Friday, January 04, 2008

Humble but Arrogant

I read an article on mSTAR Online in which wrote the statement from Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek who told the press that his mistake was he working too hard that lead him to be Malaysia Health Minister and Vice President of MCA as i quote below.

PUTRAJAYA: "Kesilapan besar saya sejak datang ke Kuala Lumpur ialah untuk melaksanakan tugas saya sebagai Menteri Kesihatan dan naib presiden MCA," kata Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, yang meletakkan jawatan sebagai Menteri Kesihatan dan semua jawatan parti semalam setelah mengakui bahawa beliau adalah lelaki dalam aksi seks rakaman DVD, salinan cakera itu disebar luas di Johor.

I guess there are nothing wrong to work hard and get raised to the good position in his career life. I guess everyone who read this article believe that Dr Chua Soi Lek trying lay low the incident that he has done and used up his arsenal of work portfolio and record to cover his bad image. Make no mistake that he is a good health minister and the minister who previously hold the post also a good minister. I think that every man or women who take ministerial post should be work hard. I think it is no point of telling something that you should be doing as an extra effort that should be applause or doubted as a political move from other peers.

"Jadi ramai orang berprasangka buruk mengenai pergerakan saya, kenapa orang ini bekerja keras jumpa anggota... jadi beliau mestilah ada agenda politik. Dia mestilah bercita-cita tinggi."

And then, i read his statement he said that the press coverage about his intention to challenge the deputy president post cause the downfall of his political career. I found it hard to believe when i read this because as every politician knew before that press coverage is the best friend that you don't want to mess up. By bombarding the press on his down fall, he again trying to distract the real issue on his resignation of all post that he took.

"Ini bertambah buruk disebabkan akhbar. Akhbar sentiasa melaporkan bahawa Dr Chua ialah pencabar terhadap timbalan presiden, terhadap presiden.

"Akhbar membantu membunuh karier politik saya, secara jujur... jadi kebenaran ialah mata pena itu lebih tajam daripada pedang," kata beliau.

I don't know if he knew that the real thing that killed his political career was the distribution of the DVDs of him having an affair with other woman. Yes, indeed that is part of the cause but doesn't he know that he only can blaming himself when he decided to having an affair with the woman, having sex with her and might be ended up framed and betray by the woman who he having affair with. An example that can be seen from is the former US President Bill Clinton that almost destroyed his presidential career. Luckily he is alive and survives until his presidential term ended. Nevertheless, this event was blamed by Al Gore, former vice president and a presidential candidate who lost to George W Bush the main cause of his defeat.

It is true that sex scandal is a bad public relation disaster among the high profile person even thou that it mean nothing to people that like you and me. I will not care if my friend, boss, supervisor or neighbor is having an affair with other woman or man, but it might be wrong to see any person that received high honor in public image to do the same thing. Maybe some will said that is not fair, everyone is the same and he might demand the same equal right of treatment of his privacy life. Well, never does he know that when one was put in a spot light of fame and famous, his life will not belong to himself. He belongs and own to the people who votes for him in ballot box and push his political career to the top.

I believe that Dr Chua Soi Lek has himself to blame over what happened to him. Yes, partly to blame the people who framed him and possibility the woman who allowed this thing to happen? My speculation is the preparation of setting up few camera and the CCTV equipment in the hotel room makes me think that only people who very close to him can leaked out such of this information to any people who desired to framed this old pity minister. I found it so hard to believe that the level of his arrogant although he humbly apologize and admit of his wrong doing in the DVD.

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lynnx01 said...

What an ugly thing to do. But I believe he isn't the only one who does such thing. Only poor thing is that the room was bugged. Well, it does sound like what we watch on tv.


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