Thursday, October 27, 2005

PPS Pings: Not (really) Pocket PC friendly.

I remembered the last time i blog about the petaling streets layout design, in which i feel so exited about it because the design is simple and nice, and most important is i can read all the pings it using my pocket pc. :D yeaah..!!

Now, i have difficulties strolling on the pings because the layout background and the font have the same color. I only can see the blog name and the date, and not the pings title. This is not a problem when opening it on the computer as the layout is right.

The only way to see the ping title is to highlighting the ping text, and it not so convinience to do it in the small LCD touch screen.

FYI, i'm not asking for Aizuddin to change the present blog layout as this is his portal. I'm just suggesting that PPS Ping can be reached not only by computer but on the mobile devices too such as Pocket PC and mobile phone. Imagine if, you waiting for your girl friend (you know.. gurls) somewhere nowhere for a long time, wouldn't it be nice if you able to read some new pings on PPS to kill some time using your mobile 3G phone (which you just bought with your whole month salary) with a wireless internet connection. Haha... just an imagination. ^__^!

PPS Ping: Pocket PC Friendly

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Jon said...

Try NetFront 3.3. Same problem but if you change the browsing mode to 'text browsing', NF will strip all the colours away. Faster too than the PIE crap.


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