Friday, November 28, 2008

My dear fellow MyCard citizen

BBC News: Malaysian jailed for maid attacks

This is some of Malaysian's dirty secret that most rarely see in the newspaper and not to mention it in the international coverage. I'm not surprised at first when this case was exposed to the public as i heard some familiar incident before. It is really inhuman to abuse our pet animal and don't mention another human being. Malaysian has a bad track record in maid abuse cases and Indonesian government started to get very worried about their citizen.

I aware some of the inhuman treatment by my own fellow citizen towards the illegal and legal immigrant. We tend to look down and take opportunity on these people as it is our birth and citizenship rights to do so. I saw young illegal kids work in food shop and served food to kids that one and two years older than them. Some youngster was economically force to work as a maid in these early stages of their life and was left out their opportunity in education because their own and adopt country don't really care much.

There are some few good soul and organization that helping those people and making sure they got the fair treatment in this country that resulted to the greatest expose of the dark side of the maid abuser. I always wonder the hypocritical mind of my fellow citizen of their daily cost of living. One side they said, their income not enough even they earn around 4 or 5 figure salary but complaining giving their maid overpaid monthly salary on 3 figure salary. They can admire their own kids’ success in certain field and career and despite those immigrant successes in the same.

Nothing I can do to change this hypocritical situation that happening even the time you read this blog post. We're so advance in striving our civilization up to a highest and newest mark of excellence with criticize other country and nation brutality and unjust to their people but become ignorance of other difficulties and suffering that happen in our own back yard just because they are not our own fellow citizen.

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