Friday, October 07, 2005

Google Earth: The place I stay in KL

I have been telling to all that I know, friends or not friends about my life experience living as student in UM. There is some photo I shot and some of my friends manage to see it. Well today I’m going to let you all see the places I stayed before. Don’t bother to go to that place and stalk at me because I’m gone for long time ago. Well this is the satellite photo of places I stay in KL. To be exactly, I move to three places. I get this photo by going to Google Earth. Don’t have the link but you can search it in Google by yourself. No need for me to spoon feed all of you all?

The first photo I want to show is the first place I stay after arriving to KL. Yes, every student needs to stay in campus for its first year. While, I can stay for the second year but being kick out on the third year of my study. What a waste. So, that is not the point. Well staying in campus is the most memorable moment in my life. After seeing the sky perspective of my college, I almost broke down and cry, but I didn’t because it already passed.

Then this is the second place I stay. It’s an apartment place. I like this place because only it’s near to UM. I like to stay near to a lots of study information. I have a thought before of buying an apartment in there, but the thing that set back my plan and make me to cancel it obliviously because of money matter. Right.

Well what you can get here is nothing. Just only think you might want to be in here is the food. There are many low class and infested with cockroach and rats food stall. I wonder why haven’t they demolish it and build a new road to ease the traffic jam to vista. Might be my sarcastic or what, it because good food should not suppose to be in a bad and dirty location. Some one should do something about it. Maybe we can make the same scene like in Bal*. You all know lar.. I don’t want to create unknown and unnecessary problem to myself and who ever.

The third photo is located in Ampang Cahaya. For all my life I don’t like to stay in flats because I believe flats is dirty and got a lots of bad guys, drug addicts and many prostitution. Still, I like this certain flats. Maybe because of its still new when we move in it. Maybe, its because OAG the famous singer band stay and singing on the top floor where I stay, or maybe nothing bad actually happen yet. Well, there is bad thing happening around this flat and some is scary too. I don’t want to mention it on here as its serves no purpose of this blog.

As you can read, there is not much explanation on the where about the place in this photo. I want to say more about it, but I think satellite photo will do most of the talking and drawing. Who know right, maybe you know this place and maybe can sign some signature on the building?

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Applegal said...

OMG!!! You're from Kolej 7 too!!! XD That place was nasty! Hated the monkeys!


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