Friday, July 28, 2006

CT's marriage and Prince's divorce

I stumble upon news where it is about a famous singer known as “Prince” who aged 48 divorces with her 29 years old second wife. And then, i read in newspaper about the marriage between Siti who age 27 and his future hubby who age 47. The difference with both marriages is that Prince is better looking than Datuk K.

Many does not agrees in which Siti choices of whom being her husband. But, as we all know, the marriage between two individual in which the age gap is wide is not new. I would like to recall back the marriage between the former Sultan of Selangor in which he married with a far younger lady in which I not really sure the different ages gap is. Ironically, I didn’t hear any sad song, sad blog and any special blog on how the Sultan’s son is a super playboy.

I think the trend of wider gap ages in couple is on the rise. As Siti proof to many of us, God really know what he is doing. I hope so…

Link: CNN News-Woman to be formerly known as Prince's wife

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lynnx01 said...

I think for me, the largest age gap should be 10, nothing more than that. Something like +10, -1.. the guy gotta be older! Hehe.


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