Thursday, November 27, 2008

Royale Invisible Resurrection

Malaysia Insider: Royal push for immunity

I feel goose bumps reading this headline in Malaysia Insider web news. It is an attempt by a royalty member to resurrect the immunity that was the birth rights of the royalty or monarchy members for long time ago until one case that ended their privileges all together for many sultans in Malaya.

It is not a surprise to anyone at this advocating by royalties because this will help them from many problem that themselves created by their own ignorance. It will be stupid if large portion of Malaysian support this immunity restoration to the royalty from all the monarchy states. We're not just restoring only one royal family, but few more that potentially can bring new problem to this new and modern society.

I find it disturbing that any idea of giving back immunity to the royalties was given chances to reconsider. Advocating from the royalties will be intense and big because they thought things can be back to old days and their ignorance and selfishness act to try to bargain with the people.
"The full immunity from civil and criminal proceedings should be reconsidered so that he is on par with other constitutional monarchs around the world…Royal immunity has been lost for 15 years. It needs to be reclaimed and reinstated so that the constitutional monarchy can be restored to its full sovereignty so as to play a more fitting role in the 21st century as a guardian of the Federal Constitution

Constitutional monarchy becomes irrelevant to the political and constitutional in this modern century. In the case of Nepal Monarchy, the people reject their existence due to their selfish act toward the people that bring the country to major conflict and internal civil war. The people are getting tired of the royalties’ impotence in solving the country problem until one incident that convinces the people that the monarchy should seize to exist. Nepal then becomes a republic nation.

All the members of royalties should understand that immunity to law not the bargain chip for guarding the federal constitution. Malaysia constitution is still being violated even before their birth right immunity stripped away. When the sabah's 20 point agreement was violated by some selfish and corrupted politician, did they say or do anything to guard the agreement and withhold the constitution that should be honored by the Malaya side of provinces. They do nothing and just are quite. Is being quite when the federal constitution was rapped so many times are the act of guarding the sovereignty and the constitution? They only just interested in guarding things that only bring benefits to themselves and their families.

Reading lots of headlines and cases that involved the member of monarchy in Malaysia, it strengthens the argument that immunity should not be given to any specific person and group in any hierarchy of the society. We complaining and despite that the American soldier in Iraq were immune to prosecution over anything they done during the war and how can in other hand accept the same that we hate.

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