Friday, August 11, 2006

Thank God! He is out for good! or is he?

It is quite interesting to read some post from Menj post although I’m not agree for almost all of his post in his blog or associate blog. Yes, he has every right to write what he think and believe. This is what we call the freedom of thinking or speech. But never do we forget that we need to responsible over what we wrote because it involves of people who read it and some do have their right to feel disgusted over what has been written.

I’m not really like to read Menj blog but it kinda annoying that the post of his article was pinged in PPS and I cannot avoid not clicking it. The title sound so irresistible to ignore. I believe he knows more on other religion weakness and badness rather than what is Islam means. He trying so hard to make other religions look bad and forget to let us know what really Islam is. Every post that he wrote have to be something bad or the proof of what he meant in his out of context interpretation and sort of that stuff I believe.

I really feel thankful that he is not pinging at PPS anymore, but what on earth is he trying to point out when as quote “divorce PPS with the talaaq three times”? It got me unaware and unprepared. I don’t know if I want to laugh or what. I stood silence in front my computer for a few minutes. Yes, what he trying to say that he don’t want to ping anymore to PPS. That is fair, but why has to say divorce and with an Islamic touch of talaaq on it and three time some more? I don’t know if that what Muslim does or just from him. I never meet any of my Muslim friend react like this. It looks silly.

I dare to say that Menj does really bring great impact into PPS and to all PPS frequent reader. Good or bad depend to who and how we read it. Some does not really take it well and some become fans and followers.

I hope that Menj would able to archive his Malaysian political career in future. But how is he going to do it if he thinks that we’re retarded. He doesn’t want to associate with Malaysia people and as I quote “Welcome Americans. Welcome Britons. Get lost, Malaysians. So goodbye, PPS and don't bother to knock.” It is good bye for Malaysian political career my friend, but you always have your America PR and you can start up from there become an Islamic Senator. I think that would be a good idea.

For the record, I don’t have any issue with Menj but he creating a lots of issue with other people. As a person who believe in Jesus teaching, it hard to ignore the insult he brought about the Christian and other people who not in same tone with him. He lives in his own idealistic fantasy world and it good to know that some one is there to stop him before it become too late. It does not means that he cannot continue to live in his own fantasy life just, he make his life so hard to live and others have to bear with it especially the PPS readers.

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