Monday, January 21, 2008

Portrait: Pat @ All About Kuai

I been quiet busy with two projects on progress. One of the job was halted due to the client didn't respond and it might took longer to finished the end product. At first i didn't plan to take any photo during working on a job. My friend Zi was asking to have a photo session and i thought this time it would be better to pay my attention on her camera. Kuai or Pat join last minutes and i took this opportunity to snap some few portrait photo on her.

Never have I expected that she quite relax with camera pointing on here. Some earlier photo shot taken with my friend was filled with doubts and lack of confident. I had a session with Debbie but i was barred to put most of her good photo. At the end i just put most of Flory photos. Anyhow, i got a few good experiences dealing with girls when doing a photo shot even thou i don't think i learned enough to deal it professionally.

We went to Tanjung Aru beach to snap few photos. The weather was not quite right and the cloud all over the sky. Sun not expected to shines and a bits of rains starting to drops luckily well after we finished.

I'm didn't do portrait shot for about more than a month. Basically, the more people snapped the more and vibrant the look will be. With few month gaps for a portrait or any photo job, i find it difficult to get used to every photo session. I saw Pat's confident on the beginning of the session but i was not quite ready for it because this is not really a planned test shot.

There are few warm up shot and after getting used to it, I tried for more vibrant and emotional shot.

Jumping snap shot was inspired from smashpop trend even thou he is not the one who started it. Zi and I spend few jumps until we got a good post. I choose to take a close snap shot but it seems that the shutter speed quite slow and the result was blur movement on her face. The later jump shot look more confident and interesting and even look better after photo shop touch up.

Side or profile snap is quite familiar among portraits photo. Again, I had problem on choosing which lens to use. For a portrait shot, lens with bigger aperture fits nicely because of the depth of field effect. I spent some shot with every lens i had.

Again a typical free pose shot. Playing with water didn't turn out great compared to the second photo that again a usual pose.

These last two photos was a blow. I never expected that i got this from her. It seems that she has talent posing for camera and if she wants to be in commercial it wouldn't be a problem.


maslight said...

awesome..the shots turned out great! *thumbs. really love the one where u played with the shutter speed. though hehe, her clothes ^^; make her look pregnant i mean when jumping ^^;;

Jefferi said...

yes a bit look pregnant for the jumping shot. outfit error >.<

kuai said...

Jeff!... hehehe.. Santik oo editing da.. and ur camera is awesome ler..

Anyway.. i bought that baju with my preggy sister, so we manage to wear same pattern for New Year Celebration.. ^^ the baju can wear during preggy or nor.. flexiable kunun..:P

after all.. Thanks Jeff..:D (sudah sa copy semuanya!).. hehehe

lynnx01 said...

Pretty! Pregnant or not pregnant looking, I think the portraits are so cool!


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