Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sabah God of Gambler back to political stage

NST: Former CM Osu makes comeback

I thought he gone for good in the political stages after a casino exposed his gambling habits and his misused power issuing the government state cheque to pay his debt loan.
KOTA KINABALU: Former Sabah chief minister Datuk Seri Osu Sukam, who was ordered by a United Kingdom court to settle RM7.14 million in gambling debts to two London casinos two years ago, could be making a comeback.

I don't really know if he paid all his debt back or not. It quite strange for the UMNO Secretary General Tengku Datuk Adnan Mansor clear the way for him to contest. The reason for approval to Osu because he only involved in civil case and not a criminal case. I don't really know how the UMNO people define their moral value, but i believe UMNO is a islamic party and gambling sure is a taboo for them. To have a leader with a gambling history in his record will be a bad selection as one can say, don't trust the gambler with your money.
He said Osu's eligibility had been in question because of a court case involving him. However, Adnan said since it was a civil case Osu should be eligible to contest the post on Nov. 8. "He is involved in a civil case and not a criminal case, so Osu can contest," he said.: Daily Express

It look like the UMNO leadership going so desperate and allowed the God of Gambler to contest to be the leader. It is up to the people of that division to decide if they want a leader with gambling habits to lead them in future. As well as let a child molester to be their son or daughter baby sitter or a robber a security job in your bank or jewelry store. I don't really know if the people are so messed up to make a good judgment on who qualify to be their leader, but a habit gambler that think he can be a leader in UMNO sure crazy to think he can get pass through this.

It looks like today Malaysian prone to elect leader that directly or indirectly has a bad criminal or civil record. The scary the record was, the higher you will achieve to the leadership ladder. Crazy and it only happen in Malaysia.

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