Friday, March 27, 2009

EARTH HOUR suck big time...


1. Because my UPS crying like a baby even there is light (indicating low power supply capacity).

2. 3 time a week average 4-5 hour black out in Kepayan area if not the Kota Kinabalu town.

3. One main power station dam and few inadequate for the whole Sabah state region while the neighbor state oversupply big time and they plan to build 25 more dam in 30 years duration.

4. An easy way for politician and government to make the tree huger happy and continue doing their forest exploitation and suck the oil and build a coal power station next to the forest reserved.

5. An easy way for local musician and actor to be even famous even some of them suck in their career.

6. Another new reason for gathering with friends and drink in a dimmed pub where after an hour all back on and the music bang out loud and the spot light shine like morning.

7. Western developed country idea that only applies to big city where power blackout means loss compensation from the power supplier and big economic disaster.

8. I feel so depress when looking some street kids in the town and have a bite at some one left over burgers and french fried at McDonald.

Hate me? So, sue me lar.. =_=


maslight said...

I bet SESB gonna turn off the lights tomorrow nite hahahaha

Jefferi said...

no surprise they will do this. but i don't think they will. it will be adding more critics than applause if they did.

adrian@sabah said...

Hi there, lighten up buddy. It's not all bad. What's life without a few hassle?

Jefferi said...

haha.. thanks man. i'm okay here. just a bit frustrated with the ignorance mentality that carved in the local people mind.

they just don't get it..


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