Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What happen to SPCA KK?

With Earth Hour passed us, I remembered there are so many clubs, societies and events organized in Kota Kinabalu to spark some awareness to the people towards some issues. One that got my attention when i go to Gaya Street Sunday market are those few pet seller stall. Josie saw the pet puppy in the cage and knew that the pet was thirsty. Then, she told the seller to give them a drink and he doesn’t seem to care.

In the beginning, SPCA KK establish to make sure no animal in this town is treated cruelly and inhuman. Few months have passed and I wonder if the society still exists or not. Latest news heard that they have some problem in financial to run their activities and didn't yet has a place to keep those rescued animal.

I just wonder if SPCA KK still exists or everyone just busy doing their own work. Almost a year after it was launch, what did they do? I still saw some stray cats and dogs running around my place and pets that were put in inhumane condition in weekend or night market. Maybe it still young to compare with the western world, but i find it hard to understand that SPCA KK just stay idle for more than few months and nothing significant was done to make sure the government take notice of their fight.

I hope something will be done to those pets that were sold in open market. They should make sure that no animal was put in a inhuman condition.


Meiwadai said...

woots! i also wanna sell pets, kucing kampung ada harga tak? huhu~ o_O

err.. pets so cute but the seller not care about them.. so so so... ROAR! ala.. diorang mo untung aja tu.. huhu..

Jefferi said...

lol.. alang2.. jual tuh tikus yang ko trap di umah.. XD.. lagi kiut.. kunun...

tuh seller kita inda tau apa dia buat di sebalik tabir.. government nda kisah, SPCA cikai.. apa macam la.. =_=

nc said...

:( its such a shame our society still do this..thats one reason i dont enjoy visitng Gaya Street.

SPCA needs more support from the comunity,, esp the government.
i've reported one incident to them before,, but..unfortunately.. :(
.so,,we really need to support them.

Jefferi said...

nc: i believe SPCA KK got the support they need. it just when real issue come, everyone cabut lari and don't want to involve.. XD wakaka.. crazy huh..

JACQ said...

I think spca kk like no longer exist cuz even the president has stepped down.

Jefferi said...

really? it look like the president cabut lari already. too bad huh..

jazrul said...

esp the government.

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fauzi said...

dont cabut lari la

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