Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Graduation Day: University Malaysia Sabah.

Having to experiencing life as a student in university was really a fullest time for me. I always remember the time as a freshie on the first year in Malaya University is the most memorial moment in my life. That was a long time ago. Last Saturday is the day for my sister. She just finished her studies in Master in Business Administration. Having able to attend her convocation graduation was such a tremendous flashback to my life in campus.

My families attended the first convocation session where the two pro chancellors were inaugurated by the chancellor of the university. Almost half of our time in the hall was filled by long speeches by one of the two pro chancellors that is Chief Minister of Sabah, Musa Aman and two honorary degree recipients and two presentation speeches. What I want to say is that the speech is too long. I realized most of the guest cannot hold on to the long speech and some of them fallen to sleep.

After have been waiting for 2 hours (luckily the hall not freezing cold), its time for the graduates to receives their scroll. In the nick of time, there is my sister walking on the stage and receives her scroll. I only managed to take some blurry photo of her with a regret of not having to bring my video camera that have a strong zoom. Even my aunt's latest digital camera cannot zoom in to that distance without having my hand shacking, and ended up having a blurry shaken photo to memories.

The ceremonies ended at 12.30 in the afternoon with everyone getting out and not able to find my sister and even my mother, father and both of my aunts. This after event crowd not really affected me as much as I been in more crowded when in UM. So, the problem is that I need to search my family in crowded place as I'm not doing it for long time about 2 years. The poor hand phone signal was really frustrating me as I'm not manages to keep in touch with them as I was holding both of the cameras. If I'm not manages to find them, its means that there is no photo for that day.

At last, a call made through my brother's and my phone, and I manage to locate them in an instant. Photo was taken rapidly and only able to take about 50 plus photos although my camera able to take more than 600 takes. Most of the photo was taken with my aunt's digital camera as hers one can take more quality photos. Luckily, I manage to change the resolution to high as my aunt has change the camera setting to low. If that happens, the entire photo taken will be wasted.

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