Friday, June 19, 2009

Maid or Slave

Maids cannot be trusted to have a day off, say bosses

I cannot help but feel sad after reading the Malaysia Insider article about the maid in Malaysia. It turn out that pool made by the theStar suggested most of Malaysian object the government decision to have a mandatory one day a week off in a country that majority of its working class work averagely 5 days a week.
The poll, which asked if maids should be given one rest day a week, drew a total of 769 respondents over 11 hours. About 76.1% or 585 respondents said “no,” while 23.9% or 184 respondents said “yes.”


I find it surprised much of the reason was given by the employer that against the day off. Among one is,
Accountant Audrey Tan, who employs two Indonesian maids, said: “They might run away with boyfriends, contract sexual diseases or get pregnant.

I find it a bit offensive because this employer can make this racist and stereotype statement and get away with it so easily. This social degrading statement should not be the part of the Malaysian society. It doesn't take an Indonesian maid to run away with boyfriend and contracted with disease or get pregnant. Many Malaysian youngsters and some educated student did that too. Some of them did even worst.

Most employer with maid thought they have the rights to abuse their maid just because the maid have difficulties to learn of following orders. When the public condemn the abuse of the children, or animal, why there are major silences over the abuse of maid. Dog could get more good treatment compare to the maid in a house hold.
Labour experts say the changes are an attempt to change Malaysia’s image as an exploiter of migrant workers. In the most recent case of abuse, police yesterday charged Hau Yuan Tyng, 42, with causing injury to her Indonesian maid, Siti Hajar Sadli, using hot water, a hammer and scissors.

Maid abuse become increasing in Malaysia and Indonesian government started aware and threatens to act if nothing was changed. No wonder Malaysia got black listed by United States in its human trafficking report. The influx of illegal immigrant to Sabah is the top issues that should be take action. The BN government are playing stupid with these issues and only knowing how to blame other for their own wrong doing and mismanagement.
“Offices and factories can be shut down for a day off but we can’t do that in a home,” said Norizan Sharif, president of the Macom community group. “A home is formal place and maids work or rest in an informal environment. If they take leave, the home comes to a standstill.”

Excuses blaming the maid to the problem of the family seem not fair. Maid job is to assist the employer in their home work and not the caretaker or responsible for the household. The core of a family is lean toward to the parent and not the maid. Maid can come and go but member of the family such as father; mother and the children stay on forever. Such excuses should be objected and condemn due its lowest nature of reason.

It seems that career as a maid in Malaysia not a noble as in other country. Many incident involved maid become thief or running away from their work in which created fear to family that depend to maid to care for their family. It turns so ugly that maid that not as expected to be will be physically and mentally abuse by their employer. Where goes that Malaysian good identity that we cherish many years ago?


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