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Daily Express: 42 years as Malaysia did not exist in 57

Daily Express today highlighted an important issue of the years that we should know about the age of Malaysia. Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan the President of Parti Bersatu Sabah and the Deputy Chief Minister of Sabah was quoted in Daily Express saying.

“I think (National Day) should be the emphasis without saying anything else, it’s National Day for unity,” he said “because Sabah and Sarawak also attained self-governance in 1963, which is on 31 August.”

“You must tell the truth, you must base it on historical fact, and then you’ll feel proud. You can’t confuse (the people),” he said.

Daily Express : 3rd September 2005

So, the formation of Malaysia as he said and to all the Sabahan is only 42 years. Anyone should know it. The politician and academician should know it too. Mentioning about the history of Sabah and Sarawak, few of the peninsular resident know about it although it was stated clearly in school’s text books last time while I was studying SPM. Today, I aware some cut out a portion of the Sabah and Sarawak history in Sejarah SPM syllabus to make way more to Islamic History. No wonder no one realized that and gets all the fact wrongly.

Still, there was one person that aware. A Chinese daily press quotes the Information Minister Datuk Seri Paduka Abdul Khadir Sheik Fadzir that 31 August is the official date for the independence of Malaysia while 16 September is academic. As I quote again on Pairin on his respond on the statement said.

“Come on, when was the constitution signed? Was it not on September 16 1963? Is that academic? That’s the constitution creation of Malaysia. In the newspaper, the editors must look at this and rectify it,” he added

Daily Express : 3rd September 2005

It seems, Pairin felt surprised on the false remarks made by the Information Minister. It seems that Datuk Abdul Kadir unaware that there is a printed document stated as a proof of the date of establishment of Malaysia Federation and the editors of the Chinese press should do a research and confirm on the validity of the date. Due to the lack of information and the misunderstanding purposely or not, the government have to make a statement to clarify the matter. As a Sabahan, there is some doubts over my mind the intention of this mislead information.

It’s quite frustrated to know the mislead information by the government to their civilian. Malaysia is not the only country was misleading by their government. As previously, the American government misleading information on Vietnam War and the famous Iraq war lead to anti government sentiment by his people. Malaysia also plays some part of hiding some of most valuable historical information over some issue especially during the Malaya Communist Party confrontation.

Pairin as I quote again

“We don’t mind celebrating together the Semenanjung’s celebration. But the greatest feeling that we are Malaysian is from the moment we created Malaysia. Otherwise, you are creating confusion in your mind, your heart and the younger generation cannot accept that Malaysia is 48 years old because it is not the fact,” said Pairin.

“The Prime minister said ‘tell me the truth’ and, this is the truth. We are proud as a nation of Malaysia being formed in 1963,” he said, adding that is not the view of PPS alone, but all Sabahans.

Daily Express : 3rd September 2005

Certainly, as a Sabahan, I agree with his statement. Many issue can be mention as why Sabahan not happy with the confusion made on behalf Sabah history. The truth, Sabah chooses to join Malaysia Federation as it’s an invitation by the Malaya Federation by Tunku Abdul Rahman. That’s why, 25 agreements that once raised by Datuk Pairin itself that cost him Sabah Chief Minister seat exist. Still, Datuk Pairin are still relevant to Sabah’s political platform and he manages to climb up back again and grab a seat on the Cabinet Minister. This is the highest point that he can stand as there will be no more of chances for him to be Chief Minister of Sabah again.

“Everybody, the leadership, must be wise in this. What is so difficult about putting everything in practice it's not difficult, because you say you want to build a Malaysian nation by 2020," he said, adding that he had been saying this even when he was Chief Minister.

"It's now a matter of everybody looking at this, realizing it and doing the right thing for the people. You want to have a good strong foundation of being Malaysia. Thus you start where it is historically correct, to give confidence, value and perspective.”

Daily Express : 3rd September 2005

What Datuk Pairn asking is only the honesty form the federal government of the correction of the fact, and cannot be interpreted as an act to against the BN party. The sincerity that many requested by the people of Malaysia, and it seem is the hardest thing to do. Nevertheless, should the politicians and leaderships aware that in reality, Malaysian not an easy to deceive people anymore as many years ago. Many of us have to vast knowledge and information of what is our rights. It seems like a practical joke that most of today politician still using the same technique that was used during the post independent era to gain support from its people.

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Daily Express: 3rd September 2005

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