Thursday, July 06, 2006

A comment post that turn out to be a blog post.

It always have been a problem for me to write something in my blog. I don't know what to write. One day, (just few minutes ago),, i read a post from my usual blog to read and its about her waking up to excercise and getting in shapes. All the sudden, my finger start dancing on the keyboard and wolla! a good long comment post. I also realised that it is long enough to be a post in my boring blog.

So, before you read this, go to her blog and read what she wrote.

ahem.. warning.. it's a vely2 long comment post

There are some bitter truth about guy, the way they look at a girl. If there is a guy saying that love is more important that appearence (such as looks, weights and heights), most probally or 99.9% he is lying. Indeed, i'm as a guy does that sometimes.. haha a confession.. ^_^

Nevertheless, there are always hope to all this bitter truth, where some guy don't really matter about appearence. To be at this end, both of individual or couple must normally have some experiences that bond them together. As in a simple example, the girl save this guy from death and the guy realised that she is the most important person in his live, and second example is that this guy compares all of his x-gf, he found out she is the best and care most to him. It all based on individual experience.

Love is not really 100% blind. You see and fall in love and not the way around. If that does happen it certainly a miracle from GOD. ^_^

I understood why some girls so worried about their looks. The norms in society push them to be like that. During my dad and mom old days or 100 years ago, thin girl was unpopular, as we already knew it because it won't be good to boar a breed in a family. So, most of old day photo of your mom or grannies look chubbie. If a thin does appears it means that something wrong with the girl. ada sakit ....

Today and yesterday life is merely the same, the difference is that trends can be switching from left to right or right to left. It same with fashion trend. So, everything is based on the influences of society to your mentality, but one have to remember that we're blessed with thought and wisdom. We have the power to choose and that what seperated us with the animals around us. Human life is complicated and there are no definite defition about it. So.. stop Imagine, John Lennon. It changes from time to time, generation to generation and civilization to civilization.

So, the way we look upon each other might be a bit bias same as other when look upon us. No matter it pretty or ugly, fat or thin and tall or short, one as an individual have the power to choose. Choose to be what we want to be and not what others people want us to be. This is what God's greates gift to us.

ps - sorry lynnx, ideas suddenly flows through my brain and ended up typing all this words. I don't realised it until i press publish.. ^_^. hope you okay with it.

Thats all.. thank you! :D


lynnx01 said...

Haha! Free publicity for me. Lolz :)

Zi said...

such a long post .. errr i mean comment hehe...



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