year 2006!


She's Jess said...

Happy 2006.

Life is fragile and unpredictable.

Cheers mate

Zi said...

happy new year 2006 to u too my friend....


jeff is always jeff... O_o"

geovanni said...

No more update???


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