Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rotation and the Merry go round.

Reading about the demand of Penang UMNO Youth call on the rotation on the post of Chief Minister of Penang makes me remembered when Sabah had its own rotation post and ended up a stupid plan after all. The intention is clear because they want the post of Chief Minister of Penang to be held by UMNO representative. In previous years, UMNO in Penang had called for the post to be replaces to UMNO representative rather to LDP because the majority of the State Assembly seats are from UMNO. I don’t know if this is playing stupid or what, but I think that it is the way for them to take what they want.

If those people think that rotation post is the solution, why not rotate the post of Malaysia Prime Minister. Definitely, the respond that we get is war. We can see in the case of Lina Joy which revokes the fundamentalist crying out loud like hell goes loose. Ironically, in another turn if something was done, no one to be blame. Another tone of word and argument spoken as it is not a big deal. This happens when Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi’s son in law Khairy spoken about the threat of UMNO when getting weak that the Chinese will take this opportunity to rise power. Never do they know once upon a time due to the banning of UMNO by the ROC, MCA is the one who become the middle man. One source saying, the previous MCA President Tun Ling Liong Sik was appointed a post as acting Barisan Nasional chairman before it passing the post back to former PM that time was Tun Dr Mahathir.

Kulim State Assemblyman Boey Chin Gan, who is also Youth vice-chief, said Khairy was not even an Umno member in 1987. "How can he say that MCA took advantage of the situation then" he said when responding to points raised by delegates.
He added that it was not fair to blame non-Malay political parties just to score political points. MCA leaders had never resorted to such tactics, said Boey, who was the former Press secretary to MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting. Johor delegate Yeong Kian Heng said it was not true that MCA took advantage of Umno’s weaknesses, as Umno was part of Barisan Nasional. "In 1988, when Umno was declared illegal, (former president) Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik became the Barisan Nasional chairman."He did not take advantage of the situation."

NST 26 August 2006

As a Malaysian, I find it hard to celebrating the 49th Independent of Malaysia. To look it in more details, the total year is also confusing to Sabah and Sarawak people. On 1957, Sabah and Sarawak haven’t got their independent not after 1963 and on the 16 of September. Maybe it not so significant to people who live in west Malaysia but to east Malaysia such as Sabah and Sarawak, it feel a bit awkward. Correct me if I’m wrong, but what I know is that Sabah and Sarawak got it independent due the agreement of joining the Federation of Malaysia. I recently watch on Discovery Channel that point out Malaysia was actually the combination of Malaya and Singapore combination. Lee Kwan Yew, the former PM of Singapore is the one who lobbying Tunku Abdul Rahman in which he is not really interested at that moment to join with Malaya and started a Federation of Malaysia or Malaya-Singapore in condition with Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei joining too. I can conclude that Lee Kuan Yew should be a more significant person over the existence Malaysia rather than Tunku Abdul Rahman itself.

So, where are Sabah and Sarawak fit in? The new generation was bombarded with lots of version that they heard from theirs parents or grand parents and the version they learn at school. I recall the time I was arguing with my parents over the fact of what really happen during the Sabah history and found out that not all that written in school text books is accurate. Even the constitution changes in the priod less than 50 years compares to America Constitutions that was not even altered for 200 years. We’re not supposed to celebrate the independent in which we have did not have it in historical perspective. It just like celebrating your birthday two weeks earlier and change your age to 6 years older because somebody to told you to do so. It just doesn’t seem and feel right.

I’m not trying to project any anti-Malaysia sentiment and still feel blessed to be a citizen in a not equally same with the so called bumiputra or local native. I just really disappointed to know all the lies and fact of life to be a non-bumiputra and branded as a second class citizen. When our politician talks about the brutality of the Israelis over the neighbors Islam countries, the unfairness of America’s and western economic and trade policies, I cannot help to know that they talk the talk but not walk the walk. The same and equality are not a good idea as being told that the Malays are still not prepares to compete even after close to 50 years of independents. Every one of us knows what really happen, but chooses to ignore it because it involving the general interest.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Critique: Datuk Khalid and Siti Nurhaliza's Wedding

Ok, I’m not blogging about the good, bad and ugly over Siti’s relationship with his hubby. It's boring...

I want to point out my thought over her photo and the dress she wore on the wedding day. First it is about the photo. I realized that all her photo was copyrighted to some company called Ace Management Sdn Bhd and Siti Nurhaliza Production and choose not to publish in my blog. I manage to have a look over some photos that was taken and posted in Sun2Surf and mStar online website.

Frankly, I don't know if the photo was taken by wedding photographer or not. Never the less I found out via Photo Malaysia website, there are two photographer hired for this occasion. One is for Datuk Khalid and one is for Siti Nurhaliza. According to engku (PhotoMalaysia member), the photographers is Ikram Ismail and Bustaman. There was little information from these two photographers in the internet but I can see from the result of the Google search engine, both of them are a journalist photographer.

