Friday, July 21, 2006

CT, DK and UPM

Siti Nurhaliza, Malaysia top song bird declared to the media press recently that she will marry with an unknown businessman known as Datuk K or Datuk Khalid Mohd Jiwa. Personally, I agree with most of people that this fellow is not suitable for her because of many reasons from all the information read through internet and newspaper. In another side, I believe Siti have rights to choose whoever she want to be her husband. She has a wide range of royalties, politician, entrepreneur business man, artists and many more to choose and it should be a wise decision with the help from GOD.

I have to admit that Siti is not stupid as we think she is. She is wise when choose not to be second wife to this fellow man. That is why Datuk K insists to divorce her first wife to be with her. Siti hold the best card in the game. Well done Siti! I believe that Datuk K never thought of divorce her first wives and would take her as her second when he think that he is a player. Thou, never he expect that Siti not dumb enough to fall to this playboy game scheme who want to play with any artist and celebrities. Siti made Datuk K a really famous man for us to know till the stage I want to puke every time I heard their news on television and internet. The reason is that Siti want every one to know that Datuk K a prominent Malaysian business man who get divorce with his wife and willing to sacrifice half of his property just to get married with Siti. Good and brilliant move from Siti.

The connection scandal that involves another famous songbird Datuk Sharifah Aini somehow becomes clearer. The announcement of Siti wedding with Datuk K confirms the allegation thrown by someone to her reflect some truth in it. Whoever spread those allegation really know what happen as we can see it today. Tengku Zawiyah the victim as I dare to say now suing her ex-husband to get a piece of his property. This is the last option to be taken before the grand marriage.

It is not fair to judge a person when we doesn’t know or even meet him, but I still believe that the victim in this glamour controversy is the ex-wife and the cause of this havoc is Datuk K himself and the trophy is Siti herself. It is as simple as that. Many do express their disappointment over whom Siti choose to be husband, but many do realized that the choice is in her hand. Whoever she chooses is not going to satisfy everyone as she is a great idol for most of our generation. So, there is nothing anyone can do about it.

In another matter, I read news about the harassment of Chinese UPM student in College 12. This is a no surprise because the tensions of racial sentiments are heightening in Malaysia local university campus. Even thou the incident is condemned by many, it still happen somewhere and sometime with out we realize it. I watched the clip of the harassment in UPM and wonder what is really happen as a bunch of Chinese bullied by a bunch of Malays who consisting a not so big rugby player shouting like a mad dog where the Chinese are busying to practice their cinematography and photography skills with their video and photo camera do nothing to fight back.

There is not doubt over the fight clip of Miri high school is a student girl fight. There are some familiarities between the two clips. First, there are the victims who speak badly in Malay language and the bullies. Second, the victim doesn’t fight back. Third, there are lots of spectators and busy bodies and they’re not doing anything about it. Last, the show ended circulating in internet.

The incidents in UPM seem like planned by some group of political driven student. It looks like a sport cheering group in any rather than harassment to the Chinese student. It will be impossible to know what really happen without going there and do a thoroughly investigation. Even if we know the truth, there will nothing we can do about it. There is nothing even the police can do about it. It is a political driven incident and thanks to all the people who want to abolish the AUKU sooner or later. Campus in local universities will be a war zone to people who want to influence in the mind of our young to serve their own political agenda.

One thing that really annoying me about all the Chinese political and activist. They cannot speak fluent Malay language. Hello, we’re in Malaysia and most of the people speak in Malay even to the aunty at the market and business man on the top. We realized that language is the most important tool in political career. It is quite disappointed to listen to a very bad Malay language spoken by the DAP MP during parliament session. They have a point to address but its gets suck when no one understands what you are trying to say and ended up be treated as a clown. Even the ex-PM of Singapore can speak well in Malay Language and strives in his political career. So, please improve your Malay Language and let make a good argument in Parliament.


Ask For Fun said...

not all the DAP MP cant speak fluently in Bahasa.. sorry to be said: even some of the Malay MP oso cant ..

Jefferi said...

ask for fun: even the Malay MP can speak fluent Malay, they have no point to make. for the DAP MP, they must learn to convince all the people not just the non malay but especially the malay. no point to point this to Malay MP. i hope that they can get a tuition for their Malay Language from the expert. I don't believe they have a problem in doing that.. right?


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