Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Campus Election: Its not the matter of fair election, but rather the fairness treatment to the students itself.

This is problem is not new for UM student. As an ex-UM who I aware and notice of the political behaviors of the student, lecture and administration, I fully agree what has been posted and written in Lim Kit Siang’s blog (see the link below).

The real matter with the election in UM is not fairness in election, but to the fair treatment to its own students. It is because the student representatives itself wheatear they are pro government or not, they can’t do anything to make the study environment in the campus improving. During my studies in UM, I realized that who ever elected as faculty representative are only interested to boast his images as a political images and neglected its jobs to fights for student's welfare and the facilities benefits.

First, there is no improvement of the facilities in the campus and the student dormitory where they stay. Many have been elected and many have failed to do their promises and some of them really said to me that “You have to know that I’m a student and have no time to care about this thing”. So, how the student want to elect a person that only want to be a representative so that he can talk loud about political matter that not even our problem at all.

So, most of the problem in UM election is not the unfairness, but rather than the result of the unsatisfying student who choose not to vote. Most of us not even know that the elected member of the student council not even a majority as the people who votes is less that half of the student who not votes during my campus years.

Why, because most of them who run for the election not really near fighting for the students itself but for self alter ego so that their resume look nicer during interview. Second, the reason for them to run for election is to satisfying their political taste and mostly become the instrument for political party such as UMNO, PAS and might be DAP itself. Election in campus is not really represent the real welfare of the student itself, and was polluted by the political propaganda that they even not involve to and their job on there is just study.

So what is the point of having the Persatuan Mahasiswa Universiti Malaya if the student itself still suffer of the bad facilities in the campus where I still believe now the student have to bear malfunction of the library internet system, bad condition of the lecture hall, intolerance condition of student’s dormitory and unorganized transportation system within and outside the campus.

The problem is not the fairness in the election but rather the fairness to its student itself. If the student not treated as fair as the money they paid to the universities, how can we fight for fairness on the election within campus. Majority of the student in UM I believe choose not to involve to this political war among the real political party in Malaysia. I believe campus student should be give a chance to have clean election with out the interference of the political party such as BN, PAS or DAP.

Still, I personally support DAP especially YB Lim Kit Siang that raise this matter to public, but I really against that DAP any attempt to involve to campus election for the welfare of the party itself. Campus election is not intended to be a political platform as what Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim done on his days in UM. So what if he is a leader in student council, so what he has many supporters in the campus during last time, still I think he failed his purpose when he become too political and neglected to address the welfare of the student itself especially in UM.

If the elections in the campus become an extended political platform for any political party in Malaysia, I rather AUKU stay on. I rather not seeing UM become an extended ground for any political struggle among the great party. I rather not seeing those students who enroll to universities to study, but become an instrument to political fight that may be disturbing the studies environment and purpose for many of them who want only just to get their degree. I rather not seeing any election in campus so that no political party even the government can interfere with the education system or the student itself.

I’m not really against the involvement of student in political platform, but if the one who elected to be a representative is too obsess with his or her out campus political ideology and neglected to address the welfare of the students itself. What for us to have a representative or a student council who always talk about the involvement of pro-government, and pro-Islam or others racial party when most of the students experience no water to bath and clean, food provided neglected without any recommended nutrients (not tasty), intolerant condition of study environment and less facilities to the disable and so on.

Lim Kit Siang: Free, fair and clean varsity student elections (2)

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