Taking wedding photo is simple, but the responsible is high. Siti wedding is different because she is a famous. If the two photographers are merely journalist photographer, it is quite shocking. Siti's wedding is a difficult task for any wedding photographer, but it can be a good opportunity for a photographer to shoot up his portfolio if he/she do it right. The photos which published in web are quite disappointing. The task in giving the responsibility should be in professional hand. I don't mind if Kid Chan gets the job or whoever in the WPJA Association get it, it just quite sad to see a bad photo of this pretty lady. I just cannot accept it. Siti can afford to take them all if she wants.

WPJA Malaysia Photographer List

Refer to the photo published in the mStar and Sun2Surf website. It looks disappointing I say it for second time. I don't know how and where to start. It is hard to comment over it as it is too many of them. Obviously, the lighting and the angle is wrong and there is no proper lighting on that time. I think the photographers were not prepared for this important task. If I was chosen to be one of the photographers, I will take this job seriously and go out with full force. I'm not mind to hire extra helper to hold the flash or lighting as it well worth it.

Even the video shot from TV3 look so bad. Siti should not leave everything to that TV station. She should also bring her own professionals production team at her wedding. Leaving it to the media is just like leaving a Mona Lisa painting to bunch of monkeys. I'm not saying that the media is not eligible to take the photo, but it just not ideal to leave everything to people who take a different medium scope of photography.

The second thing is the wedding dress. Indeed, it is an expensive wedding dress, but it also looks bad. The problem with her wedding dress is that (if I’m not wrong) the designers try to mix a Malay wedding dress with a western wedding gown. A bold and brave move but it makes it look so messy. I don't know how much the cost is; just want to say that it not worth it. The choice of white as the wedding dress color is wrong as there is nothing special about it. Why not use pink or light blue or something else but not white. So, it is also a bad choice.

Another thing is the 'tudung' (I don't know how to call it in English). The cover of the 'tudung' shades Siti's face a bit. I don't understand why the designer chooses a shades type of tudung instead of a cover one. There are some shades on top of Siti's face that was cause by the light and flashes in all her photos. The crown look so big and it is a problem. It will look nice if Siti is getting married with a sultan or king, but she is not. She should pick a smaller version of crown to wear. The big crown is expensive and not matches Siti’s head size. Datuk Khalid is not a king and Siti neither a queen. That basically covers it.

Siti's Shades Tudung
Cover Type Tudung

Tons of thought that I want to write in this post. I am disappointed not her relationship with Datuk Khalid but merely on the dress that she choose on her wedding day, the photo that was taken and video that was shot for her wedding. Only if she has the right people to do the wedding, it could be a wedding of the year. Remember the Prince Charles and Diana's wedding?

Everything that was written in this blog is merely my personal thought. I'm not purposely trying to attack anyone who involve in her wedding. If any of them read this post and feel insulted, I would like to apologize for it and hope you can take it as an ordinary critique.


Friday, August 11, 2006

Thank God! He is out for good! or is he?

It is quite interesting to read some post from Menj post although I’m not agree for almost all of his post in his blog or associate blog. Yes, he has every right to write what he think and believe. This is what we call the freedom of thinking or speech. But never do we forget that we need to responsible over what we wrote because it involves of people who read it and some do have their right to feel disgusted over what has been written.

I’m not really like to read Menj blog but it kinda annoying that the post of his article was pinged in PPS and I cannot avoid not clicking it. The title sound so irresistible to ignore. I believe he knows more on other religion weakness and badness rather than what is Islam means. He trying so hard to make other religions look bad and forget to let us know what really Islam is. Every post that he wrote have to be something bad or the proof of what he meant in his out of context interpretation and sort of that stuff I believe.

I really feel thankful that he is not pinging at PPS anymore, but what on earth is he trying to point out when as quote “divorce PPS with the talaaq three times”? It got me unaware and unprepared. I don’t know if I want to laugh or what. I stood silence in front my computer for a few minutes. Yes, what he trying to say that he don’t want to ping anymore to PPS. That is fair, but why has to say divorce and with an Islamic touch of talaaq on it and three time some more? I don’t know if that what Muslim does or just from him. I never meet any of my Muslim friend react like this. It looks silly.

I dare to say that Menj does really bring great impact into PPS and to all PPS frequent reader. Good or bad depend to who and how we read it. Some does not really take it well and some become fans and followers.

I hope that Menj would able to archive his Malaysian political career in future. But how is he going to do it if he thinks that we’re retarded. He doesn’t want to associate with Malaysia people and as I quote “Welcome Americans. Welcome Britons. Get lost, Malaysians. So goodbye, PPS and don't bother to knock.” It is good bye for Malaysian political career my friend, but you always have your America PR and you can start up from there become an Islamic Senator. I think that would be a good idea.

For the record, I don’t have any issue with Menj but he creating a lots of issue with other people. As a person who believe in Jesus teaching, it hard to ignore the insult he brought about the Christian and other people who not in same tone with him. He lives in his own idealistic fantasy world and it good to know that some one is there to stop him before it become too late. It does not means that he cannot continue to live in his own fantasy life just, he make his life so hard to live and others have to bear with it especially the PPS readers.


I discovered that some one is using my name to write a comment at another people's blog. I don't know what is the intention to do it but i believe it is not a good one.

Please be notice:

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4. I will personally take court action against any person who ever trying to spread false impression about me or my business.